Show Recap: June 3, 2020 (Jump From Home Edition)

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Panel June 3


Masai Ujiri

The NBA is back!


“This is a good moment. I want to prepare the fans of all these teams for this: The more details that you’re going to hear, the possibility that you’re gonna be upset is gonna grow because this is just not gonna be fair. But let’s not forget why we’re doing all this: For safety. We’re gonna have to get a lot of answers about the protocol. It has to do with how often you get testing. What do you do when you’re in the bubble? How safe can you be in your hotel?” – Windhorst

“These are all things that you’re going to have to deal with. The bigger picture is that we got basketball back and things will not be fair” – Ogwumike

“Their liberties are going to limited here. A lot of adjustments are gonna have to be made” – Windhorst

Kings play-by-play announcer, Grant Napear, resigns amid fallout from “All Lives Matter” tweet

Tweet (Kings announcer)

“DeMarcus seemed to know what he was doing when he sent that initial tweet. It was not just out of the blue” – Nichols


“I hope leadership listens to them more because what they have to say is so valuable” – Nichols

On the events in the USA:

“This really is painful to see. This is now becoming a conversation. But we have to keep going because there is a problem. This pandemic is racism” – Ujiri

Ujiri: The NBA’s leaders “Have to speak. And specifically white leaders”

“Racism is real. Let’s talk about it now and that’s the difficult part” – Ujiri

Experiences with racism during NBA Finals:



“When he physically stopped me, I honestly did not think racism at the time. This is totally irrelevant now. We have to teach humanity. Can you imagine how many people go through this? Now it’s time for all races to speak and speak to each other because if we don’t, this cycle will continue. Everybody needs to step up” – Ujiri

Ujiri on NBA returning: “We all have to compromise”

“I’m excited. Sports unites people and brings people together and makes us happy. Adam [Silver] has done an incredible job of just going through the process” – Ujiri

Distant Replay 2
1992 – Michael Jordan knocking down his sixth three-pointer…in the FIRST HALF! Then gives the shrug afterward!


Sources: Top-seeded NBA teams mulling replacement for home-court advantage, per Dave McMenamin


How can home-court advantage be replaced?

“If we’re going to compete for a championship, where we’ve really risked a lot to get there. you want to win. I would take any advantage that pertains to the game specifically” – Ogwumike

“None of these are happening. No. 1 priority is safety” – Windhorst

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