Show Recap: November 20, 2019

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Opening Tip (New)
Gronk have a second career as a dancer?



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The Undefeated’s Clinton Yates (Second Half Only):

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First Half

Monologue: Celtics lost a star, but have not lost a step

Do Celtics need another big to contend in East?

“Absolutely. To contend in the East? No. They’re fine in the East if they want to contend for a championship. This league is really a perimeter driven league. The reason they’re 11-2: Opportunity [for the other guys]. But to contend for a championship with no big man, I don’t think they have the pieces to do it” – T-Mac

“Who is the big man? This team is good enough right now. The real question is: Are the Celtics the kind of team that can bump up a level in the playoffs or are they one of those teams that plays through their ceiling in the regular season and does it at another level? If they want a big guy that makes $25M, you got to match salary and that’s very difficult for Boston” – Lowe

First impression of Melo in Portland?
Scored 10 points on 4-14 from the field in a loss vs the Pelicans

“I didn’t really have any expectations for him in this game [vs the Pelicans] other than how he was going to be moving after being out of the game for a year now. But once the adrenaline wears off, then will be able to see what Melo were going to see for the rest of this season” – T-Mac

“I’m going to reserve expectations for when the real team plays (with Lillard) and how he plays after 5-6 games” – Lowe

“It’s going to take him about 10-15 games to where he’s in great basketball shape” – T-Mac

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 2009 – James Harden stealing the ball, then passing it to Russell Westbrook who then passes it back to Harden to throw down the hammer!


Make or Miss League (Jrue Holiday)

Make (Ambition).JPG
Admire the effort from Melo?


“I’m going to say ‘A’ for effort” – Nichols

Miss (Layups).JPG
What did Pelicans eat before the game?

“I love the tempo this team plays” – T-Mac

Make (Heat Checks).JPG
How impressed have you been with Bogdan Bogdanovic?
Scored a career-high 31 points in a win over the Suns

“He got game” – T-Mac

“He was cooking. The Kings are a top 10 defense since Fox went down. Bogdan is going to make a lot of money” – Lowe

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Time to worry about this sleepy Lakers fan?

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Last week:

Fan sleeping

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Is 5-foot-2 Darnell Rogers must-see TV?
Averages 14ppg for the UMBC Retrievers

“Size doesn’t matter” – T-Mac

Moving on…

Lakers as good their record (12-2) indicates?

“They’re not going to win 70 games because of load management and JaVale and Dwight are not going to play all season this well. They’re playing over their heads. Everyone should have seen this coming. They have two of the top five players in the league that complement each other and a decent supporting cast around them and this is what happens” – Lowe

“LeBron and AD complement each other well, but they do all the heavy lifting. The other guys do their job” – T-Mac

“The Lakers have a softer first half of the season schedule wise than second half. You got to play the games on your schedule and if you don’t win these, then you’re really in trouble later in the season. I am super impressed” – Nichols

Jump Recommends.JPGHow Rick Carlisle learned to love Luka Doncic by Tim MacMahon

Second Half

Expectations for PG-Kawhi tandem on-court?

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“These guys actually love to play defense and take pride in shutting down the opposing team’s best offensive player. With Kawhi’s offense catching up to his defense and Paul George just coming off of an explosive season last year, along with what they already have, I expect them to dominate” – T-Mac

“Offensively, it may not look pretty” – Lowe


“The great thing about them is they don’t need the ball. They don’t have to dominate the ball” – T-Mac

Who does Luka remind you of?


Significance of LeBron having a triple-double vs all 30 teams?
Only player to accomplish this feat in NBA history

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“This is a big deal. I hadn’t thought of it. It’s very appropriate in terms of what LeBron’s legacy is really about” – Yates

“I’m buying it. If he wanted to, he could have averaged a triple-double for his career. He’s just that talented” – T-Mac

“Part of LeBron’s story is that he’s not a one-team guy. He took ownership of his career. It is fitting in a lot of different ways that he’s the first to do this” – Lowe

“I do like that it shows the completeness of his game and the fact that he does think passing is such an important part for a guy who could score the basketball whenever he wanted to” – Nichols

Are Wizards headed in right direction?


“They’re trending in the right direction: They’re heading to the lottery” – T-Mac

“They need to go in the direction of a high draft pick” – Lowe

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 2006 – Monta Ellis with the poster dunk on Barbosa!


Crunchtime (New)

Point Forward
Want to see Draymond running more point?

On this date in 2010: Blake dunked on Timofey Mozgov


Agree with D-Rose on load management?

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Credit: Will Purdue/NBC Sports Chicago

“Yeah possibly. D-Rose had to do a lot in Chicago. He played a lot of minutes, similar to me in Orlando for those four years, not having Grant Hill, having so much on your shoulders every night to carry a franchise. It’s going to take a toll on you, same with D-Rose. It was just a devastating injury to his career. We could have witnessed one of the greatest point guards to ever play this game” – T-Mac

“It’s an all-time ‘What if’ kind of moment” – Lowe

League Pass
Rockets at Nuggets
Confident Rockets will make it 9 straight?

Rockets Nuggets head to head.JPG

“In Denver, it is always tough. I’ll say 60 percent” – Lowe

“I don’t think Denver is a tough place to play. The Rockets own Denver. Nuggets don’t have enough scoring power to challenge this team” – T-Mac

At the Buzzer (New)
Sources: Clippers superduo to debut as Kawhi returns vs Celtics

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