Show Recap: June 5, 2020 (Jump From Home Edition)

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Panel June 5

Adam Silver: Some older coaches may not be on sidelines (Via NBA on TNT)

Credit: Ramona Shelburne/ESPN


“How do we move forward and we can’t allow the greatest coach of all-time in Gregg Popovich and Mike D’Antoni to have a chance to coach their teams? It’s unfair to them, to their team and their organization. I don’t believe it’s gonna happen. I believe if they’re able to wear a mask on the side, which they should, then they should be on the sidelines” – T-Mac

“At the end of the day, I just want to see Adam Silver and what army try to stop these coaches from coaching. It’s just not going to happen. It would be unfair” – Perkins

“These assistant coaches have great influence on players and on coaches on the decision making during games” – T-Mac

“This is an unfair virus [for the older coaches]. I completely support any coach who wants to make the decision for himself and what he wants to do. If they want to disregard the recommendations, they should have the right to do that” – Nichols

Reaction to NBA plans to start next season on December 1?

“I was surprised to see it” – Michelle Roberts (Executive Director, National Basketball Players Association)


December 1 is partly intended to allow next season to finish in time for players to go to the Tokyo Olympics the following summer which is particularly important to a lot of international players

“The players have to [be okay with this]. When the players agreed to meet with Adam Silver and the NBA and the Players Association and they decided that they wanted to continue this season, they knew that things were gonna change for next season that they were gonna have to make sacrifices and their break would be shorter. Just think about the 8 teams that are not going to Disney. At the end of the day, it’s unfair across the board. The players had a mini vacation during this season” – Perkins

“Those guys have to adapt. But your routine is totally thrown off. The guys that are playing right now from July to October, it’s going to be tough to gauge” – T-Mac

“We’re going to see SO much load management next season!” – T-Mac

Distant Replay 2
1991 – Michael Jordan switching hands midair vs the Lakers!


Distant Replay 2
1999 – Larry Johnson connecting on a three-point shot and getting fouled in the process! Completes the 4-point play as the Knicks beat the Pacers!



Image“Rare Jordan” Vol. 3!

Blazers wanted 20-team format: Were they right?

Damian Lillard had been pushing for a full play-in tournament


“I wish they would have froze the standings as it is, pre-pandemic and had about eight to ten games play out for seeding because I just think it’s unfair to have guys that are out for the season and then we have this pandemic and they have time to recover and then when this season resumes, These guys are eligible to play. It’s unfair to the 8 teams that didn’t get an opportunity to be invited to Orlando. I’m against 22 teams. I preferred 16 teams” – T-Mac

“Blazers think they’re slick. I see what they were trying to do. The less teams, the better their chances” – Perkins


OTD 2008
Paul Pierce left Game 1 of Finals in wheelchair

“We were so worried that I kind of faked my injury to go back there and check on him and he was okay. You never know with Paul. He probably did that on purpose. I’m glad he did it because we won that ball game” – Perkins

Caesars: Nets title odds move from 750-1 to 60-1 in case KD & Kyrie play | Would you put your money on Brooklyn to come out of the East?

“Absolutely not. KD is not playing this year. Why risk anything?” – T-Mac

“KD & Kyrie are not playing. Period” – Perkins

Think Vince Carter is really done?

Hawks were not one of the 22 teams invited to Orlando due to their record in the East standings

“Put 22 [years] in the books and leave it. It is over. Cuz has had a phenomenal, hall of fame career. He’s happy, has 2 kids and he’s satisfied. He wants to be on the golf course, he wants to raise his kids and he wants to come and do television” – T-Mac

“The best in-game dunker in NBA History in my eyes. We just want to say thank you, Vince” – Perkins

Question for T-Mac: What would you have said to him when you were youngsters in Toronto if you had known he was going to play 22 years?

“There’s no chance I would have thought he would have lasted this long especially with the injuries that he sustained earlier in his career. But he willed it to 22 [years]”

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