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Panel June 18

Dwight: “As radical as Kyrie may sound, he’s 100% right”


Credit: Shams Charania/The Athletic

Full statement (Via Shams Charania/The Athletic)


“How? He doesn’t have a plan behind it. What is your plan after [the season]? You’re not hurting the owners, you’re only hurting yourselves. I don’t agree that Kyrie is 100% right” – Perkins

“A lot of players don’t agree with the way they’re fighting it, especially going outside the bounds of the union which has shown a lot of ability to to negotiate with the owners and create meaningful maneuvers and meaningful initiatives. If their point is that they have leverage in this moment and that leverage needs to be maximized, then I’ll agree” – Windhorst

“We have to do a better job of separating Kyrie’s statement from Avery’s statement because I agree with Avery 100%” – Perkins

“The owners need to look at their practices, the kind of businesses and sponsors that they work with, what kind of platforms and programs they’re supporting, and I do appreciate the players putting a spotlight on that” – Nichols

Expect many players to opt out of Orlando?

“I think were going to see a number, but I don’t know if it’s gonna be because of the political situation. We’re gonna start seeing players test positive relatively soon. there’s a number of reasons why you could get skittish about not wanting to commit to this. Being in solidarity with Kyrie [Irving] Avery Bradley and others is only one of those reasons” – Windhorst

“If players opt out, it’s not going to be because of what’s going on in America for our civil rights, it’s going to because of the coronavirus. I’ve talked to a lot of guys and coaches around the league and they’re ready to get back to work” – Perkins

Distant Replay 2
1999 – Tim Duncan finishing the two-handed alley-oop dunk, assisted by Avery Johnson vs the Knicks!


Distant Replay 2
2006 – A young Dwyane Wade with the clutch contested pull up jumper on Devin Harris of the Mavericks!


What’s at stake for Dwight Howard?

“The Lakers would have to replace him with another player. His time with the Lakers would essentially be over” – Windhorst

“Dwight Howard can’t go. If he does go, he’s going to lose all credibility of what he’s standing for and for what he believes in” – Perkins

NBA Coaches Union: Orlando plan threatens jobs

Credit: Zach Lowe & Adrian Wojnarowski/ESPN
Credit: Zach Lowe & Adrian Wojnarowski/ESPN

Warren LeGarie, the agent for Mike D’Antoni and Alvin Gentry said the following (Via Zach Lowe & Adrian Wojnarowski/ESPN):

“I hope there is a basketball solution to this issue rather than a legal one.”

NBA guidelines for coaches in Orlando go too far?


“There’s really no remedy. The league knew exactly what it was doing putting this language in there. The folks that I’ve talked to in the league think that this could be a losing argument in court.  I don’t know how this is going to be resolved because obviously some of these coaches feel very strongly about this and the doctors who are advising the NBA feel very strongly about this” – Windhorst

“The NBA is wrong for this. I’m siding with the coaches. Let them make that decision” – Perkins


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On this date in NBA History:


Kevin Love to receive Arthur Ashe Courage Award at ESPYS

Kevin Love (Mental Health)
Credit: The Players’ Tribune

He has become a spokesman for mental health and wellness, created the Kevin Love foundation to deal with maintaining mental health

“It is an absolute honor to receive this award and I am incredibly humbled by it” – Kevin Love

“Thank you [Kevin Love] for having the courage to address this. It’s a beautiful thing to see” – Perkins

Pistons hire Troy Weaver as new GM

Weaver had been the vice president of basketball operations with the Oklahoma City Thunder alongside Sam Presti (right)


“He has one of the best eye for talent in the NBA. Going back to his college days when he worked for Syracuse, he was the one that got Carmelo Anthony to Syracuse. This time, it’s way overdue. Detroit struck gold with this one” – Perkins

“We’re gonna have to find out where he ranks in the hierarchy because there’s a little bit of no clarity on who’s got final say. He deserves to run the organization” – Windhorst

Knicks expand list of head coach candidates

Orlando Magic assistant coach, Pat Delaney is a candidate for the Knicks head coaching job
Giving Will Hardy the proper congratulations he has earned ...
San Antonio Spurs assistant coach, Will Hardy is another candidate for the Knicks head coaching job

Free agent coach most likely to join new team?

“I still think that Tom Thibodeau is he front runner for the Knicks job” – Windhorst

“I’m tired of rotating suits. It’s time to get some new young blood in there and get some younger guys that could relate to this new generation of NBA players. You got to be able to relate to these guys on and off the court to get the best out of them” – Perkins

Perk’s list for free agent coaches to run a team:

*Tyronn Lue
*Damon Stoudamire
*Sam Cassell

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