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Show Recap: February 21, 2019

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Opening Tip
Anthony Davis & Antonio Brown to appear on HBO’s ‘The Shop’

Today’s Panel:

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First Half

Breaking News
Alvin Gentry on AD: He’s playing tomorrow

“There has been a renegotiation over the last few days and apparently they haven’t come to an understanding yet. Nobody is happy about this” – Windhorst

“I’m just tired of the AD drama. These guys aren’t going to the playoffs. Make up your mind with what you want to do with guy” – T-Mac

Rachel Nichols’ 1-on-1 convo with Bucks superstar, Giannis Antetokounmpo, aka The Greek Freak!

There isn’t anyone in the NBA that’s having as much fun right now as Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Bucks have the best record in the entire league, Giannis has been an MVP candidate for pretty much from the first minute of the season, and while teams like Boston and even Golden State have had issues with in-fighting and chemistry, the honeymoon in Milwaukee seems like it might never end

Highlights from the interview:

“I’m definitely okay with it. They can get the headlines, the free agency [talk], what ever is going on. We know we have the best record in the NBA but, we can’t be satisfied. We have to take it day-by-day. We haven’t won a playoff series yet, so that’s our first step” – Antetokounmpo on the competition in the East (particularly the Sixers and Celtics, who are making headlines)

“They [my teammates] always tell me to have confidence in the myself and just shoot the ball. Just believe in myself” – Antetokounmpo on developing his 3-point shot

“That’s Joel. He probably did that. But I don’t think he learned how to shoot three pointers [from YouTube]. It’s a process” – Antetokounmpo’s reaction on Embiid learning to shoot three pointers via YouTube

“Looks really skinny, but he was a kid that worked hard and believed in himself and gave everything he had” – Antetokounmpo reflecting on rookie year

“If I was Anthony Davis, I’m not talking about free agency. Just focus on playing basketball” – Antetokounmpo

“Difficult path to NBA made me who I am” – Antetokounmpo

“I love the drama” – Antetokounmpo admits to his “guilty pleasures” including Reality TV shows

“That’s never going to happen” – Antetokounmpo on having a reality TV show

“I don’t care about MVP. I just care about winning” – Antetokounmpo

What’s a successful season for Bucks?

“Nothing short of making it to the Eastern Conference Finals. That is my bar for them. They have a team that can possibly do that” – T-Mac

“If I was Anthony Davis, I’m not talking about free agency” – Antetokounmpo
Giannis will be a free agent in 2021; T-Mac has Giannis to win MVP

“This entire Bucks team, other than Giannis, is a free agent which applies pressure to them to keep this team together” – Windhorst

“If I’m a free agent this offseason, I’m having strong considerations of looking at the Milwaukee Bucks and playing with Giannis because of the way he’s changed the culture around in Milwaukee, he’s made it a place to win” – T-Mac

“They have the cap space to sign Kevin Durant, or Kyrie Irving or Kawhi Leonard. But nobody talks about it because they are in Milwaukee” – Windhorst

February 21, 2009 – Russell Westbrook finishing with a monster dunk off the backboard vs the Warriors!


Make or Miss League Rondo

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Attainable Houses; Shaq drops price on his mansion (in Orlando) to $21.9M. Was $28M

Shaq's mansion.JPG

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Attainable Houses; Proof Rockets should give Danuel House an NBA contract?
Dropped 39 points in the G-League last night; Had 10 3s and hit the game winner

“This is what Adam Silver would call: ‘an unintended consequence of a two-way deal.’ He deserves to be in the NBA” – Windhorst

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Deliveries; Respect this ups man’s dedication?

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Rules; But what if it was a fan from the other team?


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Drip; Obama’s #44 bomber jacket make up for Zion’s shoe?

Barack Obama.JPG



Moving on…

Should Zion hang it up after knee sprain?

Last month on the Jump:

Cousins take on college basketball:

“Why risk playing your college career and risk an injury? This guy is going to be the No. 1 pick. There’s no way this kid should suit up” – T-Mac

“Virtually, any injury he would have, he’s the No. 1 pick. There’s such a demand for this guy” – Windhorst

“Right choice for him is to not play” – T-Mac

“He has the freedom to do whatever he wants” – Windhorst

“I will change college basketball. They don’t pay him to wear Nikes. I’m creating a shoe war because of what happened last night” – T-Mac

“This is really made Zion profit because of how dominant he has been at Duke. The endorsement game will be higher. Duke has really helped him and will probably help him earn tens of millions more when the shoe deal hits” – Windhorst

Second Half

Kyrie on KD rumors: “This doesn’t make the league fun”


Kyrie Irving and KD

Via NBC Sports Boston:

Reaction to Kyrie’s reaction to KD rumors?

“This is the most talked about thing this season. This is what make the league fun. People want to know” – T-Mac

“Kyrie and Kevin both want to be brands. You are a brand and they’ve embraced it and this is the fallout” – Windhorst

“I did not know that Kyrie would consider Kevin Durant one of his best friends. That to me was more interesting piece of information than seeing them talk in a hallway” – Nichols

“It’s interesting that they went to Miami afterwards” – Windhorst

LeBron: “My playoff intensity has been activated”

Via Spectrum Sportsnet:

Too soon for LeBron to flip the switch?
Lakers are 3 games back from the 8th spot and have the 4th hardest schedule in the league for the rest of the way

“What they want, what he wants is the 7th spot and a better fighting chance” – Windhorst

“He is completely out of his normal routine. He’s not used to being in this position” – Windhorst

“I’m at the mindset like, ‘Let’s not push it.’ I don’t see them getting the 7th seed or even making the playoffs. I think it’s too late” – T-Mac

“He’s not in the shape that he’s normally in the middle of February” – Windhorst

RecommendsMiddleton is a rare kind of second star by Zach Lowe


Run it Back

Fultz on the idea of playing for Magic head coach, Steve Clifford:

“It just excites me to know that I have a coach that’s going to push you to be better and not just going to tell you what you want to hear”

Brown’s response:

Did Fultz take a shot at 76ers coach during Magic introduction?

“Markelle really needs to just let it go. Concentrate on what’s in front of you. Steve Clifford will be good for him” – T-Mac

“He’s not really in position right now to talk any trash about anything. He’s got to do some playing before he can really say anything about what happened in Philadelphia” – Windhorst

“Let’s not focus on the past and see what you can do in Orlando” -Windhorst

Expectations for Fultz was Magic?

“They could use him. I don’t know if he’s going to play or not. For the Magic, this is business right now” – Windhorst

February 21, 2001 – Stephon Marbury finishing the layup, then stealing the inbounds pass and hitting a three at the buzzer vs the Raptors!



Kanter’s debut
Right choice for Enes Kanter to choose Blazers over Lakers?

“Absolutely. One is making the playoffs and the other is not” – T-Mac

“The Lakers are not looking great for the playoffs right now” – Windhorst

Hayward hurt?
Any concern over Hayward’s sprained ankle?
Sprained it in a workout on Tuesday (Not the same ankle he had surgically repaired last season)

Big deal Boogie is entering “different phase” of recovery? (Per Warriors coach, Steve Kerr)

“It does. They’re making a push. He’s going to have to be in great game shape playoff mode” – T-Mac

“I still think he’s a matchup in the playoffs. He’s for matchups. Cousins is a matchup lineup” – Windhorst

League Pass
Kings at Warriors

Buddy Hield on making playoffs: “I’d bet my house on it”


“I’ve been riding with these guys. I’m rolling with Sacramento” – T-Mac

“I talked to a whole bunch of Kings [players] last week, they are very confident that they think they’re making it” – Windhorst

Tank Wars (2019)Suns at Cavaliers
Suns: 15-game losing streak

Show Recap: February 20, 2019

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Opening Tip
Joel Embiid out a week with left knee soreness
Sixers also used the term “load management”

Today’s Panel:

Panel (2-20).JPG

First Half

Rachel Nichols’ 1-on-1 convo with Celtics superstar, Kyrie Irving!

Highlights from the interview:

“A lot to figure out in one year” – Irving on Celtics chemistry

“It’s been a trying year for us” – Irving

“Natural competition between Rozier and me” – Irving

“You don’t have to try to be a leader” – Irving

“Apologizing to LeBron was a big step for me” – Irving

“Talks don’t stop” – Irving on free agency rumors

“The media has broken up locker rooms” – Irving


Run it Back

KD & Kyrie All-Star broments!

3) Hanging out in hallway

2) Kyrie stays for KD’s MVP ceremony

Kyrie Irving.JPG

Kyrie Irving and KD.JPG

1) Private dinner in Miami

“Further evidence, I don’t believe them when they say they don’t like the speculation. I think they enjoy it” – Arnovitz

Celtics offseason uncertainty a distraction for players?

“I don’t think so. Maybe it was a distraction up until the trade deadline. These guys are really just concentrating on trying to get back to the type of ball they were playing last season and be better” – T-Mac

“It’s not about offseason uncertainty, it’s about in-season uncertainty. It’s very clear that these guys don’t have a precise understanding or a precise acceptance of their roles” – Arnovitz

“The challenge is having Kyrie. How do you insert him into this? When Kyrie is out, their roles are clearly identified in how these guys play. They play like they played last year without Kyrie. When he’s in the lineup, what do they do? How do they play their style of basketball” – T-Mac

Time for Celtics to fall in line behind Kyrie?

“Maybe Kyrie has to take a step back a little bit” – T-Mac

“I don’t like the notion that the Celtics have to fall in line behind Kyrie. It’s not an issue of submission. He’s going to have to make certain allowances” – Arnovitz

February 20, 2004  – Chauncey Billups dishing it to Ben Wallace who finishes with the poster dunk on Kevin Garnett!


Make or Miss League Rondo

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Anticipation; LeBron confirms “Space Jam 2” will begin filming this summer

Space Jam 2.JPG

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Justice; Does Dirk have a point?

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Hot Takes; What does De’Aaron Fox have against In-N-Out burger?

Fox on In-N-Out Burger.JPG

Miss Logo
Face Value; Report: Average secondary market ticket price for UNC-Duke is $2,663 (Via VividSeats)

Moving on…

Kings and Bucks partner for daylong summit to address social injustice (February 27)

Team up for a change.JPG

Keynote speaker for the event…

Big Boi from Outkast

Second Half

Should Pelicans be allowed to sit AD for rest of season? (Via Marc Stein/New York Times)

“They had a case all year. I would sit him down” – T-Mac

“The health of this individual is going to determine the path of this franchise for the next 7, 8 or 9 years” – Arnovitz

“I am worried about him getting injured” – Nichols

“They’ve actually been really scrappy and effective without him” – Arnovitz

RecommendsThe MVP question that’s driving the NBA by Brian Windhorst

More compelling MVP case: Harden or Giannis?

“I can’t believe Paul George isn’t in this discussion. He should be highly recommended as an MVP candidate” – T-Mac

“Giannis. He’s doing so much more for his team and they have the best record in the league. We can’t overlook that. He is extremely special. He is the frontrunner” – T-Mac

“What Giannis has done to instill his particular character and his work ethic into the entire organization, it is a well-oiled machine. It is a manifestation of who Giannis is as a player. That’s value” – Arnovitz

Dame Lillard’s loyalty to Blazers make sense?

Via Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports (Posted up with Chris Haynes: A Yahoo Sports podcast):

“I want to address the last thing he said about: ‘He don’t want to sell himself out.’ That’s not a shot at KD” – T-Mac

“I have established myself in this community, these people know me, the organization has treated me and my family graciously. I have great relationships with my teammates. This is all about happiness” – T-Mac on what Dame is really saying

“Dame has a lot of equity with that franchise. He’s in a great place” – Arnovitz

“He’s saying there’s other things here that are important. He’s talking about the fact that there are ten other things going on here and all ten of those things are important to his character and him as a person and he doesn’t want to sell that out just to chase a title around” – Nichols

Brad Beal: “I hate super teams” (Via Fred Katz/The Athletic)

“Why should he go anywhere? They gave him a nice bag [of money]. I’ve been talking about him possibly being a Laker because he fits perfect with someone like LeBron James. He should be out there recruiting to have somebody come over” – T-Mac

Brad Beal recruiting for Wizards at All-Star Weekend?

“I don’t think they can because they don’t have the money. He can recruit himself out” – T-Mac

February 20, 2004 – Richard Jefferson (New Jersey Nets) with the high-flying one handed dunk on Chris Bosh!



Happy Birthday Chuck!
Happy 56th Birthday to Charles Barkley from The Jump!

We the North
Jodie Meeks to Raptors make sense? (Signed a 10-day contract)

Road to Recovery
Dwight Howard returns to on-court work (Via The Athletic)

“I hope so. I just don’t know if he has enough time to get back on the court this season. It hasn’t been so good for him lately” – T-Mac

Expect bad blood for Rockets-Lakers tomorrow?

Throwback from October:

Credit: Tim MacMahon/ESPN

“Considering the Rockets are trying to move up the charts in the Western Conference, the Lakers are trying to get into the playoffs, they have more important things to really worry about” – T-Mac

“There will be a chippiness factor. Lakers are under the gun every time they take the court from here on out. This is serious” – Arnovitz

What does Capela’s return mean for Rockets?
Has missed the last 15 games with a right thumb injury

“When you have a rim runner and a guy who rolls hard, that entire offense opens up. They are a spread pick-and-roll team” – Arnovitz

“He’s James’ outlet. They do such a fine job of running the pick-and-roll. He’s the reason why Clint got the contract that he received is because of James Harden. Just setting good screens” – T-Mac

“This team is dangerous. They can beat anybody not named Golden State, but they could lose too” – T-Mac

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How much does Goran Dragic improve Miami’s chances at playoffs?
Currently sit in 9th place in the East

“He is the nasal spray in this offense that’s been clogged. They haven’t had a point guard all year” – Arnovitz

“I think they get in. Hornets are going to be outta there” – T-Mac

T-Mac and Arnovitz: Pistons and Heat for the final two playoff spots

Show Recap: February 19, 2019

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Opening Tip
Manny Machado agrees to 10-year/$300M deal with Padres | How jealous are NBA players of Machado’s $300M deal?

Manny Machado.JPG

Today’s Panel:

Panel (2-19).JPG

First Half

Rachel Nichols’ 1-on-1 convo with Rockets superstar, James Harden

He has scored 30 points in 31 straight games heading into the All-Star Break

Highlights from the interview:

“I’ve seen it all. Especially on the court. I’ve seen double teams, triple teams, zones. It’s just something I had to do because of our situation. We have all the injuries and guys in and out of the lineup” – Harden on his scoring streak and why he’s been doing it

“It’s hard not to hear it” – Harden on critics of scoring streak

“My scoring streak doesn’t compare to Wilt’s” – Harden

“Put any other guy in this situation and they wouldn’t be here” – Harden on wanting the MVP again

“Rockets not at last season’s level, but we’ll get there” – Harden

February 19, 1998 – Charles Barkley (Rockets) with the sick behind the back pass to Clyde Drexler who slams it home vs the Pistons!


Make or Miss league

Miss Logo
Settling; Like “Logo Lillard” nickname for Dame?

Lillard Logo.JPG

Make Logo
Uncertainty; Jaren Jackson Jr. says he thought Luka was a myth (Via NBA TV’s “Open Court”)

Miss Logo
Kindness; KG put a dunk bounty on Yao in 2000? (Via Yahoo! Sports)
No one dunked on Yao and the money went unclaimed

Kevin Garnett (2000).JPG

Yao Ming.JPG

“When I was playing for the Orlando Magic, he was one of my targets I wanted to dunk on” – T-Mac


Run it Back

Top dunks on Yao Ming!

3) 2003: Shaq

2) 2006: Dahntay Jones  2u3unt.gif

1) 2003: Kobe Bryant

Moving on…

Does Harden need to defend scoring streak to critics?

Leading the league (Harden).JPG

“No. He’s listening too much of ESPN, talk show radio and paying attention to social media too much. Basketball players know why he had to do what he had to do in the beginning of the season because of all these injuries. Capela, CP3 and Gordon missing some time, he had to do that to keep them afloat” – T-Mac

“He’s going to need that rest when in comes to the playoffs” – T-Mac

“He doesn’t have to defend himself one bit. He had to do what he had to do” – Scott

“When it comes to winning in the playoffs, I don’t like that formula as far as trying to win a championship” – Scott

“He really has to take some blame for that because there are times when I watch the game, where they are up double-digits with very little time left on the clock and he’s still in the game, but he hasn’t achieved those 30 points” – T-Mac

Believe Rockets an get back to last season’s level?

“I don’t. There chance was last year with a healthy team. Two main reasons: Luc and Ariza. They’re not there” – Scott

“I don’t think they can challenge the Golden State Warriors” – Scott

McGrady followed that up with:

“I actually think they can because of the way James is playing right now. He has a lot more help. This guy is hungry”

“Only team I can see beating these guys are the Golden State Warriors” – T-Mac

Second Half

MSG on rumors of James Dolan courting buyers for Knicks: “The story is 100% false” (Via Bill Simmons’ “The Bill Simmons Podcast”)
According to sources who “know things”

MSG Statement.jpg

Dolan not selling Knicks good news or bad news for Knicks fans?

“I don’t think it’s good or bad news. I would like to see new ownership to kind of rebrand the franchise because they’ve just been so bad for quite some time” – T-Mac

“It’s bad news for the Knicks fans. The Knick fans would love to have a new ownership in that arena. But, If I’m Dolan, you got the richest franchise in all of sports, especially in the NBA and you got the worst team in the NBA, think about what happens in 3-4 years if they start winning. They’re going to be that more valuable. I ain’t selling” – Scott

Lakers underdogs to make playoffs?

“They probably got to win 18 games to make the playoffs. It’s going to be hard because of the type of schedule they have” – Scott

“They have to get that chemistry together and get as healthy as possible” – Scott

“I don’t want them to make the playoffs for selfish reasons because LeBron is going to have to do so much to get this team to the playoffs” – T-Mac

Pat Riley: “I saw a dynasty fly out the window” when LeBron left (Via Dan Le Batard)

What if LeBron had stayed in Miami?

“I didn’t see a 10-year dynasty when LeBron left. For 5 years, maybe” – Scott

“That Cleveland team was right there with Miami” – Scott

“They still would have been a team that can get to the Finals because Pat would have made moves” – T-Mac

RecommendsOutside the Lines on disgraced former ref Tim Donaghy

Tim Donaghy denies allegations of fixing games (Outside the Lines)

Everyone that is associated with the NBA certainly remembers in 2007 when former referee, Tim Donaghy plead guilty to betting on games he officiated. But, both the FBI and an independent investigation commissioned by the NBA exonerated Donaghy of actual game-fixing

10 of the games were blowouts, eliminating them from the study, but the findings concluded that:

“Donaghy favored the side that attracted more betting dollars in 23 of those 30 competitive games, or 77 percent of the time.”

“The odds that Tim Donaghy would have randomly made calls that produced that imbalance are 6,155-to-1.”

Statement from the NBA to ESPN:

“These analyses did not support your finding that an unbiased official would not have made the calls that Donaghy did.”

How did NBA players react to Tim Donaghy scandal?

“When this came out, ‘See. I told you.’ But it’s all speculation. We will never know” – T-Mac

“When this whole scandal came out, I was like, ‘That makes sense. It doesn’t surprise me'” – Scott

“This incident is what was born sort of a lot of the transparency that the NBA does now. With the last two minute report, the way the officiating crew is run, sort of the reforms to the officiating department, the way they show all these videos of what they’re calling” – Nichols

February 19, 2002 – A young Pau Gasol (Grizzlies) throwing it down hard with the one hand on Tim Duncan and David Robinson!



NBA Expansion
NBA and FIBA launching 12-team league in Africa (debuts in 2020 and will be called the “Basketball Africa League”)

“This is going to open the door for other countries” – Scott

“I just want to know what the maximum salary is” – T-Mac

Beasley to China?
Woj: Michael Beasley in talks with Chinese Basketball Team (Guangdong of the Chinese Basketball Association)

“I just want him to go out there, have fun and make some more money” – Scott

“He should be in the NBA. That’s a shame” – T-Mac

Could you see Giannis with Warriors in 2021? (Via Marcus Thompson/The Athletic)

“No chance. He’s a small market guy. He loves it in Milwaukee. I don’t think he’s a guy that wants to go and chase a championship. He wants to build his own empire” – T-Mac

“Giannis is one of those kids that loves Milwaukee. They gave him a chance, he’s built his brand in Milwaukee. He wants to win a championship in Milwaukee” – Scott

And finally…

Producer Steve.JPG
Happy Birthday, Producer Steve!


Show Recap: February 18, 2019 (From ESPN HQ in Bristol)

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Opening Tip
T-Mac finally sees the light! #DraftVince2020

TMac IG Story.JPG
Credit: tmac213/IG
TMac IG Story 2.JPG
Credit: tmac213/IG

“I am completely in for next year on Vince” – Friedell

“We should allow honorary dunk contest participants” – Ogwumike

Today’s Panel:


First Half

Monologue: No one does All-Star like the NBA

Another All-Star Weekend is in the books and once again, fans were reminded that no one does All-Star like the NBA does All-Star. This is partly just because the NBA’s impact on culture at large is just so big and partly because the NBA is so much more of an individual celebrity driven league
Get a bunch of pro baseball players together and you have a room full of baseball players
The Jump Daily.JPG
Get a bunch of basketball players together and you have the pages of “The Jump” weekly. By definition, Charlotte 2019 was a success
Meek Mill.JPG
An artist like Meek Mill has become synonymous with the need for criminal justice reform. Less than a year after his release from prison, the NBA puts him front and center on one of it’s biggest nights

After that came the national anthem:

TV with roses.JPG
It wasn’t all roses as the game itself actually started
Camera shots.JPG
It didn’t help that the in-game entertainment crew was really struggling to find famous faces on celebrity row
Guy Ferrai.JPG
When the second guy you put on the jumbotron is Guy Fieri, it’s not a good sign

But as the night went on and play picked up, there were a number of legit highlight moments:

Team LeBron.JPG
When it was all said and done, Team LeBron was victorious, but not without a good early fright from Team Giannis, once again validating using a draft format for selecting the teams

Is KD the best player right now?

“He is the very best player in the game right now. He’s above everybody else. I would argue that Kevin is the very best player in the league, but he’s not the most important player to his team in the league” – Friedell

“I will give Kevin Durant credit, but the only thing that really holds me back from really giving him love is because he tends to tag team with superstars” – Ogwumike

“The reason he has not taken that mantle of best current player in the game as early from LeBron as he would like to is that his job is made easier by those other players” – Nichols

“If you take Kevin out of that lineup, the Warriors can still win. If you take Steph out of that lineup, it is much much more difficult” – Friedell

Dream dunk contest lineup for next season?

“We should have some continuity from years past” – Ogwumike

“What might do it: The sneaker brands. Put in a nice little bonus for those players” – Ogwumike

“Players are really going to try to put on a big show [next year]” – Friedell

February 18, 2003 – Kobe Bryant with the one-handed monster jam on Yao Ming vs the Rockets!


Make or Miss League Kawhi

Miss Logo
Layups; Did Steph redeem himself?



Make Logo
Interruptions; Give J. Cole credit for trying [to dunk it on Saturday night]?


Miss Logo
Fundamentals; Hamidou Diallo threw down same dunk in high school dunk contest

Saturday Night:

High School:

Make Logo
Bounce; Which was better: The pass or the dunk?



Run it Back

Best ASG alley-oops of all-time!

3) 1994: Pippen to Shaq

2) 2002: T-Mac to himself

1) 2005: Kobe to Amar’e

Moving on…

Joe Harris wins 3-point shootout
2nd in the league shooting at 47 percent!

Time to put respect on Joe Harris’ name?

“Yes. Put some respect on his name. He’s a guy who’s had to fight for everything he’s had in the league” – Ogwumike

“To do this in Charlotte and beat Steph Curry is something he’ll remember the rest of his life” – Friedell

RecommendsHow to make Team LeBron a reality by Tim Bontemps

Second Half

Jayson Tatum: “Celtics are going to win the Finals this year”

Tatum’s championship goal realistic for Celtics?

“I think it’s realistic, but don’t get ahead of yourself because the East is truly an arms race. If this team reaches their potential, I can see them going back to the Eastern Conference Finals and potentially the Finals” – Ogwumike

“They’re not winning the Finals. Can they get to the Finals? Yes. But they may not get out of the 2nd round” – Friedell

After last Friday’s show, the gang played a game of…

What were you thinking Rasheed Wallace.JPG

What were you thinking Rasheed Wallace 2.JPG

“I got you. Everything I was saying was true” – Wallace

What were you thinking Rasheed Wallace 3.JPG
Was the leading scorer in the only game he played for them!

“I was excited. We know we can’t make the playoffs, but we can mess it up for everybody” – Wallace

What were you thinking Rasheed Wallace 4.JPG

“I tried to be nice there at the end. It came from my battles with the media out there in Portland” – Wallace

“Negative” – Wallace on whether the ball ever lies!

The Great Debate
Dirk + Wade All-Star invite set a good precedent?

“A great precedent because that moment, not only for the league and the PR guys,  the players really seemed to enjoy themselves. Klay Thompson told me that those two guys had such an impact on everybody here because they all tried to be those guys growing up. What was cool was the response by their peers” – Friedell

“If you look at the reaction every time Dirk or D-Wade did something likely, the entire bench got up on both sides” – Ogwumike

Bonus: Who would you put in next year? How would this work if you did it on a regular basis?

“If you didn’t have a player or players like in this case who are retiring, why don’t you pick a player who was representative of that city who has had an impact on the game. Example: Next season. Chicago. Why not Derrick Rose? You know he still got the support from the NBA fanbase” – Friedell

“It’s a case by case basis. You don’t have to have an honorary all-star every year” – Ogwumike

How optimistic should Lakers fans be about playoff chances?

“I’m not optimistic. This team has had it’s chances” – Friedell

“It’s not necessarily realistic, but there is still hope” – Ogwumike

“This is a team that thought they were making a big push with all these young guys, but all of a sudden, what we’ve learned in the last couple months is that all those young guys aren’t good enough to be the core of a title team” – Friedell

February 18, 2011 – Blake Griffin finishing a reverse dunk on a bounce pass and James Harden finishing a windmill dunk on the other end in the Rookie-Sophomore game!




10-day for Ray?
Is Daryl Morey only half-joking about Ray Allen?

“He’s still got it” – Ogwumike

Good times
What are KD & Kyrie talking about?

Adam Silver: “I don’t like trade demands…wish they were handled behind closed doors”

“Players only say things publicly when they have exhausted all of their options. They’ll try to handle things internally and then if things aren’t moving, then they’ll make it public. When the players are doing this is largely it’s in their prime. These guys want to win championships and they don’t want waste their prime” – Ogwumike

There are no secrets in the league that don’t eventually get out. They always get out. This helps feed the cycle” – Friedell

AD: “All 29 other teams are on my list” (Via NBA TV)

AD and LeBron.JPG

AD warming up to idea of Celtics?

“This whole thing is a disaster in how it played out. The Pelicans, AD and his agent Rich Paul are to blame. If you’re Anthony Davis and you know the Celtics have a legit chance of to win for sure, that’s something you got to think about” – Friedell

“That was the voice of a very desperate man” – Ogwumike

Show Recap: February 15, 2019 (All-Star Edition from Charlotte, NC)

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Today’s crew/guests:

Panel (2-15).JPG

First time All-Star, Ben Simmons of the Sixers!

Ben Simmons.JPG

WNBA champion/All-Star, Sue Bird of the Seattle Storm!

Sue Bird.JPG

Dunk contest participant, rookie Miles Bridges of the Charlotte Hornets!

Miles Bridges.JPG

Panel (2-15) 2.JPG

Clippers big man, Montrezl Harrell!

Montrezl Harrell (Clippers).JPG

Panel (2-15) 3.JPG

First Half

Agree with Pelicans decision to fire Dell Demps?
Has held the position since 2010

“His dismissal was inevitable in this offseason. It was coming. My sense was that this was going to wait until after the all-star break. I do think the events of last night sped it up” – Woj

“This Anthony Davis trade will be the most important decision going forward. It’s going to impact them for a decade to come. They’re going to be willing to spend” – Woj

“The decisions that Dell Demps has made to try and surround Anthony Davis with a supporting cast that was sustainable long-term, they’ve missed on a lot of draft picks, free agent signings (Omer Asik, Solomon Hill), they’ve overpaid for players who haven’t performed and then go back to the DeMarcus Cousins trade. They have really nothing to show for it and they traded a young player in Buddy Hield” – Woj

“Personally, it’s that relationship between the GM and the players. The GM has to be part of the players, especially when you’re talking about an all-star like Anthony Davis” – Wallace

“This was inevitable for him to get fired. They never had the team around Anthony Davis to make him want to stay. And just because David Stern says it, doesn’t mean it’s true. Dell was put in a tough situation” – Jackson

How should AD & Pelicans move forward?

“He’s wanted to honor his contract and play out the season” – Woj

“There’s going to be another conversation with the league on how to go forward. The league cannot have this becoming a daily saga and an embarrassment. It’s not fair to the fans in New Orleans and it is not good for the league to have a player of Anthony Davis’ stature in the news everyday for something as dysfunctional as what this has turned into” – Woj

“At the end of the day, we have a job to do and we have to be professionals. Either you’re with us or you’re not. Not knowing can cause a lot of confusion and can get worse” – Jackson

“If he does come back, play and keep your rhythm. Stay in that shape to go into next season” – Wallace

1991 – Dunk contest champion, Dee Brown of the Boston Celtics with the high toss, the lob and the reverse jam in Charlotte!


Expectations for 1st All-Star Game?

“I’m just excited to get out there. Just being around so many talented players that I’m going to be able to learn a lot of things”Simmons

“I feel like I do deserve it” – Simmons

Confident Sixers can figure out chemistry before playoffs?

“It just takes time” – Simmons

“He’s kind of like a silent assassin” – Simmons on Tobias Harris

Biggest competition in Eastern Conference?

“Who ever is in front of us. Boston and Toronto” – Simmons

“It was exciting. I’m happy with the moves [we made at the deadline] – Simmons

Second Half

Make or Miss League Kawhi

Miss Logo
Distance; Charles Barkley joining PTI with Michael Wilbon. Do they look like Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets?

Make Logo
Ability; Should we just call this dunk ‘The Kobe’?

Last Night:




Miss Logo
Caring; Where does this rank among Russ’ outfits?

Last night:

Westbrook Valentine.JPG

Westbrook Valentine 2.JPG

Westbrook outfit.JPG

Westbrook outfit 3.JPG

Westbrook outfit 4.JPG

Westbrook outfit 5.JPG

Westbrook outfit 6.JPG

Make Logo
Indecision; Good news for all the bandwagoners?
Commissioner, Adam Silver demonstrating the ability for fans to change the name and number on the jerseys they buy!


Miss Logo
Tanking; The Knicks got a win last night!
Had lost 18 straight games

Moving on…

Any advice from MJ for dunk contest?

“He gave me a few pointers. He just told me to be creative, put a lot of power in my dunks” – Bridges

“There’s definitely a lot of pressure, but I don’t really feel it” – Bridges

“I haven’t seen this many people in a long time” – Bridges on the atmosphere in Charlotte for All-Star Weekend

1991 – Michael Jordan with the finishing with the monster one-handed dunk in the All-Star Game!


Clippers: 32-27 this season (8th in West); They have an 82 percent of making the playoffs, per ESPN’s BPI

Montrezl Harrell: 15.9ppg, 6.7rpg

“Most definitely [making the playoffs] because it was a big shock to us with the trade. It hit everybody” – Harrell on the Tobias Harris trade

“Were not going to back down from anybody. I feel like with the trade that happened, we got tougher” – Harrell

What’s changed for you with Clippers?

Montrezl Harrell.JPG

“Basically, confidence. I always work on my game. I never stopping playing basketball”Harrell on his improvement offensively

“When he comes on the floor, everything elevates. Everything becomes a battle” – Elhassan

“When he got the opportunity, he took advantage of it. That’s what a lot kids don’t do” – Jackson

“Hands down, one of the best owners in the game. He’s really homegrown to the city of LA” – Harrell on Clippers owner, Steve Ballmer

Rachel Nichols’ 1-on-1 with Mavs rookie, Luka Doncic

Highlights from the interview:

“I always looked up to LeBron. He’s my idol” – Doncic

On his flare:

“I’ve always played that way” – Doncic

On wanting the pressure for the last shot:

“I just feel confident. I have the confidence from my team. I love taking those shots. I get motivated” – Doncic

On playing with Dirk:

“He’s an all-time great player. He makes jokes. He’s funny” – Doncic

On his new teammate, Kristaps Porzingis:

“I knew him from before. Now, we hang out more. This is going to be something special for sure” – Doncic


Who wins dunk contest?

Pippen: Dennis Smith Jr.

Jackson: Dennis Smith Jr.

Wallace: Miles Bridges

Who wins 3-point shootout?

Jackson: “Who ever name is Curry”

Pippen: “It’s definitely going to be a Curry”

Wallace: Kemba Walker

All-Star MVP Pick?

Wallace: Kemba Walker
“It’s here at home. It’d be great for the organization”

Jackson: Paul George
“He’s not a stacked team, he’s having a great year, an MVP candidate”

Pippen: Stephen Curry
“There’s going to be some home cooking”

Pelicans fire GM Dell Demps (Per Adrian Wojnarowski)

“It’s bad blood there somewhere. Somewhere along the line with AD and his people and the GM and ownership. They just need to clear the air” – Wallace

“AD has to have that conversation with the team” – Jackson

“We all knew this was in the making. It’s all in black-and-white. There’s some things going on in the organization. They had to make a change. The fact that Anthony Davis wanted to leave and they held him against his will, it shows that GM lost out on that free agent. He doesn’t have any more value to that organization” – Pippen

“It’s obvious that he couldn’t keep a star player” – Jackson

What would change if more former players were team owners? (Via Joe Vardon/The Athletic)

Click here to read more about this topic from earlier this week by Brian Windhorst

“I don’t see a whole lot changing. Michael Jordan’s impact, popularity and his brand has been able to grow the game. I don’t see any other player bigger than Michael that can help the NBA out in any way. Everyone has to work under the CBA. There’s no one more popular than Michael Jordan” – Pippen

“We need more players to be owners. I definitely think LeBron can do it” – Jackson

“If guys are thinking about becoming owners, why don’t you ask Michael first. Ask a lot of the things he went through” – Wallace


Show Recap: February 14, 2019 (All-Star Edition from Charlotte, NC)

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Today’s crew/guests:

First time All-Star, Khris Middleton of the Bucks at the beginning of the showPanel (Charlotte).JPG

The Captain is back!

Panel (Charlotte) 2.JPG

Thibs Bio.JPG

From the Brooklyn Nets:

Center, Jarrett Allen:
Jarrett Allen.JPG

Sixth Man of the Year candidate/Point Guard Spencer Dinwiddie:
Spencer Dinwiddie.JPG

North Carolina Tar Heel/former NBA player & champion Rasheed Wallace:

First Half

Green: “So long as our chemistry is great, no one can beat us, for real”

“In a way, he’s right. You got to have your confidence on the team. As opposing players, we’re not going to listen to that” – Middleton

Are Bucks biggest Eastern Conference threat to Warriors?

“We’re trying not to get too far ahead of ourselves. That first step is winning one playoff series” – Middleton

“They’re a very deep team. But it’s really about Giannis. He’s sort of taken a role this season to be the most dominant in the game since Shaquille O’Neal” – Pippen

“We know we match up well with those guys. We have a lot of size, length and play different styles of basketball. We have a chance against those guys” – Middleton

“It’s been great. He’s a character in the locker room. We definitely going to need him” – Middleton on his new teammate Nikola Mirotic

Confident in future with Giannis?
Middleton will be an unrestricted free agent this summer

“Since I’ve been here, since Giannis has been in Milwaukee, we literally started from the bottom and worked our way up. We’re building something special” – Middleton

“For sure. Anybody that can help” – Middleton on recruiting players to Milwaukee

“For me, it’s all about the right situation. Right now, Milwaukee has done everything for me” – Middleton on his upcoming free agency

1991 – Patrick Ewing with the nasty one-handed dunk in the 1991 All-Star Game…also in Charlotte!!!


Did Steve Kerr get too heated last night?

“He was trying to get tossed there. The important thing is him fighting for Draymond. There’s a message in that to the team, about their spirit, their fight, where they want to go. To me, that looked like a common foul” – Thibs

“Steve is a player and a coach. He understands that call wasn’t made off the foul. You’re judging Draymond as a bad player” – Jackson

“He did a good job because Draymond is getting a bad rap” – Jackson

“I thought the officials made a great call based on how the game was going. Draymond sort of made a deliberate blow to make sure ‘I’m going to hit you hard'” – Pippen

Harden’s scoring streak make him the MVP?
Has 31 consecutive games with at least 30 or more points

“It’s attractive. But, it doesn’t look like he’s focused on winning. The team is focused on winning” – Jackson

“I don’t think this type of basketball that we’re watching is playoff basketball. It’s not even attractive basketball” – Pippen

“It’s probably not championship basketball. But I’d say the biggest concern would have to be the drop that Houston’s has had defensively this year. The defense has to improve. We want to see how the MVPs impact their team throughout the course of the season” – Thibs

He’s putting them in position to win. It’s a challenge” – Thibs

Second Half

Make or Miss League Kawhi

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Dismissals; Think Ben Simmons will get dunked on in the All-Star Game?

Last night:


Miss Logo
Complacency; Spicy P (Pascal Siakam) drops career-high 44 in win vs Wizards

“He’s one of the up and coming four men in the league and he gives the Raptors a ton of versatile” – Dinwiddie

“One of the most improved players so far” – Allen

Make Logo
Close Calls; Which Regina King movie do you think is Joel Embiid’s favorite?


Miss Logo
Grudges; D-Wade reenacts 2006 Finals moment in Dallas

Nowitzki and Wade exchanging jerseys after the game:

Dirk and Dwyane Jersey exchange.JPG

Wade said afterward that he didn’t know if Dirk would say yes to a jersey exchange because their was so much crosstalk between them from the 2006 and 2011 Finals

Moving on…

Nets deserve more respect?

“You need to pay attention to us. Were up and coming” – Allen

“We have an All-Star PG [Russell] and a future top 5 center in the NBA with an amazing afro” – Dinwiddie

Allen’s most notable blocks on these players:

“It’s not really the ‘hunting down the stars’ mindset. It’s just really me down there just making the play for my team” – Allen

“Jump for everything because either way, you’re going to be on the highlight” – Allen

What changed for D’Angelo Russell in Brooklyn?

“He’s doing a great job with his pace, being able to understand the game and doing what it takes for our team to win. And obviously with the way he’s been shooting the three ball, it’s made his game extremely efficient” – Dinwiddie

“He was treated a little bit unfairly by the Lakers. You draft a kid, a one-and-done kid, out of college, you have to give them time to develop and he showed a little bit of immaturity and the Lakers wanted someone that was more developed. If you’re going to do that, you should draft that way” – Pippen

“We’re definitely coming for that top 4 seed. That’s the name of the game” – Allen

Could have been 8 times, but in 2008-09, Stephen Jackson led the league in techs! Wallace was second in that category

The Great Debate.JPG
Think LeBron regrets decision to join Lakers?
Per ESPN’s BPI, the Lakers have a 7 percent chance to make the playoffs; have the 4th hardest schedule after the All-Star break

“No. I don’t think so. His whole move to LA was based off of what he’s going to do after basketball. He wants to be involved with TV and movies. His value has changed” – Wallace

“It’s not going the way he hoped. He expected the team to be different [by the trade deadline]” – Jackson

“LeBron’s move to LA was definitely post season move. This is something that he realizes that, ‘If I don’t get a free agent this summer, then it was a bad move'” – Pippen

“LeBron has done the impossible a number of times. If anybody can do it, he can do it. But, it’s going to be hard” – Jackson

Biggest regret vs Lakers in 2000 WCF?
Game 7; Blazers were up 15 points entering the 4th quarter

“If we would have made just one or two of those 13 straight shots we missed. It could have been different. To be honest, I don’t regret it because it made me better as a ball player and person” – Wallace

“It was our first year. Just somehow down the stretch of that game, our chemistry fell apart. We were always an unselfish team. It hurt us at a moment when we didn’t want to have to deal with it. Had I known my teammates better, I would have been a different leader in that situation” – Pippen

1991 – Rex Chapman of the hometown Hornets throwing the ball from behind his back and finishing the reverse dunk in the 1991 All-Star Dunk Contest in Charlotte!



Giannis who?
Every team except the Knicks scouted Giannis? (Via Finding Giannis/TNT)

No Chill Gil
Gilbert Arenas to join The Big 3 this summer

Westbrook have the right attitude about critics?
He has the luxury of not caring at this point in his life

Via Erik Horne/The Oklahoman:

“At the end of the day, I understand what he’s saying. He loves the game. Anything else, it doesn’t matter” – Jackson

“I don’t like the way guys chase stats now” – Pippen who said on last Friday’s show that Westbrook is “stat-hunting”

Show Recap: February 13, 2019

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Opening Tip
Is this why Celtics want to keep Tatum so badly?


Today’s Panel:

Panel (2-13).JPG

First Half

How hot is Luke Walton’s seat right now?
Per Basketball Reference, the Lakers have a 6 percent chance to make the playoff. Lakers are 28-29 heading into the All-Star break

James and Walton.JPG
This is not what anyone imagined when LeBron signed on with the Lakers this summer, or even what they imagined going into last night’s game against the struggling Hawks. They went 6 minutes without a bucket. Bad offense, bad body language, inconsistent effort

“It isn’t hot at all. And it shouldn’t be. His GM gave him a vote of confidence rightfully so” – T-Mac

“The reality is, the only thing that’s keeping this seat lukewarm is Jeanie Buss (Lakers owner) because all those things would be alright if the GM had hired him and everyone was bought in. But the problem is, they’re not all bought in. Right now, this is an opportunity for the Lakers to turn it around, change the narrative” – Elhassan

“This is not on Luke Walton. He didn’t design the roster” – Nichols

“Coming out of all-star break, LeBron James will have a different type of focus and understand what really is at stake. He didn’t come to the Lakers to miss out on the playoffs” – T-Mac

Still convinced LeBron will carry Lakers to playoffs?

“If he’s healthy, they’re going to win games” – Elhassan

“I don’t think they make the playoffs. They have to win too many games. You have a tough schedule coming up” – T-Mac

Did Joel Embiid cross the line last night?

After last night’s loss:

“The referees f****** suck”

“You got your frustration out. It’s not a big deal” – Elhassan

“It’s not a big deal, but don’t take it out on the referees. They missed on a call on him towards the end of the game. Him saying they suck meaning they sucked the whole game. He was upset about that one call he didn’t get and felt that it cost him the game” – T-Mac

Here’s the play McGrady was talking about:


Bad look for 76ers to lose to Celtics without Kyrie?

“No. Not at all. The Sixers still trying to figure it out” – T-Mac

“I don’t put any stock into this about it being a bad loss. However, I do put a lot of stock on it on the Celtics side and what this really means for them moving forward and Kyrie Irving. Because, if you look at how these other guys played last night, they played better when they were giving more. Kyrie needs to fit in with these guys” – T-Mac

“You can have too many, too much. For the Sixers, they got to figure out how to incorporate Tobias Harris where it’s not just ‘everyone takes a turn,’ but trying to get the most out of this group. But sometimes, having too much out there means somebody is not getting full output. Same thing with the Celtics” – Elhassan

February 13, 2005 – LeBron James with the nasty fastbreak reverse dunk vs the Lakers!


Make or Miss League Harden

Make Logo
Creativity; Is Trae Young the master of the nutmeg?




Miss Logo
Anticipation; Is this Simmons’ go to move?
Fakes the handoff and finishes with the flush!


Make Logo
Height; Anything the defenders can do?



Miss Logo
Traction; Concerned about Belinelli’s hamstrings?



Run it Back

Best pump fakes of all-time!

3) 1996: Michael Jordan vs Magic2tmhao.gif

2) 2003: Kobe Bryant vs Jazz2tmhcz.gif

1) 1995: Hakeem Olajuwon vs David Robinson’s Spurs2tmhf7.gif

PJ Tucker appearing on ESPN+’s ‘The Boardroom’

Second Half

Durant: “I think we’ve been struggling even though we’ve been winning”
Warriors have won 18 of their last 20 games

“From a player’s perspective, I agree with him. There’s ways on how you win. They could have put this team (Jazz) away early and give their best players an opportunity to rest in the 4th quarter. If you’re going to allow to just cruise through and give teams opportunity to gain confidence throughout the game, you find yourself in a dogfight. You don’t want that. That’s what he means. It’s not about winning the game, it’s how you win” – T-Mac

“Their margin of error is bigger than any team in the history of the NBA. They can struggle and win 18 out of 20 games” – Elhassan

Draymond proving his future worth right now?

“He is one of the most underrated players in the league. He doesn’t get enough credit for what a big cog of the Warriors success ” – Elhassan

Examples from last night in the return of…

“When talking about money is it’s not about now and it’s not about 2 years from now, it’s 3-4 years from now. Is Draymond Green a guy who doesn’t have a great body in terms of physically, will it hold up for that long for guy that’s undersized?” – Elhassan

“Draymond is definitely worthy (of $100M) for what he means for to this team. I look at him now as just being healthy” – T-Mac

Do Trail Blazers have enough to win a playoff series?

“Go get Carmelo Anthony” – T-Mac

“They can win a playoff series this year. It all depends on seeding and matchup” – T-Mac

“I think they can beat Houston. They would be very disappointed if they got knocked out by a team that wasn’t the Warriors” – Elhassan

Any concern over Harden’s shoulder injury?
Hurt it against the Thunder on Saturday night. Collided with Steven Adams

“With the extended all-star break, I wouldn’t play him until after the break. He needs to sit it out [in the All-Star Game]” – T-Mac

“He has to make these kinds of decisions” – Elhassan

February 13, 2001 – Stephon Marbury crossing over Kobe Bryant and finishing with the tough circus layup!


The Jump OT: T-Mac’s combine at Mamba Sports Academy!


I.T. back?
Woj: Isaiah Thomas will return tonight

“Maybe not right now, but they’re going to need him in the playoffs” – Elhassan on whether he’ll fit in with the Nuggets

“I’m just glad to see him back on the court. It’s been a rough two years for him” – T-Mac

Buyout Market
Best fit for Markieff Morris?

T-Mac: Toronto

Elhassan: Toronto

AD: “Nobody was interested in playing”
Pelicans lost by 30 points to the Magic. Davis scored only 3 points on 1-9 shooting

Can Pelicans move forward with AD on court?

Coach Gentry on Davis’ future (Via Fox Sports New Orleans):

“There are going to be some nights like this because this team was deflated by Anthony Davis coming out and saying he wanted to be traded. Him saying that ‘Nobody was interested in playing’ last night, they don’t want to play with you. You’re two feet out the door” – T-Mac

“I blame the NBA. Unintended consequences. They should just send him home” – Elhassan

“It’s a bad look when a player comes out and demand a trade and it doesn’t happen because this is what you’re going to be stuck with” – T-Mac