Show Recap: May 26, 2020 (Jump From Home Edition)

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Panel (May 26)

Per Woj: Several teams are lobbying Adam Silver on a range of scenarios

NBPA exec. director: “If we thought we needed a vote, we would”

Lillard: “Not going to be participating” in resumed season if Blazers aren’t competing for playoffs (Per Chris Haynes/Yahoo! Sports)

Credit: Chris Haynes/Yahoo! Sports


“I don’t blame him. I’m with Dame on this one. He doesn’t want to play meaningless games. Take the 16 teams that are already in the playoffs and finish the season with those guys. Veterans don’t want to play for a consolation bracket” – Perkins


“The issue for the NBA in addition to fairness, consensus, what players want and what owners want: The product they put on the floor. There’s going to be some sloppiness” – Nichols

Distant Replay 2
1987 – Larry Bird stealing the inbounding pass from Isiah Thomas and dishing it off to Dennis Johnson who lays it in for the win in the Eastern Conference Finals!

Should NBA adopt 1 through 16 seeding for 2020 playoffs?

In the past, one of the arguments against 1 through 16 is that it’s too much travel for some teams to crisscross the country

“In the words of Russell Westbrook: ‘Why Not?’ This is the perfect time to experiment. You could change the narrative of the East being a weaker conference” – Perkins

“It’s unlikely to ever get approved because you have to have 20 owners vote for it. Eastern Conference owners won’t vote for it. But this is a one-off situation where it’s clean. If you look at the top 16 teams by record, you have 8 in the East and 8 in the West. There’s no danger for upsetting anybody” – Windhorst

“This is great in theory, but I can never see it happen because the Eastern Conference owners would basically be giving up in the way the current balance of the league is. This is a year where you are changing everything” – Nichols

“It would make it a special title because you’re going through so much adversity” – Perkins

Most intriguing 1st-round matchup in 1 through 16 playoff format?

Best 16 teams

Best 16 teams (2)

“Lakers/Nets” – Windhorst

“Thunder/Heat. You talking about a bar fight and bringing back old school 90s basketball” – Perkins

“Mavericks/Clippers” – Nichols

ImageSmart for Warriors to “consider” trading draft pick? (Per Monte Poole/NBC Sports Bay Area)

“The Warriors whole planning and future has been exploded by this situation. I’m not sure they can afford to trade it or even use it” – Windhorst

“Bob Myers shouldn’t change the blueprint [building a dynasty on drafting players]. You got to draft” – Perkins

“I don’t see them trading the pick” – Nichols

OTD 2002 (Horry)

Robert Horry adds another big shot to resumé

Side note: Prefers “Big shot Rob” over “Big shot Bob”

“He is the greatest role player in NBA History. He played a crucial part in every championship that he won” – Perkins

“He helped change the game. We really just didn’t see many 6’10”, 6’11” guys shoot three-pointers before him. He helped stretch the floor in the NBA and did it in big moments” – Windhorst

Audio surfaces of MJ saying he wouldn’t play with Isiah Thomas on Dream Team:

Credit: The Dream Team Tapes with Jack McCallum/iHeartRadio & Diversion Podcasts

“Free Zeke! Free Zeke! Free Zeke!” – Perkins

“When you’re one of the GOAT, Jordan said what he said” – Windhorst

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