Show Recap: April 17, 2020 (Jump From Home Edition)

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Projected No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft and former Ducks star, Sabrina Ionescu

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Taiwanese super basketball league resumed season without fans

How would playing in empty arenas impact hoopers?

“It’s hard for me to see the best players at their best. As a player, I really fed off the crowd. They drew me in. It takes all the emotions of a game out. It’s probably going to look like a glorified pickup game” – Pierce

“Is it gonna be different? Yeah. Of course. I would implore every player out there to think about what are the real challenges that our country has to face. We played AAU basketball for our whole lives in gyms without people” – Williams

“I know from working the sidelines at games, there is so much cursing and at an empty gym, you would hear all of that. That would be a legit thing. The league may need to figure that out and of course officials and how much guys talk to officials and they talk during the game which I think is going to be a factor too. It could be fun for fans to hear the players talk to each other more” – Nichols

“It would not be for kids [if fans can hear the players talk without a crowd]. This would be something you have to put on pay-per-view” – Pierce

“This looks like the reality we are going to be talking about and it is something players will have to adjust to and it will affect some of the way they actually play” – Nichols

Distant Replay 2
2000 – Steve Francis aka “The Franchise” soaring high to finish the monster two-handed alley oop jam on the Seattle Sonics!


Distant Replay 2
2002 – Desmond Mason of the Seattle Supersonics driving to the basket and throwing it down hard on the Vancouver Grizzlies!


Distant Replay 2
2005 – With the shot clock winding down, Kobe Bryant is able to get it off in time by shooting a turnaround shot…with his LEFT HAND!


Projected No. 1 overall pick in WNBA Draft (New York Liberty)
UPDATE: As expected, she was drafted 1st overall by the New York Liberty Friday night

“It’s honor and it’s amazing. I’ve worked for this opportunity my entire basketball career” – Ionescu

Reaction to NCAA Tournament being canceled?

“Obviously, really hard. Getting that text from our coach [Kelly Graves] saying that the NCAA tournament was canceled and we can remain where we are with our families and don’t have to return back to school, it was shocking. I don’t think I was able to process it and I’m still trying to process the fact that I played my last game with my teammates and that I’m not able to play for a national championship but just super grateful for the opportunity to return to Oregon for my last year an be able to ride that roller coaster of highs and lows with my team this year, that’s something that I’m forever grateful for” – Ionescu

Remembering Kobe Bryant as a mentor:

“A very tough 3 months. I think about him and all of them every single day and sad that they’re not able to really share the moment with me, especially him who’s mentored me through this entire process and was just so happy for the next step but they’re definitely watching and supporting from a better place” – Ionescu

Will WNBA vets resent attention you’re getting?

“I’m not worried about it. It’s gonna hold its own challenges of entering a new league with veterans that have been there for many years. I’m just excited for the opportunity to learn from them. I’m gonna reach out to all of them and just thank them for the opportunity to grow. Hopefully there will be no jealousy” – Ionescu

Crunchtime (New)

NBA selling coverings with team logos for charity

How much of a change has it been to wear a face mask?

“I feel like I’m running out of breath [when I wear them]. It’s not the best, but the reality is you have to do what you need to do in order to keep yourself and your family safe” – Williams

“The difficult part is the breathing part” – Pierce

More likely to name-drop Ja Morant: Drake or Lil Baby?
Via Showtime’s “All the Smoke” podcast with Matt Barnes & Stephen Jackson

Pierce and Williams: Lil Baby

“You definitely made it because I know I felt that way when I started hearing my name dropped by some of these rappers” – Pierce

“It’ll cement home for him that he has arrived in the league and is officially a superstar in the league” – Williams

How effective would MJ’s mid-range game be now?

“Jordan would average more points in an era where threes are taken more. People act like he couldn’t shoot threes. He would be setting all-time records. Could average 40 in this era, especially the way he got to the [free throw] line. His mid-range would be the most effective” – Pierce

“As much as I think Jordan would have adjusted and shoot threes, I also think he would have stayed with his bread and butter and maybe we wouldn’t have this whole narrative that you can’t win a championship with two point shots” – Williams

“What I know from covering him: He didn’t play to play his game, he played to win. If it would have been, ‘Hey. I need to take threes to win’, he would have developed that three to the point where he was at Steph Curry/Reggie Miller level. That’s what was important to him. Not about playing a certain way” – Nichols

MJ worried about image after “Last Dance” doc debuts?
Says people will think he’s “A horrible guy” after watching the documentary

Credit: Richard Deitsch/The Athletic

“I agree with it. I come from an era where that was normal to get on your teammates, for coaches to get on your teammates in a bad way. Now we live in an era to where guys are more sensitive. Jordan pushed his players. He got on his teammates because it was for trying to win, trying to be better. It wasn’t because he didn’t like a guy. It all paid off” – Pierce

“Who was really the peer of Michael Jordan? Maybe Scottie Pippen to a degree, but he was kind of quiet. Jordan raised you to get on board or don’t get on board whereas LeBron picks you up verbally and tries to lift you that way. Two different styles, but both have their own costs associated with it” – Williams

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