Show Recap: July 7, 2020 (Jump From Home Edition) – Half-hour show; Brian Windhorst hosts

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Bradley Beal will not participate in Orlando (Right rotator cuff)

Wizards GM Tommy Shepherd said that Beal will not require surgery. Beal was averaging 30.5ppg this season (2nd in NBA)

“I love it all across the board. The Wizards are making a smart move. They know that if they go down to the bubble, the best that they could do is get the 8th seed and get smacked up by the books. That’s a waste of time. Rest him up and get them ready for next season. It also gives them a chance to evaluate other guys that plays Beal’s position” – Perkins

“There’s no point in coming back. It’s a great reason why the Wizards should have never been here. The only reason: the money” – Elhassan

“I don’t necessarily think that Beal’s shoulder is bothering him that much. But in the last 11 games that he played for the Wizards, he averaged 37ppg. They have set this up so that some guys frankly don’t think it’s worth the risk while other guys have to take the risk so that everybody gets paid. It’s not fair and it’s the best of a bad situation. That’s just the truth and we’re going to keep saying that over the next few months” – Windhorst

Spencer Dinwiddie will not join Nets in Orlando (Coronavirus)

Nets players

What reasonable expectations do the Nets have in the bubble?

“You get 8 games to loosen up, you play in a playoff series and you go home. It’s not realistic for them and the other two teams [Orlando and Washington] at the bottom to have expectations of any sort of success. They’re just there to collect checks. And I’m not talking about the players either. I’m talking about the owners” – Elhassan

“His case of the coronavirus is a lot different than others that tested positive in the NBA. He was really ill. It gives another guys an opportunity to audition. G-League guys, two-way contract players and 2nd round pick players. This is an evaluation period for the Brooklyn Nets” – Perkins

“Keep your eye on Caris LeVert because this is one of the guys who’s going to benefit. When Dinwiddle or Irving haven’t played this season, he’s averaged 32 points per 36 minutes” – Windhorst

Dwight Howard will join Lakers, donate salary ($700,000) to charity (Breathe Again)

Via Don Lemon/CNN:

“I feel like we have a great opportunity, the Lakers do, for winning a title this year” – Dwight Howard

What changes for Lakers with Dwight?


“Everything changes. With him and AD on that front line anchoring that defense, it’s the best front line defensively in the league. This is a golden opportunity for him to win a championship. If he wins it, that makes him a strong candidate for a hall of famer” – Perkins

“The Lakers chances, without Howard, were still good to win the championship. They won’t have to rely on JaVale McGee to play too many minutes, you don’t have to rely on asking Anthony Davis to play too many minutes at a position that he doesn’t want to play and you don’t have to rely on Kyle Kuzma to play minutes at a position that he doesn’t play” – Elhassan

Continuing the countdown to the restart of the NBA season, here is #23:

Devonte’ Graham in the clutch at MSG!

Some news outside the NBA…


Patrick Mahomes
Kansas City Chiefs QB, Patrick Mahomes signs 10-year extension worth up to $503M, per ESPN NFL Insider, Adam Schefter

NBA player most worthy of 10-year deal right now?

“Luka Doncic. This is another Dirk Nowitzki in the making for the Mavs. If I’m the Mavs, I’m signing him for life” – Perkins

“Giannis Antetokounmpo. This one is easy. He hasn’t even hit his prime yet” – Elhassan

“Zion Williamson. But we just don’t know about his health” – Windhorst

Intrigued by Knicks rumored interest in Devin Booker, per Marc Berman/New York Post

Booker has 4 years left on his contract worth over $131M


“I feel like we do this every year with the Knicks. You’re telling me Booker is gonna pick a team that’s even worse because his agent is running it? If he were to leave, it’s Minnesota. It’s where his best friends are (KAT and D’Angelo Russell)” – Elhassan

“They have World Wide Wes. He has relationships with everyone. This guy is powerful. He is a mastermind in swaying guys to coming. I’m not knocking them. I think they can land Booker” – Perkins

“I would say to the Knicks, ‘Don’t count on Leon Rose to bring former clients. Try to get him to pick guys like he picked his clients to bring out of the college ranks.’ That is where his impact is going to be. Don’t count on him bringing him in” – Windhorst

Distant Replay 2
2007 – Shannon Brown (Cavaliers) driving to the basket for the nasty one handed dunk in NBA Summer League!


JR Smith discusses “Depressed State” in time away from basketball

What do you make of his comments?

“It’s understandable. He got blacklisted by the Cavs just because they wanted to move in a different direction. I hope that this experience picks up his spirits” – Elhassan

“I see a Dwight Howard story in the making for JR Smith” – Perkins

At the Buzzer (New)
Joel Embiid on fears surrounding Orlando:

What do you make of Embiid’s comments?

“It’s not like the NBA and Adam Silver are forcing guys to go. They gave them the option to go to Orlando. He doesn’t have to do his job, you have an option” – Perkins

“He’s right though. Were basing this entire bubble on the honor code that everyone’s gonna do the right thing and you can’t trust that everybody’s gonna do the right thing as we can tell by the rest of the country. The reality is, he’s not gonna stay home because he wants to get paid and he would be the highest profile player from a good team to sit out if he did” – Elhassan

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