Show Recap: December 13, 2019 (From Miami, FL at American Airlines Center)

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First Half

Rachel’s 1-on-1 conversation with Heat superstar, Jimmy Butler!

Do Heat need another piece?

“They need another piece, but not right now. They need to stay put this season. I think they can go deep into the 2nd round and maybe go to the conference finals and make a push. They will add a piece, but that’s in 2021. I think they need to add Giannis because he would be a great fit here. This Heat culture is Giannis. Jimmy and Giannis on the same team would be phenomenal” – Perkins

“They could use another piece. They need a lot of breaks to come out of the East. 2021: Pat Riley is a big game hunter. They’re going to be patient” – Sedano

“Maybe you try to pry a [Davis] Bertans away from Washington, maybe try to get JJ Redick down here from the Pelicans. That kind of shooting could still help this team” – Nichols

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 2002 – Desmond Mason of the Seattle Supersonics with the nasty one-handed poster dunk on Voshon Lenard and the stare down afterward!


Make or Miss League (Giannis Antetokounmpo)

Make (Emphasis)
Are dunks & blocks better with 2 hands?


Miss (Missing).JPG
Encouraged by Nuggets shooting vs the Blazers?
They shot 18-36 (50%) from three

“I am because it’s been pretty poor, particularly from the perimeter guys” – Sedano

“I’m not encouraged. They got to be more consistent. The reason that the Nuggets are in this position is because they’ve been hanging their hats on the defensive end” – Perkins

Make (Posters)
Should Andre Drummond get outta the way the rest of the week?

Vs the Mavericks:


Vs the Pelicans:


“Much respect to Drummond. He should keep challenging them” – Perkins

“You got to take that challenge” – Sedano

Miss (Effort)
Cherry picking pays off sometimes?

“Not at all. He didn’t play the rest of the game” – Perkins

Make (Sharing).JPG
How much fun is it to play with Luka?
41 pts, 12 rbs, 11 asts vs the Pistons in Mexico City

“He’s a baby LeBron, minus the hops. I would love to play with Luka” – Perkins

“To think people doubted that he could be the best player in that draft is pretty wild when he was the best player in the second best league in the world playing against men” – Sedano

“He’s got a different kind of athleticism” – Nichols

Moving on…

Luka changing opinion of Mavs chances in West?

“Yes. This team is really good. They have all these guys that are playing their roles. They could go to the 2nd round and actually make a push in the West” – Perkins

“They remind me a lot of this season’s Miami Heat team. If they get a break or a bounce, who knows? They could potentially be in the Western Conference Finals” – Sedano

Reaction to Dion Waiters suspension?
Heat suspend Dion for the third time this season for “failure to adhere to team policies, violation of team rules and continued insubordination”

“When I played with him, he was very quiet. It’s very disturbing. It’s not good for the younger guys. Dion is not setting a great example” – Perkins

“He’s only one of two guys in the last 15 years to have three suspensions in a season. I would be stunned if he played again for the Miami Heat this season” – Sedano

Second Half

Perk on playing against Alonzo:

Heat surpassing your expectations this season?

“I always expect us to do well simply because of our development and preparation throughout the year. We prepare to be contenders every year. That’s the mentality of this organization. It doesn’t surprise me” – Mourning

On Kendrick Nunn:

What’s the story behind your famous meme?

“That was a look of disgust [by the score]” – Mourning
What made you establish Overtown youth center?

Run it Back

Current player who remind you most of yourself?

“Clearly, Jimmy Butler. He’s a miniature version of myself. The way he plays on both sides of the ball, defensively, as well as offensively. He can impact and change the game with defense” – Mourning

“I would say Giannis because he’s just like Alonzo in this capacity: He brings it every possession” – Perkins

Zo, you speaking to Vince these days?

Carter dunked on Zo in 2006:


“That’s not true at all [that I didn’t speak to him for 6-7 years]. I got the utmost respect for Vince. Obviously, I wasn’t pleased by him dunking on me” – Mourning

Mourning isn’t the only one to be dunked on by Vince (From 2006):


“I didn’t expect that” – Perkins

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 2003 – Stromile Swift (Grizzlies) with the crazy one-handed alley-oop dunk vs the Nets!


Trust more: Lakers on road or Heat at home?

“Miami is missing Dragic off the bench. I’ll roll with the Lakers” – Perkins

“Heat Island” – Elhassan

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