Show Recap: April 22, 2020 (Jump From Home Edition)

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Panel April 22

Any player disgruntled enough to ask for trade to Knicks?

Per Ian Begley (SNY):

Brock Aller, a former Cavaliers capologist, will join president Leon Rose in the Knicks front office as vice president of strategy

Also per Ian Begley (SNY):

“Some with the Knicks feel that they are incredibly well positioned to trade for a disgruntled star if one becomes available”


“I’m not sure if there’s a star out there. The biggest question is: If the Knicks have that ability to trade for a superstar, will he stay? We’ve seen a number of stars that just didn’t want to play for the Knicks and a lot of that has to do with ownership” – Pierce

“Why are the Knicks trying to land a disgruntled superstar? When are they going to learn from this? That’s not the answer. Commit to the draft, player development and developing a culture. Go about things the right way and not take the easy way out. Jesus Christ can’t save this organization” – Perkins

Possibility of Joel Embiid coming to the Knicks via trade?

Embiid was represented by Leon Rose before he took the Knicks job

“If you get a chance to get Joel Embiid, you got to go for it, but I don’t think he’s going anywhere. He’ll retire a 76er. I don’t see [GM] Elton Brand trading either Embiid or Ben Simmons” – Perkins

Percent chance AD re-signs with Lakers?

Listed his SoCal home for sale for a cool $7.9M! The house is in Westlake Village, has a full indoor court and two water slides! AD rents a house closer to the Lakers practice facility, which is what he’s been living in

“I see why he wants to move [because of the long commute]. I would take no stock in this move. I don’t see no chance of him leaving the Lakers in this situation, even if LeBron retires. I feel like he’s going to be a Laker the rest of his life” – Pierce

“I don’t think AD is going anywhere. He’s in Los Angeles playing for the Lakers. He’s going to make so much money on and off the court. LeBron has already passed the torch to him, he’s set up for success” – Perkins

What was your 1st encounter with MJ like?


Rachel and Michael


Before moving onto the next topic, hear this soundbite from a past Jump show in September of 2019:


ImageDennis Rodman played in social media era?

“He would have owned social media. He would have had the most followers on Instagram and Twitter and the most interesting man in sports. On the court, he would have dominated in this era and would have easily won 3 or 4 Defensive Player of the Year awards. I can imagine him being on this year’s Boston Celtics team” – Perkins

“Whenever he did something, it was worldwide news. You can argue that he was probably the closest thing to Jordan during that era as far as popularity wise in the sports world” – Pierce

What were you thinking (Pierce & Perkins)

When Celtics trailed Lakers by 24 points in 2008 Finals Game 4?

Per Elias Sports Bureau:

It’s the largest comeback to win a Finals game over the last 50 seasons

“We didn’t sweat once. We always felt like we can come back. No lead was safe around our defense because we had the best defensive in the game [in Kevin Garnett]. We always felt like we was going to give ourselves a chance and Doc kept that confidence in us” – Pierce

“As one of the younger guys, in my mind, I’m thinking, ‘We got to get ready Game 5.’ Doc [Rivers] gave us a great speech at halftime. He made an adjustment in the lineup and he went small” – Perkins

Paul, staying loyal to Patriots post Brady & Gronk?

“No. I’m moving back to Inglewood and I’m rolling with the Rams” – Pierce

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