Show Recap: April 28, 2020 (Jump From Home Edition)

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3-time WNBA Champion and All-Star point guard, Sue Bird of the Seattle Storm

How should NBA execute reopening practice facilities?

Credit: Adrian Wojnarowski/ESPN

“I have full faith and full confidence that the NBA is going to reopen the facilities when it’s time and when it’s safe for the players and the training staff” – Perkins

“They’re taking the right steps towards reopening basketball, but I like the behind the scenes strategy that Adam Silver has. He is trying to contain players and make sure that their health isn’t in jeopardy as well. I like the strategy overall. It’s just a step in the right direction. It’s not gonna happen overnight, but it is a good step for fans to see that they are moving towards getting the season open or finding some way to get it going some way or another” – Williams

“There’s never going to be zero risk. For NBA teams, it’s about how do you mitigate that risk the most” – Nichols

Lakers in touch with LA mayor’s office about potential workouts, per Dave McMenamin

How complicated will this get?


Fair for Draymond Green to include himself with splash bros. as game changers?

Via Matt Barnes & Stephen Jackson’s “All the Smoke” podcast (Showtime):

“Us three f**king changed the game of basketball forever” – Green

Credit: Kentucky’s John Calipari “Coffee with Cal” Facebook Show
“Draymond Green was part of their culture with the Golden State Warriors that changed the game of basketball. He’s the heart and soul of their team” – Perkins

“He says a lot of crazy things that some of us may not agree with. But what he said in that statement, I agree with him. He should put his name in the conversation with the splash brothers” – Perkins

“From watching ‘The Last Dance’ documentary, when you watch Dennis Rodman, I’m putting Draymond’s name in that category to a degree. There’s a genius and a savant to the effort and style in which he plays. Draymond Green deserves the praise and the recognition that needs to come his way. I agree with him” – Williams

“His facility on defense and that death lineup worked because of him. They don’t win those titles unless Draymond is part of that group. That doesn’t mean that he’s the most important guy in that group, but it means that they can’t win without him and that makes him deserved to be in that sentence” – Nichols

Distant Replay 2
1999 – Rasheed Wallace (Portland Trail Blazers) soaring high to finish the monster one-handed alley-oop jam, assisted by Damon Stoudamire on the Seattle Sonics!


Distant Replay 2
1999 – Doug Christie with the assist to Vince Carter who throws down the dunk with authority on the Bucks!


Distant Replay 2
2006 – LeBron James with the nifty no look pass to Zydrunas Ilgauskas who lays it home vs the Wizards!


Sue Bird & Megan Rapinoe host weekly IG live show (Via @mrapinoe):

“Were just giving the people the content that they never knew they needed every Saturday night. We want to think of ways to help give back” – Bird

Ever gone this long without a hoop?

“No I haven’t. It’s weird. I use the home court app to do ball handling drills. I need to go find a friend with a hoop somewhere” – Bird

WNBA season postponed indefinitely (Was scheduled to start May 15)

“I try to be understanding that there’s a lot more happening in our world right now that’s bigger than sports, but then of course I have my moments when I’m like well this is how it impacts me. And in that moment I’m like that would be wild, not to have a season” – Bird

“I try to take it with an understanding that a lot is happening right now” – Bird

Will you compete in Tokyo Olympics in 2021 at age 40?
Would be her 5th appearance if she commits

Sue Bird (Olympics).JPG

“I wasn’t going to quite be there. When the day comes, will all know. USA basketball will know if I’m good enough and the eye test will know if I’m good enough as well” – Bird

“I’m not trying to beat Father Time, I’m just trying to tie him” – Bird

Crunchtime (New)

Via @DwyaneWade/IG:

Time for Aaron Gordon to let dunk contest mini-feud with D-Wade go?

Gordon’s diss track:

“You can’t just rob a man and ask for it to go away. It never leaves you. He has a right to be mad at this for the rest of his life. FACTS!” – Williams

“We got to star taking the slam dunk contest more seriously. This is a huge accomplishment. If I’m Aaron Gordon, I’m holding onto it for life” – Perkins

Before moving on to the final topic, hear this soundbite from the new episodes of “The Last Dance”:

Understand Horace Grant’s frustration?

“No. He will always be in Michael Jordan’s shadow. The Bulls were rock stars back in the 90s and Jordan was the lead singer” – Perkins

“He didn’t say he never divulged anything to anybody else. Loose lips sink ships. That’s what went down. It was said to somebody else and it came back to Sam Smith (Hall of Famer basketball writer who covers the Chicago Bulls)” – Williams

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