Show Recap: June 25, 2020 (Jump From Home Edition)

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June 25 panel


Udonis Haslem

Should players be concerned by rising COVID-19 cases in Florida?

Credit: Sam Amick/The Athletic


“The entire country should be concerned. I still stand by this: Florida is still the safest place to be” – Jefferson

“The players are going to be more safe in the bubble than they are in their own homes. The only concern that I would have is leaving my family behind to have to deal with this on their own while I’m getting pampered and being safe in a billion dollar bubble” – Perkins

Pressure on Zion Williamson when season resumes?

One Pelicans team source said the following on Zion (Via Andrew Lopez & Tim Bontemps/ESPN):

“He’s going to shock some people”


“There’s no pressure. He handles pressure better than anyone since LeBron James. He’s exceeded expectations. He’s built for this” – Perkins

“What more pressure can the No. 1 pick have? Why are unnamed sources getting this? There’s no added pressure. The No. 1 pick doesn’t shock the world in a two month span. That comes over five, ten, twelve years of dominating the league. That’s when you get to shock the world” – Jefferson

“There will be less pressure on Zion in the bubble. But it’s kind of gonna be up to him how much he sort of gets in and get those expectations in his head” – Nichols

Continuing the countdown to the restart of the NBA season, here is #35:

Zion Williamson completing the tough alley-oop!

On Vince Carter retiring and being the oldest player in the league now (at 40 years of age):

“I was hoping he would change his mind. It’s not over yet” – Haslem

On working with LeBron James on “More Than A Vote” initiative:

“We understand that we’re not politicians, we’re not policy experts, but we are real people and we are invested. We have a platform to protect the rights of these people and they somebody that they can trust and we need to take advantage of it now” – Haslem

On how to get more African-American citizens to the polls and vote:

“I was one of those people. I’d tell them that I had to educate myself” – Haslem

On whether he’s planning on joining the Orlando bubble?

“Of course. I am the captain. My guys follow me. We’ve seen nothing like this in sports in my lifetime. So to sit around and complain about it, it doesn’t do any good. Can’t speak for everybody else, but my guys are going to go out there and be ready to get it done” – Haslem

Biggest challenges facing younger players?

“As long as they got Fortnite and [NBA] 2K, they’ll be alright. For me, Jimmy [Butler] and I need to figure it out” – Haslem

Haslem Explaining “The Fortnite”:

“All I know is that my kids play it with their phones. with their iPads, with their Nintendo Switch, with their PS4s. It’s literally accessible”

On chances for the Heat when season resumes:

“I like our chances just as good as anybody or better. Now it’s mental. And when you talk about a mentally tough team, I don’t think there’s no more mentally tough team or organization in the NBA” – Haslem

Distant Replay 2
1999 – Sean Elliott with the pass to Avery Johnson who hits the clutch jumper from the left baseline vs the Knicks and securing the Spurs first ever NBA championship!


Distant Replay 2
2009 – Stephen Curry selected 7th overall by the Warriors!



OTD 1999

Tim Duncan Finals MVP.JPG
Tim Duncan wins Finals MVP, Spurs win 1st title!

What was it like playing against “The Big Fundamental”?

“You weren’t just playing against Tim Duncan, you were playing against the Spurs. He was always a focal point, but you could never truly focus on him. That’s kind of the benchmark for a great organization is when you have a great player like that that you can’t key on and he’s able to dominate you and that’s what makes him and that organization so great” – Jefferson

“Tim Duncan made that Spurs system. He is the greatest PF of all-time. KG is No. 2 on my list for greatest PF of all-time. He had hot sauce running through his veins. He never got rattled” – Perkins

Should teams fear the deer in playoffs?

Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer on Giannis’ health (Via Jackie MacMullan/ESPN):

“It’s a huge advantage for us that Giannis will be completely and totally healthy. He’s in a great place, both mentally and physically.”

The last time Giannis was on a basketball court, he had injured his knee against the Lakers and Coach Bud said he might have been out for longer than some had expected

“Teams respect Giannis and the Milwaukee Bucks. But do they fear them? No. We’ve seen this before. They have a great regular season and do their thing, then all of a sudden when it’s time for the playoffs, teams are ready for them. The Celtics, Raptors and Heat are not afraid of them” – Perkins

“No one fears them. Do they respect them? Yes. Fear only comes from true, true dominance in the postseason. That’s when you start to fear someone” – Jefferson

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