Show Recap: December 4, 2019

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Opening Tip (New)
Anyone see this Harden dunk vs the Spurs?


“I forgot all about that one” – Pierce

“That was impressive” – Windhorst


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First Half

Monologue: Rockets-Spurs got weird last night

Rockets have a legit gripe on blown call?

“They were up double digits points. Where do you begin with this? I think they blew this game. Never have I seen a blown call on a made basket” – Pierce

“As far as I understand, the only way you can replay a game is if the rules were misapplied. In this case, it was just a blown call so I do not believe that it will be a replayed. It’s going to be a disappointing feat for the Rockets unfortunately” – Windhorst

Concerned by Harden & Westbrook 18-68 FG?

Per Elias Sports: It the first time two teammates combined to miss 50 shots in the same game since John Havlicek and Sam Jones of the Boston Celtics missed 50 shots in the same game in 1965

“It doesn’t concern me. You’re not going to have two guys off this bad in one particular game. If anybody is capable of doing it, it’s these two. They take a lot of shots” – Pierce

Westbrook’s efficiency:

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 2004 – Marcus Camby missing the difficult reverse one-handed layup, but Kenyon Martin comes flying in with the putback dunk on the Heat!


Make or Miss League (Steve Kerr)

Make (Elevation).JPG
Did the bald eagle soar because he was in the Rockies?



“This guy’s legend continues to grow day by day” – Pierce

“Dave McMenamin (ESPN) is on the record saying: after LeBron, Caruso is the second most athletic Laker” – Windhorst

Miss (Balance).JPG
Why do guys keep losing their shoes this year?

Isaiah Thomas losing his shoe:

IT loses shoe.JPG

“They need to wear their actual shoe size” – Pierce

“All these guys are wearing low tops. It’s the design” – Windhorst

Make (Disrespect).JPG
What was the worst part of this play for #3 (Foster Loyer)?


“I got some words. I’m not letting this go. If that’s me on the ground, we might go to blows” – Pierce

Miss (Defense).JPG
How do you defend Luka?
Stat line: 33 points, 18 rebounds and 5 assists in 28 minutes vs the Pelicans

“New nickname: He’s making it look too easy” – Pierce

Make (Synchronization).JPG
Impressed by LeBron & AD’s chemistry?
Both scored 25 points on 9-18 shooting!


“They were meant for one another” – Pierce

Moving on…

Are Heat good or really good?


“They’re good right now. This is why: They’re 10-1 in the East and 5-4 vs the West. I’m not sure they’re a contender, but they play hard” – Pierce

“When you look at their backcourt, it’s one of the most prolific backcourts, 1 through 4. Versus the Raptors, you saw a classic example of why the Heat are different this year. When you add a guy like Jimmy Butler, it’s like worth five or six wins to them because not just on average, but just on the way they play the game” – Windhorst

“I still believe Toronto and Milwaukee are a step ahead of them” – Pierce

Second Half

Vogel on AD: “I think he can & will win DPOY”

Credit: Dave McMenamin/ESPN

Think AD is front-runner for DPOY?

“There is someone like him: The Greek Freak who can defend all five positions all night. I think AD can defend four positions. I’d give the edge to Greek Freak” – Pierce


Jokic’s struggles just a slump or something more?
Shot 4-12 FG, 13 points and 5 turnovers vs Lakers



Jump Recommends.JPGDoris Burke on Julie Foudy’s “Laughter Permitted” podcast!

Soundbite from the podcast:

BS or Real Talk (New)

Jeff Teague on Luka: “Arguably the best player in the NBA right now”

Luka arguably the best player in the league (BS or Real Talk).JPG


KG on Kyrie/KD to Nets: “I thought they should have done the Knicks”

Credit: Ian Begley/SNY
KG quote.JPG
Credit: Ian Begley/SNY

KG thinks Kyrie and KD should have joined with the Knicks (BS or Real Talk).JPG

“The Nets have a better organization right now. You don’t have to be a Knick to have a huge brand” – Windhorst

“Knicks would lead the league in jersey sales right now If those two were there. KD (even though he’s hurt) and Kyrie would be in commercials” – Pierce

Draymond: “I want to be a Warrior for life”

Draymond Warrior for life (BS or Real Talk).JPG

“That’s where he’ll always be remembered. This is where he left his mark” – Pierce

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 2009 – Kobe Bryant with the game winning 3-pointer at the buzzer vs the Heat! Did he call bank?


Crunchtime (New)

Via “The Woj Pod”:

Paul why did Bradley Beal think you hated him at first?

Fultz Flourishing
Significance of Markelle Fultz scoring a career-high 20 points?

Trae Young on Luka comparisons: “It bothers me”

Via ESPN’s Royce Young:

Will Luka-Trae comparisons ever go away?

“Personally, I think he has moved past it. But it’s going to be difficult. You can defend Trae, but the reality is it’s not going away” – Windhorst

“They play the same position so they’re always going to be linked” – Pierce

“They (Hawks) got a first round along with Trae Young. It was not a straight up trade” – Nichols
That first round pick turned into two players: Cam Reddish and De’Andre Hunter

CP3 on trade to OKC: “I was shocked”

Credit: Marc J. Spears/The Undefeated
CP3 quote.JPG
Credit: Marc J. Spears/The Undefeated


“This happens quite a lot” – Pierce

“I understand his feelings” – Windhorst

“My understanding is that Chris knew that this deal was percolating and that he was all for it with the idea that Russell Westbrook would join him and James” – Nichols

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