Show Recap: March 10, 2020

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Opening Tip (New)
Would Broncos fans be happy with Nikola Jokic at QB?


“Yeah. It’d be like Ben Roethlisberger: Couldn’t move, couldn’t do anything but just drop dimes” – Jefferson

“Jokic might as well go for the minicamp because they’ll be out in the first round anyway” – Perkins


Panel (3-10)

Dave McMenamin (Second Half Only):

Dave McMenamin

First Half


Ceiling for Raptors this season?


“There’s a small part that they can make it to the Finals. Realistically for them, I it’s the Conference Finals. I’ve been impressed and I’ve been surprised with their performance. Ultimately, I think they’ve had a great season and think they’re going to have a good postseason” – Jefferson

“I picked Lakers/Raptors Finals. When you look at this team, they’re deep and well-coached by Nick Nurse who I believe should win coach of the year this year and multiple guys have stepped up every single night. To me, they can matchup with anybody in the Eastern Conference” – Perkins

Rudy Gobert on ejection: “Next time, I’ll do justice myself”

“To me, there’s nothing about that altercation that says Rudy Gobert should be ejected” – Jefferson

“Whether he get ejected or not, it’s not like he was on the court doing anything. Today’s league is soft” – Perkins
Was in foul trouble for most of the game

“Rudy as a leader needs to start putting more expectations on himself and step up” – Jefferson

Distant Replay 2
OTD in 2004 – Jason Kidd (New Jersey Nets) with the no-look behind the back pass to Kenyon Martin who slams it home on the Nuggets!


Make or Miss League (Jimmy Butler)

Make (Ad-Libs)
Grade for Jimmy Butler’s Ricky Rozay Grunt?

Perkins: C | Jefferson: B

Miss (Records)
Trae Young becomes fastest to make 350 career 3-pointers (140 games)
Best Damian Lillard who reached 350 in 142 games

“I’m not impressed. The game has changed completely” – Jefferson

Make (Reunions)
Are Marc Gasol & Mike Conley friendship goals?

Miss (Joy)
Offensive foul ruin Jamal Murray’s posterization?


This fan’s reaction:


“Why couldn’t I have that same referee when Blake Griffin dunked on me?” – Perkins

“The only thing offensive about it was that defense!” – Jefferson


Run it Back

Best posterizations that didn't count

Darryl Dawkins on Bob McAdoo (1982):3see61.gif

BG on Gortat (2011):

Jeremy Evans on Gerald Wallace (2011):3seeyp.gif

Jeff Teague on Marcus Morris (2012):3sefes.gif

RJ on MKG (2015):

Bucks in cruise control rest of regular season?


“I’m gonna say no. This is not about a 70 win thing to me. They feel the Lakers and LeBron James trying to win an MVP. They feel them putting on that pressure. They’ll probably dial it back. 70 wins: That’s done. It’s making sure that Giannis and the Bucks have the best record to help his case for MVP because if you don’t do that, you’re doing him a disservice” – Jefferson

“Their biggest goal is to reach the Finals and win the championship. Mike Budenholzer is doing a brilliant thing by resting guys. It’s good to get other guys repetition” – Perkins

Nichols & Perkins:

Jump Recommends.JPGBobbleheads have become the NBA’s biggest little status symbol by Nick Friedell

Second Half

Should Lakers chase best record?



Does Hawks win vs Hornets change your perception of coach’s challenge?

“It was a great example” – Jefferson

“It’s almost like being in a courtroom with two lawyers. You get your closing statement. Somebody on the officiating crew lied under oath!” -Perkins

“I’ve never seen a review of a review” – Nichols

“The tough part of coach’s challenge is that it’s a great idea in terms of trying to get it right so the true winner walks away from the arena in the right ledger. The problem is that no one quite understands it right now” – McMenamin

NBA shuts down media locker room access in wake of coronavirus



LeBron on playing games in empty arenas:



Perk questions Harden’s hunger to win:

Retweet or Delete (James Harden).JPG

“The James that we’ve grown to love, right now, we need those 50 pieces” – Perkins

“He’s going through a stretch where he’s struggling. He did the same thing last year. I’m not gonna just jump off the bandwagon” – Jefferson

Perk says Knicks need to hire Kenny Atkinson ASAP:

“It was like the David Blatt situation in Cleveland” – Perkins

“Leon Rose might have a different plan. We can’t just say hire somebody because of what he did. It was a group that did that in Brooklyn. You put a Spurs coach there without a Spurs type GM, that’s not the same thing. It’s different if you don’t have the same mentality down the line” – Jefferson

Ice-T on Gen Z:

Retweet or Delete (Ice T on Gen Z)


Distant Replay 2
OTD in 2013 – “Chris Paul. The lob…THE JAM!!!! OH WHAT A MONSTER JAM BY DeAndre JORDAN!!!!” – Ralph Lawler (Former Clippers announcer)


Crunchtime (New)


“Don’t ever challenge T-Mac” – Jefferson

“T-Mac was Kevin Durant before Kevin Durant” – Perkins

Does Luka deserve superstar treatment from refs?


“LeBron James should be crying out to everybody about calls because he’s not getting calls at all. He’s getting his calls. Everything is not going to go your way. It’s the NBA” – Perkins

At the Buzzer (New)
Charles Barkley clapsback at Draymond Green

“Barkley’s career averages: 22 points & 11 rebounds” – Perkins

“I get you Draymond, but I’m not going to talk about this. For Charles, we want to keep that taking his job and get rid of that one” – Jefferson

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