Show Recap: November 22, 2019

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Opening Tip (New)
Can the Rockets top this drip?

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Houston Texans’ linebackers dressed up as Mortal Kombat characters

“I actually like this. I don’t know if the Rockets can top that” – T-Mac


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First Half

Monologue: The irresistible force (Harden) meets the immovable object (Clippers defense)

Expect Clippers to hold Harden under 30?

“Clippers are replacing Golden State in terms of watching Houston and Golden State. I want this to be a playoff series” – T-Mac

“I suspect he’ll get 30+, but with low percentage shooting” – T-Mac

“He’ll get 30” – Lowe

Better duo: Westbrook-Harden or Kawhi-PG?


Kawhi & PG. It’s a natural easy fit” – Lowe

Kawhi & PG. But if Russ can get back to that point (mid-range jump shot) where he’s coming down hill full speed and stopping on the dime and making that shot at a high rate, Rockets could be unstoppable” – T-Mac

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 2009 – Kobe Bryant hitting the shot from behind the backboard!


Make Or Miss League (Kemba Walker)

Miss (Explanations).JPG
How brutal would it have been to lose on a wedgie?

Late in the 4th, Notre Dame actually did hit a buzzer-beating 3 to send the game to overtime and eventually won

Make (Combos).JPG
Anything Dario could have done better?


“That’s not bad. And he still contests” – Lowe

“He made him (Holiday) do three moves. Good defense” – T-Mac

Miss (Matchups).JPG
Wise for Melo to wave off CJ?


Make (Crosshairs).JPG
What got into JJ Redick vs the Suns?
Made his first five shots and his first three three-pointers

Miss (Settling).JPG
Think Brandon Ingram is having fun this year?
Had 15 points in the 4th vs the Suns

“He looks comfortable” – T-Mac

Moving on…

Think Pelicans regret not extending Ingram?
On the 4th year of his rookie deal


“No. It’s the kind of thing that seems obvious now. He’s coming off a health issue from what I’ve been told was distinct from the Bosh and Mirza Teletovic kind of clots. Is he on track to get a max offer? Yes. But you can’t fault them for not offering one” – Lowe

“I can’t fault them. Zion going down with all the hype, who knows what type of usage rate he would have if Zion was there. He is taking advantage of the opportunity with Zion being out. He’s going to be a highly recruited free agent in the offseason” – T-Mac

Second Half

BS or Real Talk (New)

Jimmy Butler on Embiid: “Best player in the this league”

Credit: Michael Lee/The Athletic

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“Joel Embiid has the potential to be the best player in the league, but I think we’ve yet to see him in peak, peak, peak conditioning and it’s just impossible to argue right now that he’s better than Giannis, LeBron and some of these other guys” – Lowe

“He’s trying to soften up Joel. Three players I would take in front of him are: Giannis, AD and LeBron. But Embiid has the potential” – T-Mac

AD on Lakers: “Soon enough adversity is probably gonna hit”

AD on Lakers (BS or Real Talk).JPG

“Whether it’s injuries or a losing streak, it’s gonna happen. It happens to every team” – T-Mac

“No team gets through a season without some adversity. This is just the reality of the NBA. The only adversity that really, really hurts the Lakers is if either AD or LeBron get hurt” – Lowe

Melo on guarding Giannis: “I thought we did a good job”



Melo on guarding Giannis (BS or Real Talk).JPG

“He is correct. They did the best they could” – Lowe

They did a great job” – T-Mac

CP3 on Coach’s Challenge: “It needs a lot of work”

Credit: Joe Mussatto/The Oklahoman
“I like it because these numbers are telling you that we need it” – Nichols

CP3 on coachs challenge (BS or Real Talk).JPG

“It’ll be more valuable to both teams and to speed up the game if you can have it in the last 5 minutes of a game” – T-Mac

“You should be able to keep your timeout. I low-key like the Coach’s Challenge. I like it because you get one and that’s it. It rewards good defense” – Lowe

Jump Recommends.JPGZach Lowe’s 10 Things I like and Don’t like

Ceiling for Heat this season?


“Jimmy Butler is their best player, but Bam so far this season has been their best player. Their ceiling is: 2nd round of the playoffs” – Lowe

“A lot of their young guys have really surprised me and how they’ve been playing. Their ceiling: They’ll definitely make the playoffs and win a playoff series. I don’t know if they have enough to make it to a conference finals. I’m on the Bam wagon” – T-Mac

What makes JA Morant a special player?

“He’s got change of pace, very crafty player. He’s not afraid. He reminds me of Donovan Mitchell as a rookie” – Lowe

“Memphis has a franchise player in this kid. He’s only going to get better and that’s his outside shot. Once he develops that, perennial All-Star” – T-Mac

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 2008 – LeBron James with the nasty left-handed dunk on the Hawks!


Crunchtime (New)

The Next Gen
Does watching Z-Wade & Bronny make you feel old?

Suns Cooling Off
How important is Ricky Rubio to the Suns?

Paul George wants Clippers to be “Closing of Journey”

“Yeah. Who doesn’t want to stay home? I don’t see him going anywhere” – T-Mac

“Of course I buy it. It’s set up to be good for a long time” – Lowe

“I buy it. I don’t think players should say this stuff” – Nichols

League Pass

Celtics at Nuggets
Expect Marcus Smart to guard Jokic?

“He might even demand to guard Jokic” – Lowe

“He can guard him out on the perimeter. In the interior, he has no chance” – T-Mac

Better chance to reach Finals: Celtics or Nuggets?

“Celtics. They’re in the Eastern Conference and offensively and defensively, they’re more balanced” – T-Mac

“Celtics. Pick the team that’s in the east” – Lowe

“Before the season started, a lot of people would have picked the Nuggets” – Nichols

At the Buzzer (New)
Pelicans: Zion “progressing exactly as we had hoped”

David Griffin:

“He’s tailored made for the modern NBA. Let’s see him play” – Lowe

“I want him to get back because I don’t want JJ Redick’s playoff streak to end” – T-Mac

T-Mac compares his knee troubles to Zion’s:

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