Show Recap: May 6, 2020 (Jump From Home Edition)

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Panel May 6

Before starting with the first topic, here is a soundbite from an upcoming episode on “The Last Dance”:


ImageMJ never played baseball?

“If you look at the level of competition that he faced and those Bulls teams faced, both when MJ was playing and then when they weren’t in those two years that he wasn’t in the Finals, those guys [the players from 1994 & 1995] were succeeding. But Michael Jordan still was beating those guys. I do have to think maybe there would have been more of a fight at some point” – Nichols

“The scenes in Space Jam would have been a little bit different. But I don’t think much changes. He needed a mental break. Sometimes leaving something can make you fall in love with it all over again. Would they have won eight straight [titles]? I think if you look at the tension and how exhausted they were, that would have been difficult. Would they have still won five or six? I don’t doubt that at all” – Jefferson

“He literally needed fresh air so that he could fall in love with the game again because it was an adjustment. I totally endorse athletes putting their mental health first and then also finding something else to do it. I do think he could have won a few more in the middle of them, but my Houston Rockets got their titles so I’m not gonna judge the situation too far” – Ogwumike

Should CP3 want to be with OKC next season?

Earned his 10th All-Star nod this year and was leading the league in clutch time scoring!


“Waiving 44M? That takes a really, really great human being to do that. This is a win-win situation for him because he put the Thunder in position and they’re overachieving. And the way he left the Houston Rockets, he’s found a way to revive his career. The only way I see him leaving is if he really, really wants that championship and it has to be a championship contender” – Ogwumike

“Bill Gates or Warren Buffet would not waive $40M to go win something. When this contract is up, he could probably have 1 or 2 more years as a starting PG for a championship team at a level that the pay matches his play a little bit better” – Jefferson

“Chris Paul can give me $40M and I will give him my championship ring!” – Jefferson

Distant Replay 2
2001 – Allen Iverson with the beautiful tip pass to Dikembe Mutombo who slams it home on the Raptors!


Distant Replay 2
2009 – Kobe Bryant passing it to himself off the backboard and laying it in for two vs the Rockets!


Distant Replay 2
2013 – Manu Ginobili with the game winning three pointer vs the Warriors!


Did Richard Jefferson know Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James were upset that he started over them in 2004 Olympics?




Via “Uninterrupted”:


Crunchtime (New)Lopez bros left out of Bucks group chat! (Per Eric Woodyard)

Will you co-sign?

“Yes. I can co-sign, sort of. There are two rules to group chats: You should use a WhatsApp group chat because if you have international players, it’s easier for them. Secondly, from personal experience, if you have siblings on a team, at least one sibling needs to be in the chat to tell the other sibling” – Ogwumike

Elton Brand: Ben Simmons “close or ready” to play

Simmons was sidelined with nerve issues in his lower back in February and there were fears that he would miss the playoffs entirely

Can the Sixers make a run with a healthy Ben Simmons?

“100 percent. When the season gets started up [sometime in the near future], then yes. I think it’s going to be a pretty good year with a healthy Ben Simmons” – Jefferson

“Health is the Sixers No. 1 question mark. That’s the only thing that’s holding them back. It’s gonna be tough” – Ogwumike

Buy all is well between Mitchell & Gobert? (Per Tim MacMahon)

Utah Jazz executive vice president of basketball operations Dennis Lindsey said the following:

“They’re ready to put this behind them. At the most basic level, they know that they need each other to accomplish the goals we want to accomplish as being the last team left standing in the NBA”

“We don’t know who gave it to who. You got to move on and then just go have the best season possible” – Jefferson

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