Show Recap: April 15, 2020 (Jump From Home Edition)

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What if

Kobe didn’t win 2 rings without Shaq?

“It would have been a huge difference. We would have questioned could Kobe be the best player on a championship team. That’s what he wanted to prove to himself and that’s the reason Shaq was shipped out to Miami. Kobe had a chip on his shoulder and he went out there and proved it. If he had beat us [Celtics] in 08, we’d be having GOAT discussions about him” – Pierce

“If the Celtics had taken them down two years in a row, why doesn’t Kobe revisit maybe getting traded again? He was the best player in the league at that point. Those Lakers teams that won were great teams” – Windhorst

Next up, what if…

Kobe beat Celtics in 2008 & had second 3-peat?

“It’s possible that that team would have gone on a run. They could have won three in a row, but the Celtics were the better team and they deserved it” – Windhorst

“The thing is, they went up against a tough defense. We have one of the all-time defenses. But I look at it the other way: What if KG would have been healthy [in 2009]? What if [Kendrick] Perk[ins] didn’t get hurt [in 2010]? I could be sitting on three championships” – Pierce

Distant Replay 2
2002 – Shaq with the crossover on Jerome James (Seattle Sonics) and finishing with the monster one-handed jam!


Distant Replay 2
2008 – Richard Jefferson (New Jersey Nets) with the posterization dunk on Emeka Okafor (Charlotte Bobcats)!


Distant Replay 2
2017 – Joe Johnson aka “Iso Joe” with the buzzer beating floater to win Game 1 vs the Clippers in the 1st round of the playoffs!


How do you remember the 1990s Bulls?

“I don’t remember the Bulls ever being challenged in all of those Finals. I just remember dominance” – Windhorst

“This was the greatest thing that happened in sports. How could you not cheer for the Chicago Bulls? It was truly special” – Pierce

“The Bulls were never in danger in my mind” – Windhorst


“My favorite team: 1997-98 team. [Dennis] Rodman, [Scottie] Pippen and [Michael] Jordan, that’s big three is the all-time big three. It was hard to get a ticket for a Bulls game [when they would play on the road]” – Pierce

Vince Carter would have played his final game season ever on this day had it not been for the suspension on March 11. In honor of him, Producer Bodmer came up with this:

Crunchtime (New)
Emoni Bates (Class of 2022): Going straight from HS to NBA if possible

Per Yahoo! Sports (Krysten Peek):

“If I can go straight to the NBA, then that’s what I’m going to do.”

Will the one-and-done rule be gotten rid of by 2022 and allow high school players to immediately go pro?

“It’s possible. There’s going to be changes to the draft. But if I had to bet on it, it would be unlikely. There’s so many things to negotiate about this and it’s complicated. He may have to look at his options overseas or even in the G-League” – Windhorst

“This guy is a generational talent. I think some rules will have to bend or change by the time this guy’s a senior coming out of school because he’s going to be something special” – Pierce

Would Thibs be a good fit for Knicks?
Would be The Knicks’ 14th coach in 20 seasons

Per SNY’s Ian Begley:

“Several coaches and people with a vetted interest in Leon Rose’s first coaching hire believe it will ultimately be Thibodeau — if he doesn’t retain Mike Miller.”


“With this young group of talent that’s in the NBA today, I’m not sure if that’s a great fit. Who I would like to see in that position: Ty Lue or Jason Kidd. Those guys understand this generation. A lot of players [that played under him] left a bad taste in their mouth when they left from playing with Thibodeau” – Pierce

“When Leon Rose started the basketball representation business at CAA, Tom Thibodeau was one of their key early clients. Their connection goes very, very deep and that’s why he’s expected to be at the top of the list. The issue is: If you commit to Thibs, it’s a huge commitment across your whole roster” – Windhorst

Jump AroundWWE, pro sports deemed “Essential Business” in Florida
It’s allowed them to tape their shows as long as they are closed to the general public. Essential services in Florida now include “Employees at professional sports and media productions with a national audience”

“Having this in Florida is a gateway to other opportunities whether it’s the NBA or anybody else and that’s an important aspect as we go forward” – Windhorst

“It’s [Sports] definitely an essential business” – Pierce

“The idea that the WWE is an essential business is…that’s one of the more Florida things I’ve ever heard of. Maybe it will be a pathway to figuring out a safe way to get sports back” – Nichols

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