Show Recap: June 16, 2020 (Jump From Home Edition)

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Panel June 16

Woj & Malika: Growing number of players uncertain about Orlando

Credit: Adrian Wojnarowski and Malika Andrews/ESPN

“I’d be leaning toward playing because I know that the NBA presents a great platform. To be able to be on the stage where everybody is gonna be watching in Orlando in this bubble, national TV for me to have another opportunity to put my message out there. Once the NBA starts, everybody is gonna be watching” – Pierce

“They’re making an educated decision. When it comes to players deciding whether or not to play, I think, for my money, that’s on them to reconcile with themselves. They’ve got to understand the stakes at hand when they make this kind of decision” – Elhassan

“I think there’s a willingness on the league’s side to say that they can do more and what would that be” – Nichols

What’s at stake for players deciding on Orlando?

“BRI keeps getting worse for the player. The deals never get better” – Elhassan

“It is my understanding that regardless of whether the play players play in Orlando or not, the owners will invoke force majeure and rip up the CBA and the reason why they have that legal ability to do that is because games have been cancelled. But if they don’t play, then the owners are out for blood and they can go after a lot more to make up for the money that they lost” – Elhassan

“It’s gonna happen [a lockout for 2020-2021 season] anyway whether the players play or not. If we don’t have fans next year, how do you come up with the money to pay the players? That’s a big part of paying the players is fans revenue” – Pierce

“If there’s just not enough money to go around with the way these guys see it, we could see another lockout. Everyone better buckle up” – Nichols

Distant Replay 2
1993 – Michael Jordan going coast-to-coast and finishing with the monster one-handed flush on the Suns!


Distant Replay 2
1996 – Dennis Rodman with the putback layup off a missed three-pointer…


Then off the steal, finishing a tough reverse layup, plus the foul vs the Sonics!


Distant Replay 2
2016 – LeBron James with the rejection on Stephen Curry, then giving him the staredown afterward!


Health concerns inside of NBA’s Orlando campus?

Damian Lillard on his concerns on the health risks associated with resuming the NBA season (Via Mike Greenberg/SportsCenter):

Adam Silver on why it shouldn’t be referred to as a bubble:

“I’d definitely have concerns with the Disney employees. I’d probably feel a lot safer there than where I am [in my home]. But I can understand there’s the concerns” – Pierce

“There’s a difference between safety and fairness. You can complain about the safety concern about these Disney employees coming in and out of the environment, but you can’t complain about fairness because they are represented by a union of their own with Disney. Not the NBA or the players association. The players have to respect that these employees are also union members as well” – Elhassan

“In a lot of ways, this campus is going to be the safest place in the state of Florida” – Nichols

Jump Recommends9 ways playoffs could wildly reshape NBA by Tim Bontemps

ImageWNBA announces plan for 22-game season!

Will begin in late July and end with the postseason in October. They are finalizing a partnership with IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. The huge part of it: players will receive their full pay and benefits during the season even though they’re playing less games

OTD 2015
Warriors snap 40-year title drought!

2015 champions

How many light years until Golden State wins its next title?

“I truly believe they can win a title within the next three years given their foundation. If they make the right moves within the next three years, they’re gonna get a nice draft pick that they could probably parlay into a good player or maybe a very good player, all the infrastructures are in place for them to really build a championship team” – Pierce

How should teams allocate 35 spots in Orlando?

Normally, traveling parties are about 50 people

“The No. 1 group of people, probably even more important than the players, are the medical and training staff. They’ve got to make sure not only everyone’s healthy from a COVID-19 standpoint, but also three months of inactivity. They need to make sure nobody gets hurt” – Elhassan

“I don’t think you need anybody from the front office. What are they going to do? But the most important people are the strength coaches, the trainers, the nutritionists, a PR guy and personal security for sure” – Pierce

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