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Bob Costas

What’s changed about your perception of MJ after watching “The Last Dance?”

Before documentary aired, Michael Jordan said he thought people were going to change how they thought of him. That they would start to think he “a horrible guy”

“Yeah. Just a little bit. To go to that extent to have the motivation to overtake your opponent is just pure craziness, but it worked for him” – T-Mac

“Nothing has changed. The next 10-20 years, this is the best thing to happen to the NBA because it’s going to influence the next generation. How much is winning important to you? How great do you really want to be? Are you willing to sacrifice life, friends, everything for your greatness or to achieve? This is for the growth of the game of basketball and internationally” – Jefferson

Channing Frye on MJ: “Guys wouldn’t want to play with him” today


“There’s no way you can watch that 10 part series and say Michael was just all about scoring. MJ could have averaged a triple double. He was that gifted. He won championships” – T-Mac

“I don’t think he thought anybody was really gonna pick up on it the way he did. Channing is a big Phoenix Suns fan. [1993 NBA Finals] is still lingering for him today. He was having fun” – Jefferson

“He was trolling everybody” – T-Mac


ImageWith the 2nd installment of “Rare Jordan!”

What made MJ different?

“The combination of everything: The unquestioned excellence and objective greatness. We never saw him lose (Wizards don’t count). He walks away on top. The last image [Final shot in 1998 vs the Jazz] is the greatest closing act in the history of American sports” – Costas

On whether some of the legend of MJ was fading before the documentary:

“This certainly has done nothing to diminish Jordan’s standing. If anything, Jordan has moved up, if that’s possible, because this showed not only his artistry, but it showed his humanity, at least in part, and the people who think that somebody has to be a two dimensional figure off a Wheaties box in order to be a sports hero, that’s so yesterday. I found some of this interesting. I think he’s a textured person, that makes it more interesting. Some of it was actually endearing, his feelings about his family, especially about his dad and when he talked about his ethos [The way he wanted to play]. I think that made him more likable” – Costas

What was the biggest cost to him of all of that greatness?

“Privacy and a chance to just gather his thoughts. He understood what his responsibility was to the game. He’s the most hyped athlete of our time. He understood who he was” – Costas

Jump Ball

Would MJ have made the majors if he had stuck with baseball?

“If had he decided to play baseball when he was 18, he definitely would have. But it’s kind of a toss up” – Costas

Flu or food poisoning in 1997 Finals?

“Food poisoning” – Costas

Rodman going to Vegas in the middle of the NBA Finals: Unacceptable or amazing?

“Both because he’s Dennis Rodman” – Costas

Final shot in the 1998 Finals over Bryon Russell: Pushoff or legal?

“Legal. He was already stumbling away. The only reason people ask that is because it was the last shot that won a championship in the course of a regular game, nobody would beef about that” – Costas

Jerry Krause: Evil villain or evil genius?

“Maybe a little bit of both. He didn’t deserve as much enough credit as he wanted” – Costas

Miles Bridges (Born in 1998) says he wants to go 1-on-1 with MJ:

Would you want the MJ 1-on-1 smoke right now?


Bob Myers: Warriors 2018 title “Wasn’t joy” (Per Nick Friedell/ESPN)

Via Nick Friedell:

“The second time with Kevin [in 2018] it felt like, ‘Well, we just did what we were supposed to do, and great job.’ It wasn’t joy” – Warriors president and general manager Bob Myers


“Everybody ultimately was happy, but it was a different type of happiness” – Jefferson

“When you add arguably the best player in the league to that team, everybody knows they’re going to win a championship. You win the first one, and you go for the second one, you’re not gonna get that joy because the journey was too easy for you to get there. You cannot compete with that. I don’t know how you get any joy when you already know, going into that season, you’re going to win championships just because of how great they already were” – T-Mac

“The joy is such a big part of the Warriors dynasty mystique” – Nichols

“This is something that Kevin Durant would like everyone to stop revisiting on how he came, how he left. As we saw with ‘The Last Dance,’ people are fascinated by dynasties and that certainly what the Warriors were” – Nichols

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