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First Half

Russ announces he is positive for Coronavirus

Will Westbrook’s absence become an issue for the Rockets playoff chances?


“It won’t be an issue, unless they don’t have him for the playoffs. They’re not going to miss him for too long. The Rockets would match up well with the Nuggets, if they stay at the sixth seed. With the backcourt of James Harden and Westbrook, I don’t see anybody on Denver that can contain them” – Pierce

“Westbrook was really starting to establish himself in the Rockets offense. He was having another MVP caliber season. He was really starting to come into his own in the offense. When Harden has those off nights, he has another guy that can equally carry them offensively” – Pierce

“I knew something was up. I was wondering why they weren’t at the bubble. I want Russ to get healthy and return to the bubble and be a dominant force that we all know him to be. But we all know this is a serious” – Perkins

Rajon Rondo out 6-8 weeks (Broken right thumb)

“Playoff Rondo” has always shined this time of year

Will losing Rondo hurt the Lakers early in the NBA playoffs?

“That’s a major blow. He’s got a basketball IQ and the highest IQ in the game. It’s next man up. The Lakers are deep enough to make a run” – Perkins

“He had a great effect, especially with the second unit. They played a little faster with Rondo in the second unit. The adjustment is figuring out what style of play will the second unit play? Long-term effects: They’ll need him for deep in the playoffs. The stars will have to play heavy minutes” – Pierce

“Rondo’s loss is obviously key just from a leadership standpoint. Statistically, at least when LeBron is on the floor, [Alex] Caruso has held his own. They’re a net rating of 20.8 with Caruso and LeBron on the floor together and they’re a net rating of positive of 8.1 when Rondo is on the floor together. And there’s only a difference of about 10 minutes cumulative” – Sedano

Life inside WNBA bubble?

“It’s actually kind of cool. It’s like you’re back in college and being all together. It’s definitely different. It’s not what we expected from the season, but were making the best out of it” – Collier

Experience of coronavirus when playing in China?

“I was only there for 10 days. I was going there for the 2nd half of the season. Then it really started getting bad and I had to head out and it’s lucky I did because the day after I left they quarantined my city” – Collier

Importance of continuing pursuit against social injustice?

“It was great having that call and the fact that they took time to talk to us about things that are important, they acknowledge what happened was wrong, that they acknowledged that steps need to be taken so that never happens again. It’s really nice to see that in the city that we play for, that we love, big changes are happening” – Collier

2020 goals after WNBA ROY & All-Star last season?

“I’ve just been working hard in the offseason. Moving from the four (Power Forward) to the three (Small Forward) when I got to the league was kind of a challenge for me and I look forward to that challenge” – Collier

Planning a wedding during coronavirus:

“It’s difficult which is why we postponed it. It was supposed to be November this year and it’s not gonna happen in 2020. It’s been really hard and there’s clearly more important things that are going on in the world right now” – Collier

Jump RecommendsSteve Kerr on ‘Road Trippin’ podcast’ with Richard Jefferson & Allie Clifton (Uninterrupted)

Excerpt: Steve Kerr on the idea of returning to the Bulls after winning the title in the summer of 1998 and possibly going for the seventh title the following year:

Second Half

The Palace of Auburn Hills is no more:


So therefore, let’s…


Best plays at the palace

2007: Sheed saves the day:

2001: Big Ben swats T-Mac:

1996: Hill dunks on two Knickerbockers:486n7y

2003: T-Mac baptizes Mehmet Okur:486ndw

LeBron on T-Mac’s dunk:

2007: LeBron takes over:

2009: Iverson nutmegs Grant Hill:486npl

2004: Chauncey sends the game into OT:486nw9

2005: Big shot Rob hits the game-winner:486o06

1993: Isiah Thomas gets creative on the break:486o6k

1994: Grant Hill throws down the lefty oop:486oc1

The Palace of Auburn Hills torn down Saturday; Kendrick and Paul’s favorite moments at the palace:

“When I think of the Palace, I get chills. Nothing was friendly about the palace. It was a hostile environment. It was a horrible place to play in. Game 6 in 2008 when we closed them out in the Eastern Conference Finals on the road to head to the finals. I could remember that like yesterday. It was a big win for us” – Perkins

“It was the worst visiting locker room in the league despite the conditions. That was a difficult place to play in. It was tough to beat them on their home court. Game 6 in 2008 to go to the Finals is my favorite moment!” – Pierce

2008 ECF.JPG

Embiid, LeBron, AD will keep own names on jerseys

Giannis will wear the word, “Equality.”

LeBron and AD explaining their decision:

“I agree with both of them. The NBA is a job. Why do we have to tie what’s going on in America with basketball so much? If guys want to do it, it should just be a bonus. The problem that I have with not only just the NBA, but our world in general: Everything that we’re going through as far as black lives matter and social injustice, if I don’t do something the way that a certain person expects me or want them to do it as far as preaching out about different situations that’s going on, then they get mad at me or they say, ‘Oh perk! You’re not a real one!’ Why? Because I’m not doing it your way? They doesn’t mean I’m not fighting the same fight as you. Just because I don’t go about it the way another group of people are, doesn’t mean that you’re not fighting the same fight. All it does is dividing us when we should be coming together To me, hold yourself accountable and control what you can control” – Perkins

“The players have a choice and I don’t think anybody is questioning LeBron’s decision. He’s done so much as far as being a voice on social inequality over the years, not just this year” – Pierce

“To me, it’s not really important who does what or even it’s not that important who picks which message if they do decide to do it, what was important to me was that the NBA and the players union decided that this could be possible. That was the key decision” – Nichols

Distant Replay 2
2004 – Tony Allen with the monster windmill jam in NBA Summer League!


Paul Pierce on his new teammates:

Trust health of PG and Kawhi in season restart?


Paul George told reporters:

“I feel great again”

“Yeah I do. They’ve had a whole offseason during this pandemic. I don’t know if I would have had confidence if we had a regular season that didn’t have any stoppage. Now that they’ve had this rest and the time to heal their minds and bodies, they should be considered the favorite with these two guys being healthy” – Pierce

“The layoff benefits the Clippers the most. The time off, a restart and a new training camp will help them with their chemistry both on and off the floor” – Sedano

“Kawhi has proven to be a Batman. But can Paul George be that certified robin that you need to win the championship? I don’t know. He has a history of not showing up in the playoffs. If George is healthy and can be consistent in the playoffs, the Clippers are a favorite to win the title. The Clippers have no excuse” – Perkins

“Paul George is a better fit with Kawhi Leonard than some of the other guys he’s played with. Chemistry has been overlooked a little bit with the Clippers this season” – Nichols

Advantage to Clippers or Lakers in 7-game series?


“Lakers. For as deep as the Clippers are, I don’t see a match up for Anthony Davis. He’s gonna need to be a monster and this is his chance to prove that. Montrezl Harrell is a good player, but I don’t look at him as a guy who can defend AD. AD is key to the Lakers winning a championship” – Sedano

“Lakers. They have the most championship experience in the league. AD and Dwight Howard, when they’re on the court together, remind me of KG and myself who anchors the defense. And LeBron James is on a mission. He knows his window foe winning a championship is getting smaller. He’s gonna take full advantage of of trying to win this title” – Perkins

“Clippers. Who’s gonna match up with Paul George, Kawhi Leonard or Lou Williams? They are too deep, too well-coached, too much versatility for the Lakers” – Pierce

Crunchtime (New)

Luka Magic
How many letters could Paul get off Luka in H-O-R-S-E?

“I probably wouldn’t get any letters on this guy. I would have to really get back into NBA shape to get a letter on this guy and I’m doing that anytime soon”

Inside the bubble
Which bubble reality TV show would interest you most?

Dwight Howard showed up to the NBA providing a DJ set on Saturday night…but he was the only player there!

“Shotgunning the beers” – Sedano

“Who can catch the most fish out there” – Pierce

“A reality show for J.J. Redick” – Perkins

Rockets Bruno Caboclo unintentionally broke quarantine

“The Rockets will not miss this guy. He’s probably going to be on quarantine on the bench anyway when they start playing. If this would have happened to a major star, then okay. You got to expect this to happen to a lot of guys who aren’t going to be a factor in this bubble and are going to be bored” – Pierce

“You got to follow the rules. He did not read the handbook and didn’t follow the guidelines. Kudos to the NBA for enforcing the rules and protecting guys’ safety” – Perkins

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