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Penny Hardaway

Woj & Lowe: NBA expected to issue guidelines June 1 for resumption of 2019-20 season


How big of a first step is this to restart the season?

“The NBA appears to be ready. Everything is trending toward games happening. This could be a badge of honor and a sign of toughness, in being the team in these circumstances and this strangeness comes out and survives all the playoff rounds, and something to be proud of 10-20 years from now” – Lowe

Harden wants to return when pandemic has “calmed down all the way to a minimum”

Credit: Jabari Young/CNBC

“This is a guy who makes hundreds of millions of dollars outside of basketball. A lot of these guys need to get back to work. If it was me in that position, I would want to get back to work. This is a job” – Perkins

Jared Dudley expects players to self monitor to avoid exposure to COVID-19


“There’s no such thing as a perfect bubble. He’s right. There’s just no way to mitigate it completely and very likely someone is going to get this ” – Lowe

“I’m with it and agree with Jared. They’ll take the actions needed to stay on the court. But guys miss the game” – Perkins

Distant Replay 2
1986 – Ralph Sampson with the game-winning shot, with 1 SECOND LEFT, to beat the Lakers and advance to the NBA Finals!


Distant Replay 2
2008 – Kobe Bryant taking Manu Ginobili to school with the incredible up-and-under move for 2 points!


Distant Replay 2
2012 – Russell Westbrook getting the steal, gets fouled heading to the hoop and somehow gets the shot to fall vs the Lakers!


1995 Magic last team to beat MJ in playoff series

“That series gives me huge bragging rights because no one else was able to accomplish that” – Hardaway

Remember the time you beat the Dream Team in 1992?


“We were a bunch of young guys who were eager and they were very competitive in the very first scrimmage. We got some momentum and beat those guys the first day but then after that, it was downhill. They knocked us right back to reality” – Hardaway

Do people still ask you about Lil’ Penny?

“The older people remember, but the younger people don’t really understand it unless they go to YouTube. The campaign that Nike created for me, it definitely took me to another level. ” – Hardaway

On how different history would have been if Lil’ Penny was a little more raw?

“It wasn’t so bad to get Chris Rock. He wasn’t as known at that time vs Eddie Murphy. Chris definitely did an unbelievable job. To have Eddie Murphy, that would have been very different” – Hardaway

Challenges of being a college coach during pandemic?

Has helped out draft prospect, R.J. Hampton by having his staff work him out a little bit. But the school pulls those workouts down because they didn’t feel they were in line with their COVID-19 protocols

“It’s very tough. Our guys are doing the best that they can just like everyone else is around the country. As far as R.J. Hampton, it was a little unfortunate. We are practicing social distancing. I made a decision to do so with him. It’s very difficult in today’s time to get anything accomplished” – Hardaway

Impact of new G League path to NBA on college recruiting?

“It’s gonna have a huge impact. It’s just a recruiting war right now when it comes to that, but I think it’s going to affect us because we’re recruiting a bunch of five stars, maybe not as major as some of the other schools, but it will affect us some. They [NBA] took the money from a smaller level to a larger level. So there’s definitely more appealing to a certain group of guys, as we saw this year” – Hardaway

Why is Mike Miller around the Memphis team?

“He brings a lot to the table. He’s a former champion and understands the game really well and it’s someone that I trust with what we have going on in our culture and in our city. He’s not a troublemaker, he’s getting it done” – Hardaway

Jump Recommends“Michael Jordan: A history of flight” by Wright Thompson

“The Jordan Effect” on sneaker culture by ESPN’s Scoop Jackson:

ImageKyrie’s working out 11 weeks after shoulder surgery something or nothing?


Lowe: Neither

Perkins: Nothing
“If he knows better, you do better. He needs to be smart about this. The big apple doesn’t want to hear any excuses the next season. A healthy Kyrie is great for basketball”

“The most important thing is he shouldn’t try to push it if he’s not healthy. We saw what happened with Kevin during the NBA Finals and there’s a very smart line of thinking for both of them, KD & Kyrie, to wait whenever the next NBA season starts” – Nichols

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