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Tyrese Haliburton
Top point guard prospect in this year’s NBA Draft

Before starting with the first topic, here’s a soundbite (Via Uninterrupted):

LeBron playing football in high school:


ImageLeBron played football?

“He was a star in high school. He could not be covered. The problem was: the only way to bring him down was to go low. He spent as much time protecting himself as he did catching the ball and that would have been my concern. People would have gone low on him and he would have been injured a lot. He made the right choice” – Windhorst

“With the size, the athletic ability, the agility and the dexterity that LeBron James has, there’s no doubt he would have found his footing within the NFL” – Williams

NY, CA & TX governors say pro sports could resume in near future

But one player is unsure if he’ll be returning even if the season resumes:

Larry Nance Jr. uncertain about playing during COVID-19 pandemic because of Crohn’s disease


If a player doesn’t want to play this season due to health concerns, what would the fallout be in terms of their contract?

“We don’t know yet. I don’t think that they would cause any issues [like fining them] here if a player wasn’t comfortable. Larry is trying to play. He’s done a lot of work with his doctors and he believes that the treatment that he’s on would actually help him fight off an infection. He points out that it’s not just the players or the coaches. What about the players’ families and the staff’s families? There’s so many things to worry about” – Windhorst

Unfair pressure on NBA players to play during COVID-19 pandemic?

“How about the older coaches? How do they handle this? Their immune system may not be as up-to-date as others due to age. This is a big issue moving forward. If a player or a coach decides not to participate, you hope there would not be a strike against them or maybe holdout on payment” – Williams

“This goes beyond just, ‘Do we [the team] want to give them money or not, but their rights as well’, and I think it’s gonna be a lot to work out and maybe the NBA just says, ‘Hey, we’re gonna treat it like an injury. It’s bad luck for the franchise that they’re not gonna get their full year and we’re gonna move on from there'” – Nichols

Distant Replay 2
1996 – Steve Kerr with the behind the back bounce pass to Bill Wennington who slams it home on the Magic!


Distant Replay 2
2004 – Kevin Garnett with back-to-back rejections on the Kings!


Distant Replay 2
2011 – Kevin Durant with the monster poster dunk on Brendan Haywood of the Mavericks!


Haliburton on uncertainty around draft & season:

“Eventually, that will all get handled and will have an answer soon. I just take it in stride. People have it worst than I do”

Haliburton on potentially being drafted by Knicks:

“Being in New York, it’s always talked about the pressure being a Knick. But I feel like no matter where I go, the pressure I put on myself is more than I’ll get from anywhere. That pressure is prominent”

Haliburtion on concerns about shooting mechanics:

“Most important part for me that it goes in. I have people who gets shots up with me”

Haliburton on flying under the radar:

“In high school, I played with a local program (Wisconsin United) rather than taking the Nike, Adidas or Under Armour route. That’s what a lot of the top players do and it helps them. For me, I wasn’t raised that way. I was raised to stick with the people who get you to where you are”

First purchase after signing NBA contract?

“Pair of Nike Zoom Kobe 6 Grinch” – Haliburton

ImageWoj: Bojan Bogdanovic to undergo season-ending wrist surgery on right wrist

Jazz are also losing their Vice president of player personnel, Walt Perrin who will become the Knicks’ new assistant general manager

“It’s been a rough couple of months for the Jazz. This is a real blow for them. The Jazz have said that this had nothing to do with the pandemic. It wasn’t about him not wanting to come back. It hurts their chances whatever those were” – Windhorst

“It’s gonna be a really tough blow for the organization, but this gives an opportunity for Donovan Mitchell to take his game to the next level. It has to go to the next level for Utah to have any chance to do something special” – Williams

Spike Lee: Zion in mix for “He Got Game” sequel

Via @Jumpman23/Twitter:

“He can play in this role. He’s bigger than life. Look how much traction he’s been able to create. It’s a matter of if he has the time to do it” – Williams

“I’m not gonna doubt Spike’s casting. I love watching Zion play. Another guy for a supporting role: Ja Morant. He’s closer to the Ray Allen game than Zion” – Windhorst

Trump to Rockets owner on Daryl Morey: “Is he still working for you? He must be pretty good”

Fertitta responded with:

“Yes, because… it’s a trick question, but he is.”

Who is under more pressure: Daryl Morey or Tilman Fertitta?

“Tilman Fertitta. He is under as much pressure as just about any businessman in this country. He’s got the biggest mortgage payment of any NBA owner team because he just bought the team for a record $2.2B” – Windhorst

“If you’re Daryl Morey right now, you’re playing with house money. What said about Hong Kong was wrong from a timing perspective, but he’ll be on the right side of history when it comes back to that comment. Even if the Rockets don’t finish by winning the Western Conference, if Daryl gets fired, he’ll find another job” – Williams

Team most deserving of “Last Dance” docuseries?

“The story of Kobe Bryant & Shaquille O’Neal and the Lakers. It would be an incredible emotional roller coaster ride to tell” – Williams

“2009 Washington Wizards. I’m ready to produce it!” – Nichols

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