Show Recap: May 25, 2020 (Jump From Home Edition) – Memorial Day

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Panel May 25

NBA plans to resume season taking shape?

Per NBA communications chief, Mike Bass:


“They want to have things finalized. Behind the scenes, there is a lot of trading, haggling and discussion about what they’re going to be able to present to them and what they’re gonna put forward to the teams and the union to put together. Most people I’ve talked to do not think it’s going to be all 30 teams. Most people think it’s either going to be playoffs only or some sort of playoffs plus model where there is a play in. There is discussion about seeding the teams 1 through 16 since there’s no travel issues here” – Windhorst

“It makes more sense to have it in Orlando. It gives you that campus type feel outside of a college campus. It’s a place where you can have more containment once the protocols are put into place” – Pierce

How many teams should be able to finish 2019-2020 season?

The Athletic reported that the NBA has sent the league’s general managers a survey asking which option they preferred


“You should go with 18 teams and give the ninth seed teams a chance at least” – Pierce

“Adam Silver has put forth a few things that he would like to change about the NBA and he hasn’t been able to get traction on them. This is his moment to force through these things and create a one-off opportunity” – Windhorst

“The more players and teams you put into this mix, the more danger there is. There’s more risk that the virus is going to upset the fragile sort of coalition that you’re rebuilding here. I have a hard time seeing all 30 teams” – Nichols

Distant Replay 2
1993 – John Starks Horace Grant in the Eastern Conference Finals!


Distant Replay 2
1997 – Eddie Johnson with the game winning three at the buzzer vs the Jazz in the Western Conference Finals!


Distant Replay 2
1998 – Reggie Miller with the clutch three-pointer with less than a second remaining in the Eastern Conference Finals vs the Bulls!


OTD 2002
Paul leads Celtics to 21-pt comeback win vs Nets in ECF!


“There wasn’t a lot of trash talking go on at the time. We were getting our butts kicked.  I remember not putting enough fight into the game. I’m so prideful and competitive that I wasn’t gonna go out like that. It was embarrassing to be losing like that on your home court, especially in the Conference Finals, to a team that we beat four times in the regular season. Our team had so much pride. That year, I was one of the best fourth quarter players and I always had confidence no matter how bad I played through the first three quarters that I was going come up big in the fourth” – Pierce

Best conference finals game you attended?

“2012 ECF, Game 6 at TD Garden in Boston. It’s the best game of LeBron James’s career (45 points). That determined the course of multiple teams. There were other incredible performances in LeBron’s career, but none with that stakes when he had no rings” – Windhorst

“I remember seeing LeBron as he walked on the court for pregame and he just looked like he had been almost possessed and he said to me at the time, ‘You just watch. This is gonna be different'” – Nichols

“LeBron just played out of his mind. There was nothing you could do that day. It was one of the greatest performance that I’ve ever seen somebody put on me while I was on the court. The scouting report for that game: Give him some room” – Pierce

“2007 ECF, Game 5 (Cavs/Pistons). 48 points including the Cavs final 25 and 29 of the final 30 points. To see LeBron at that young age (22) take control of a game against that veteran team and just literally be the only one scoring, it was like a video game” – Nichols

Legendary coach Eddie Sutton dies at age 84



ImageHappy belated birthday, T-Mac!


Favorite T-Mac?

“I loved scoring T-Mac” – Windhorst

“All-Star game T-Mac. When he threw the ball off the backboard and dunked it, that’s something I’ve never seen someone do in a game” – Pierce

Brady’s birdie prove he’s the GOAT of GOATs?

“You got to watch what you say to this guy. He’s gonna find a way to amaze you” – Pierce

Patrick Ewing recovering at home after hospitalization for COVID-19, according to his son:

ImageLike hearing fake crowd noise for games on TV?

“It’s gonna be very weird. Where does momentum and home court advantage come in? Eventually, the players will get used to it” – Pierce

“They should continue to play the music [during the game] and have the PA announcer. It’s gonna be trial and error” – Windhorst

“I love to see guest DJs to do the music for the games and do that off of Zoom” – Nichols

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