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Doc Rivers

Horace Grant blasts MJ in Chicago radio interview

Via Kap & Co./ESPN Chicago:


Fair for some former players to be upset with how they were portrayed in the documentary?

“Absolutely. This documentary made MJ look like a superhero and everyone and it made everybody else look like a villain. Michael Jordan broke every player code imaginable. He didn’t have to tear down other people to get to praise your greatness because it speaks volumes for itself” – Perkins

“I’ve talked to a bunch of these guys that were part of this documentary and when they heard this, they were thinking, ‘Oh. It’s about our team.’ But it was actually about one of the most compelling athletes who ever lived. Some of them felt duped right from the get go. As for Horace being the source of ‘Jordan Rules,’ there was more than one source” – MacMullan


OTD 1996

MJ wins 4th career MVP with nearly 87% of 1st-place votes

How many MVPs should MJ really have?

“Jordan could have won the MVP award every year. He was the best player in the world” – Perkins

“I’m going to respect the process of the voting and say that the five he won was the five he should have won” – MacMullan

“He got the 5 MVPs that he deserved” – Perkins

Distant Replay 2
1994 – Scottie Pippen dunking on Patrick Ewing….really hard!


Clippers practice facility now open

“Now they’re actually on the floor working. This gives them hope” – Rivers

Personal concerns over participating if NBA season resumes?

“I would not because I think by the time we do that, we have probably gone through every scenario, and I feel like they would make us safe. But if I didn’t, I would tell you, and I would tell them. And I think it’s okay for anyone who is uncomfortable, I hope they come forward and say that they’re uncomfortable. I think that will be okay, and I think we can still have the league and have our games with a few people being uncomfortable” – Rivers

Frustration with stoppage now that Clippers are favorites?

“It may be anxiety because we do believe that were really good and have a great shot at it. I keep saying that it’s delayed, not denied” – Rivers

Doc on first meeting with team after Donald Sterling tapes were made public:

Doc on going from friends to rivals with MJ:

Playboy All-America team in 1983

Kneeing incident in the 1993 Eastern Conference Finals:

“That’s how we drove [to the basket in those days]. Michael did the same thing. I hit him pretty good on that one and wasn’t real proud of that” – Rivers

“I haven’t gotten over the 1993 Eastern Conference Finals series vs the Bulls. I have never recovered from it. It was a hard series because I was convinced we were the better team and when you find out you’re not, that’s really hard. For me to admit that took years”

Jump RecommendsAll-time starting 5 for every East franchise (ESPN)

Crunchtime (New)All-time Celtics starting 5?



“It is and it isn’t. I have a hard time leaving Kevin McHale off. He was Bird’s Pippen. Sam Jones is a victim of recency bias” – MacMullan

Perk’s all-time starting five:
-Ray Allen
-Paul Pierce
-Kevin Garnett
-Larry Bird
-Bill Russell

Team best positioned to overcome long layoff?

“Lakers. Because of LeBron James. Him getting more rest is just more dangerous for the league” – Perkins

“Bucks. Giannis is desperate for a win. Mike Budenholzer was there in 1999 [lockout season] as an assistant with the Spurs. He knows what it takes on how to get your team back up and running” – MacMullan

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