Show Recap: December 17, 2019

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Opening Tip (New)
Steven Adams: “I absolutely s— my pants shooting those free throws”


Via Fox Sports Oklahoma:


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First Half

Monologue: The return of the Unicorn

Trust Porzingis to carry load with Doncic out?

“To a certain extent. He’s coming off an injury. He’s going to be inconsistent at times like he’s been all year long. This is just a glimpse of what his potential was when he played for the Knicks. If he gets about 5, 6 or 7 more games like this, then I can trust him a bit more” – Pierce

“I trust their depth. I also trust Porzingis to some degree, but their depth has been one of the biggest stories of the season. They are killing teams with their bench. But he needed this game because he’s had kind of a sneaky, not great shooting season and the Mavs have been at their weakest when it’s just him and no Luka. I think maybe this goes to reversing that trend” – Lowe

Bucks caught looking past Luka-Less Mavs?

“That’s only human nature. It’s only natural. They probably weren’t at their full amped up state” – Lowe

“It’s human nature to let your guard down” – Pierce

“When you’re so good, especially the way they’re playing, you feel like you can always come back and win. I’ve been on teams like that” – Pierce

“The Mavericks are good. They have good players” – Lowe

Distant Replay 2
OTD in 1997 – Kobe Bryant with the nasty windmill dunk on the Bulls!


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Make (Waves)
More impressive?

Tsunami Papi’s:




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“The dunk” – Pierce

“He’s just living life” – Lowe

Miss (Happiness).JPG
Did the NBA have a “Case of the Mondays”?

Make (Dry Cleaning).JPG
What did these fans do to deserve this?

Miss (Organization).JPG
Does this give you anxiety?

“This looks like the pickup games I play in now” – Pierce

Make (Star Wars).JPG
What would PJ Tucker have done in R2D2 ran over his shoes?

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‪… wait for it 😂 PJ-Tucker 🆚 R2-D2‬

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“It would have been over for him. Do not touch this man’s shoes” – Pierce

Rockets capable of playing championship-level defense?
Overcame a 25-point deficit vs the Spurs, their biggest comeback since the 1970s; they gave 72 points in the first half; 35 points in the second half

D’Antoni after the game:

“Their offense is going to be so good. They have a top 8ish defense” – Lowe

“It’s just the consistency. We’ve seen this before where they’re up and down. It’s like a Harry Potter story” – Pierce

“They get up for the good teams, but that’s regular season” – Pierce

Jump Recommends.JPGThe era of the audacious 3-pointer by Kirk Goldsberry

Second Half

Who wins 2-on-2: Shaq & Kobe or AD & LeBron?


“This is…NOT A HARD ONE! Shaq and Kobe hands down. These are the top 10 players of all-time. This is a no brainier as we speak, but maybe down the line, LeBron and AD will have a chance” – Pierce

“Shaq and Kobe. What are you going to do with Shaq? He’s just going to dunk over and over” – Lowe

Pierce on game planning against Shaq and Kobe

Best player in Lakers franchise history?

What’s the future for Jim Boylen?

Credit: Darnell Mayberry/The Athletic


“Sometimes, you just need a new voice. They’re not playing motivated basketball” – Pierce

Surprised by Melo’s defense vs the Suns?
Had 3 blocks and 2 steals!

“I am very surprised” – Pierce

“Melo is the best ever at the sideway swipe block. To his credit, he’s playing better than I thought. He’s helped their team. They need him” – Lowe

An example of the sideway swipe block:

Update on former NBA Commissioner, David Stern’s health:


Stat Market (New Logo)

Giannis’ 34.6 PER: Buy or Sell?


Pierce: Buy (Buy some more)
“He dunks the ball and he’s gotten better every month of the season, as far as three point percentage”

Lowe: Buy
“He has room to fall and still set the record for all-time PER”

Harden fewer than 10 FTA last 5 games: Buy or Sell?


Lowe: Buy
“As a consumer, I want it to continue. Part of it is the double teaming. Teams are trapping him everywhere so that he doesn’t get to the line all the time”

Pierce: Sell
“He’s gonna get to the line. He’s the master of it”

Bam Adebayo’s 4.6 APG: Buy or Sell?


Pierce: Buy
“Give it to your shooters”

Lowe: Buy

Jonathan Isaac’s 2.67 blocks PG: Buy or Sell?


Lowe: Buy
“In his career, he has a chance to win the defensive player of the year award multiple times and has the potential to be the best defensive player in the league”

Pierce: Sell (This year)
“He doesn’t have a large sample size. He’ll be there one day”

Distant Replay 2
OTD in 2008 – The Answer, Allen Iverson with the fake behind the back pass to Antonio McDyess!


Crunchtime (New)

JA Man
JA Morant exceeding all expectations thus far?

Offensive Wizardry
Buy the Wizards as a top-5 offense?

Zion Progress
When do you expect to see Zion back?


Deandre Ayton returns vs Clippers; Are full-strength Suns a playoff team?

“Talent-wise, they are a playoff team. This team is an exciting team to watch this year” – Pierce

“There’s no reason the Suns shouldn’t hang in the playoff race” – Lowe

League PassMagic at Jazz
Think Mike Conley Jr. will turn it around?

“I’m not so sure. He’s getting older and is past his prime. I’m not sure how much of an upgrade that was over Ricky Rubio because I thought they had great chemistry. He got the guys involved” – Pierce

“I’m giving it time” – Lowe

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