Show Recap: June 8, 2020 (Jump From Home Edition)

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Panel June 8

Hornets join Panthers (NFL) in cutting ties with security firm over anti-social justice email

Ken Gill wrote:

“A better use of time, would be to focus on the black on black crime and senseless killing of our young men by other young men”

Apologized afterward, but the damage had been done


Michael Jordan & Jordan Brand to donate $100M in fight for racial equality [over the next 10 years]

Credit: Rick Bonnell/Charlotte Observer

Reaction to MJ’s pledge in fight for racial equality?

“He’s doing a great job. For a man of power, there’s a difference between being popular and powerful. And he is powerful. I couldn’t be more proud of him the way he’s stepped up for the African American culture. It’s beyond beautiful” – Perkins

“This is just a more reflective Michael Jordan. As I’ve talked to him in recent years, he’s someone that’s very socially conscious, that wants to make a difference and is putting his money where his mouth is” – MacMullan

“‘The Last Dance’ showed us Michael Jordan is still one of the most popular humans in America. His voice has tremendous power” – Nichols

“When he speaks out, it just sings a different song. It’s great to see him changing as a man” – Perkins

“I put a challenge out there to all the other NBA owners to step up and also make a donation” – MacMullan

Woj & Marks: NBA mulling how to allow for replacement players in Orlando

“If you have a small amount of players that test positive or injured, I think you’ll be okay. But if there is a string of them, where do you get the bodies? I’m not a hundred percent sure” – MacMullan

“You need those extra bodies in training camp because you don’t want to put too much workload on your star players or guys that you’re gonna have playing rotational minutes. You also need those extra bodies in case someone gets injured. The more players on the bench, the better for the team” – Perkins

Are win percentage tiebreakers unfair?

Credit: Tim Bontemps/ESPN


“At the end of the day, It’s unfair and it’s different. You got to expect things to be different. Guys just have to be able to adjust” – Perkins

“None of this is fair. Someone is going to be unhappy every step of the way as this thing goes forward. It’s incredible that we’re even at this point” – MacMullan

“None of it is perfect or great. If you really don’t like the winning percentage of the tie breakers, just make sure you’re in the top six or seven spots in the standings” – Nichols

Distant Replay 2
2001 – Kobe Bryant with the no-look wraparound pass to Shaq who slams it home on the Blazers!


Distant Replay 2
2006 – Dwyane Wade zipping through defenders to make his way to the basket for the monster jam vs the Mavs!


Distant Replay 2
2008 – Rajon Rondo with the ball fake and wraparound pass to Leon Powe who dunks it home on the Lakers!


On this date in NBA History:


KD says he’s not playing in Orlando (Per Marc Spears/The Undefeated), Kyrie asks if inactive players can attend (Per Adrian Wojnarowski/ESPN)

“I kind of like this [Kyrie’s] idea. He’s trying to do some team building. The only problem is he does take a spot away from someone else. And it’s so smart that neither he or Kevin are gonna play” – MacMullan

“Kyrie is taking it a step further and being a leader. I know I’ve always been critical Kyrie, but he’s making me proud” – Perkins

Shaq & [Robert] Horry: 2000 Blazers “Best Team” their Lakers faced

Via Howard Beck/Bleacher Report:

“It’s probably the best team I’ve ever faced playing basketball, period” – Horry

“They were the toughest team, and they were the only team that wasn’t scared of us” – O’Neal

More of a compliment to Blazers or diss to Kings?


“I see no lies detected. They’re right. That Trail Blazers team was deep and they were special” – Perkins

“This feels like a tiny little bit of a diss to that Kings team that Shaq’s been toying with pretty much his entire career. He just didn’t like the way Sacramento played, but he was worried about them” – MacMullan

So what’s going on outside the basketball world? Let’s:

KBO (Korean Baseball League) fills seats behind home plate with stuffed animals


Producer Danny’s idea:

Inflatable tube people to distract “road” teams at the line?


“I love this idea” – Nichols

“I’m all in for whatever. We got basketball back. Get them all in the stands” – Perkins

“Looks like someone stole right out of a carnival! We don’t need any gimmicks. Just play the game” – MacMullan

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