Show Recap: December 19, 2019

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Opening Tip (New)
Perk, have fun on Celtics broadcast?

“I had a good time. I was a little nervous because that was my first time doing the play-by-play. But I think I did pretty well” – Perkins


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First Half

Monologue: OKC has it’s swag back

Should OKC buy or sell come trade deadline?

“I like the fact that they’re still competing and being competitive, but at this stage, they should be sellers. They have some valuable pieces that other teams can use and want and it could help them rebuild” – Pippen

“I’m buying because I had this team making the playoffs before the season started. They got a very talented ball club. They hang their hats on the defensive end. When you play against the Thunder, you know you’re going to have to grind it out. Let them rock out, see what happens” – Perkins

Run it BackNaismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame nominees (See the rest of the nominees at the end of this post):

Notable first-timers:
-Shawn Marion (4-time All-Star, 2011 NBA Champ)
-Chris Bosh (11-time All-Star, 2-time NBA Champ)
-Kevin Garnett (15-time All-Star, 2007-08 Defensive Player of the Year, 2008 NBA Champ)
-Tim Duncan (15-time All-Star, 5-time NBA Champ, 3-time Finals MVP)
-Kobe Bryant (18-time All-Star, 5-time NBA Champ, 2-time Finals MVP)

Pippen on being in the hall of fame in 2010:

KG on Wednesday’s show in regards to possibly being a Hall of Famer:

“KG and all, he changed the game. The accolades speak for themselves. When you watch him in person and watch the grind, the work that he put in, the passion that he plays with is well-deserving. This is one hall of fame I’ll be at” – Perkins

Distant Replay 2
OTD in 1996 – Ray Allen driving to the basket and finishing with the reverse two-handed slam on the Raptors!


Make or Miss League (Giannis Antetokounmpo)

Make (Ingenuity).JPG
Jokic is hitting one-legged thress before Harden?


“He just got it in his bag. Once he gets in shape, it’s going to be over with” – Perkins

Miss (Accuracy).JPG
Are the fans finally getting revenge?

Make (Vocations).JPG
What could Zach Collins and Nurkic moonlight as?

Other responses:

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“It look more like Wolf on Wallstreet (both of them)” – Perkins

Miss (Jams).JPG
Is dunking harder than it looks?

“You got to finish with two hands” – Perkins

Make (Lativian Lasers).JPG
Davis Bertans for M.I.P?

“He’s been lighting it up for the Wizards. I would vote for him” – Perkins

“Yes. He’s definitely shooting the heck out of the ball” – Pippen

Lakers vs Bucks: Which team does this mean more to?

Giannis on playing against LeBron:

“It means more to the Bucks. Bron has owned Giannis in terms of head-to-head matchups” – Perkins

“It means more to the Bucks. They have to prove that they can beat the marquee teams in the league. You have to do consistently if you want to be a champion” – Pippen

Second Half

James Wiseman leaves Memphis, will enter the NBA Draft


Magic on Lakers: “This team would not be in the position it’s in without me” (Via Bill Plaschke of the LA Times)

Magic getting enough credit for impact on current Lakers?

“I don’t think Magic swung LeBron’s decision to go to Los Angeles. He was probably going to go anyway. He’s getting the proper amount of credit” – Lowe

“I’d give him some credit. He’s created what were seeing as the modern day showtime” – Pippen

“I’m giving him a lot of credit. Credit is where it’s due. You got LeBron James here [in LA]” – Perkins

“I do think LeBron was inclined to come here anyway and because of the history of the Lakers brand, but I do think Magic sort of gave him the opportunity to feel like he was signing with a hall of famer” – Nichols

How likely is Harden to average 40 PPG this season?



“There’s a 20-30 percent he could crack 40, maybe even less than that. I implore all defenses: Keep trapping him! Keep forcing him to give up the ball. It’s clearly the best strategy” – Lowe

“I believe that he can crack it because he’s scoring the basketball at will. I see his teammates that are going to make sure that he gets to the top of the mountain” – Pippen

“We have to give a lot of credit to Russell Westbrook because the reason that Harden is capable of averaging 40 is they’re getting more possessions. Westbrook is pushing the ball and taking a backseat to Harden. And you got to hope the referees will help Harden out a little bit” – Perkins

Jump Recommends.JPGThe Lowe Post Pod with guest, Bill Simmons of The Ringer

Timberwolves lose 8th in a row

Perkins (Wolves)

Perk, what’s your temperature on the Timberwolves right now?

“It’s at 55 and my AC is broken. I need reimbursement from the Wolves. They shouldn’t have lost that game, even without Karl-Anthony Towns” – Perkins

“When the Wolves got off to a hot start, they take a premature victory lap, went at Perk a little bit on social media. I don’t hear anything now from the Timberwolves social media account. It’s all quiet now” – Lowe

Making HOF case for Chris Webber



Making HOF case for Ben Wallace


Pippen & Perkins:

Distant Replay 2
OTD in 2001 – Former slam dunk champion, Jason Richardson with the nasty right handed dunk on Ben Wallace!


Crunchtime (New)
Can Raptors continue winning despite injuries?

Room to Improve
Still room for Lonzo to improve?

Agree with Bucks (-4) favored over Lakers?


“Not if AD plays. If I’m betting with my money, I’m going with the Lakers” – Pippen

“I’ll go with the Bucks” – Lowe

“If AD plays, I’m not betting against that duo. I’m taking the Lakers. This is the best duo since Kobe and Shaq” – Perkins

League PassJazz at Hawks
Rather have Donovan Mitchell or Trae Young?

“Trae Young. I’m buying tickets, front row to go watch this kid play. He is the future of the NBA” – Perkins

“Trae Young. He can shoot the basketball” – Pippen

“Donovan Mitchell” – Lowe











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