Show Recap: January 9, 2020

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Opening Tip (New)
Harden & Trae drop 40-point triple doubles (Rockets defeat Hawks, 115-113)

“I knew Trae was going to be real nice, but I thought it would take about at least 3-4 years to get this nice. Young boy is ballin'” – Billups


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First Half


How does Westbrook-CP3 trade look now?



“I’ll be honest: Chris is in the back part of his prime, still playing very well. Russ is in the middle of his prime. It was a good trade for both teams” – Billups

“It was a great trade and it’s working out well for both sides. I like Chris Paul better with the OKC Thunder because of it’s structure. For Russell Westbrook, he likes to get up and down. The Rockets are No. 1 in pace” – Perkins

“I think Chris was not maximized in the Houston system because of the amount of usage that James Harden has. With Russ, his shooting has gotten better and its going to have to continue to get better. I’m waiting until the playoffs to make a judgement on this trade. Does this swap make them [The Rockets] a team that can get further in the postseason?” – Nichols

John Beilein apologizes for saying Cavs were no longer playing “Like a bunch of thugs” (Per Adrian Wojnarowski)

Buy Beilein saying he meant “Slugs” not “Thugs”?

“He’s already lost the locker room. I don’t believe him. He said what he said” – Perkins

“To me, I never understood the hire. It’s out of touch. That word could be taken in a lot of different ways” – Billups

“The Cavs don’t have leadership. Who’s going to address the problem? This wasn’t a good hire from the jump. But this also could be a humbling situation for him to put his pride aside and do a self check to approach things a little differently now” – Perkins

Distant Replay 2
OTD in 2002 – Chauncey Billups with the the tough catch and shoot three-pointer vs the Sonics!


Make or Miss League (Jimmy Butler).JPG

Make (Ingenuity)
Is Draymond onto something?
Basket didn’t count


“Draymond’s been doing a lot of crazy stuff this year” – Perkins

Miss (Competition).JPG
Was Capela just trying to pad his stats?


“He knew what he was doing” – Perkins

Make (Versatility).JPG
How impressive was Jerami Grant Wednesday night vs the Mavs?
15 points, 3 blocks, 2 assists and a steal

“He’s going to be the gut that steps in when Paul Millsap is finally done in Denver. He’s been ballin'” – Billups

Miss (Sanity).JPG
Bobby Portis did it again?


Tuesday night:


“I guess he’s trying to set the tone” – Perkins

“He was going for the ball on that one” – Billups

Make (Grip)
Best one-handed alley-oop from Wednesday night?





Run it Back

One-handed alley oops.JPG

5) Bonzi to Sheed (2001)


4) Wade to LeBron (2012)


3) Bonzi to Stromile Swift (2003)


2) Lindsey Hunter to Grant Hill (1994)


1) Dee Brown to Vince Carter (2000)


Second Half

Reaction to Jimmy Butler calling T.J. Warren “Trash”?

Jimmy after the game:

“He’s not trash. If you make it to the NBA, no guy is trash. Warren can play the game basketball. Sometimes, trash talking can get a little bit out of hand” – Perkins

“There’s no such thing as nice trash talk. I love the competitive nature and fire of it. It stands out. But I wouldn’t blow a kiss at a dude” – Billups

Did Kemba deserve this ejection?

Kemba after the game:

“Absolutely not. The officials got to have some type of accountability. They blew it. Officials should put their pride aside” – Perkins

“It was a really bad miss call. That ref deserved some foul language. Kemba didn’t deserve to be ejected. But it is what it is” – Billups

What do you think Curry & Giannis talked about?

“From their [Warriors] history, when they recruited KD, I’m not buying this. Steph knew what he was doing” – Perkins

“I’m buying this. I’m believing anything Steph says. He was talking about a video game” – Billups


Jump Recommends.JPGDoes Westbrook’s game have a shelf life? By Royce Young

Lou Williams: Clippers need to “get back to the grind”

Credit: Ohm Youngmisuk/ESPN

Can Clippers rediscover “underdog” mentality?

“I think they can. His comments were on point. People are circling the Clippers on the schedule. The Lakers have just been so good and have been the big brother in the city. But now it’s changing. There’s been so much value put on being the best team in LA as opposed to, let’s just be the best team in the league. It’s a mentality shift that you have to have to say, ‘We have to be great every single night'” – Billups

“They’re not underdogs. What hurts them night in and night out: They have to shuffle guys in and out of the lineup because of whether it’s Kawhi with is load management injury situation, PG being in and out. They haven’t been able to put 10 games together as far as chemistry where guys actually know their roles. Their role is changing night in and night out. Once they get to clicking around March and April, they’ll be really, really good” – Perkins

How important should No. 1 seed be to Lakers?


“It’s very important. The West is stacked up. You don’t want to slide down in the standings. You fight so hard to have home-court advantage. You can’t take that for granted” – Perkins

“As somebody that has actually lost in the NBA Finals in a game 7 on the road, you understand how valuable it is to be at home for that last game. Homecourt advantage and the No. 1 seed is a huge deal. Period. Point blank” – Billups

Distant Replay 2
OTD in 2000 – Jason Williams with the slick no-look one-handed pass to Corliss Williamson who finishes the layup!


Crunchtime (New)

“Stone” Cold
Perk, how did your son get the nickname “stone”?

Kyrie coming back?

When Perk is on the show, this is a must Jump game to play:

Retweet or Delete.JPG

Perk on Trae vs Steph in Year 2

Perk on Trae vs Steph in Year 2.JPG

“He’s a generational talent. This guy is really special” – Perkins

“In his second season, Trae is doing a little more than Steph was doing at that time. Who knows if he’ll make to the level of Steph and be the champion” – Billups

Perk on Brett Brown: “Elephant in the room”

Perk on Brett Brown Elephant in the room.JPG

Perk on Brett Brown Elephant in the room - Billups.JPG

“At some point, when is he going to be held accountable? It’s his job as a coach to put these guys in position to be successful” – Perkins

“His responsibility is to make these pieces work. He has to hold these guys accountable, be demanding and relentless and I’m not sure that is what’s going on” – Billups

Perk on Lonzo Ball: “A special talent”

Perk on Lonzo Ball.JPG

Perk on Lonzo Ball - Billups.JPG

“I apologize to him because I called him a bust. He’s ballin’ out” – Perkins

“He’s going to be a very good player in this league for a long time. He’s going to be a positive winning player” – Billups


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