Show Recap: November 19, 2019

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Opening Tip (New)
Running in timbs too far?

“Rasheed Wallace used to show up to shootarounds with timbs on” – T-Mac

“This is a thing now in New York?” – Lowe


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Second Half Only:

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First Half

Monologue: Anything is possible in today’s NBA

Luka ready to contend for MVP this season?



“He’s contending alright. The Mavs saw it. Having Luka be Dirk’s successor, this is unbelievable the things that he’s doing. What impresses me the most is he’s averaging 11. He is not athletic. He can’t jump a lick” – T-Mac

“15 games in, he is 100% on the ballot. If he keeps playing like this, it’s going to be a really hard vote at the end of the season because what he’s doing is MVP basketball” – Lowe

“LeBron, Giannis and Luka are in my top 3 for MVP” – T-Mac

“If he can sustain this for the whole season and the Mavs make the playoffs, he will have a good chance of breaking into that top 2” – T-Mac

Buying Harden’s 40 PPG season now?


“It’ll be difficult to get back to the form he was in last year because he’s taking so many threes this year. But I’m not surprised by this” – T-Mac

“Do something to stop [James Harden]” – Lowe

“I think James can do it because just his three point percentage is not even at where it was last year so even if he continues to take this volume of threes, if he just gets that back up to where it was and the pace that this Rockets team is playing with is so much more. He’s just getting more cracks at it “ – Nichols

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 1996 – A young Kevin Garnett with the monster putback dunk on the Rockets!


Make or Miss League (CJ McCollum)

Make (Trickery).JPG
Think Rondo approves of Mudiay’s move?


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Will this inspire a cherry-picking-on-defense trend?

“That is sacrificing” – T-Mac

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Understand Nassir Little’s dad’s frustration?



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“That wasn’t a foul” – T-Mac

Miss (The Rim).JPG
Someone leave a window open in the United Center?


Make (Suspicion).JPG
Danny Green got drug tested after putback dunk vs Hawks?


Moving on…

Kenny Atkinson: Nets “Below Average” right now

Full quote:

“Below-average teams are inconsistent and that’s what we are right now” – Atkinson

“Very concerned because this doesn’t look good on Kyrie’s resume. I’m not blaming Kyrie, but that chemistry is gone [from last season]. With Kyrie in the fold, this team is just completely lost. It’s not a good look” – T-Mac

“Never worry in the East. The Nets are fine” – Lowe

Second Half

Melo: “My approach is totally different”
It’s a one-year, $2.16M contract. It will become fully guaranteed if Anthony isn’t waived by 5pm Eastern January 7th

“I don’t know what that different approach is. But what I do know is: They need some scoring and they need help. It seems that the Blazers reached their ceiling with Dame and CJ. He can’t come in and be ‘stand on the perimeter Melo.’ They’re going to need him to be Melo if he can provide that and I just don’t know what he has left” – T-Mac

“I assume when he says, ‘change my approach,’ he’s talking about the kind of shots he’s going to take on offense. I actually don’t think he got enough credit in OKC. He played like ‘Team USA Melo.’ He played offense the way that everyone had been asking him to play in his twilight. This is going to sink or swim on whether he’s playable defensively” – Lowe

What’s the biggest issue facing Blazers?


“They have lack of depth at the big, terrible defensively and one of the worst defensive rebounding teams in the league” – Elhassan

“If things don’t get fixed, Melo is going to get the blame” – Elhassan

“The injury to Zach Collins was a back breaker” – Elhassan

Jump Recommends.JPGThe wild story behind the NBA’s most unlikely heist by Kevin Arnovitz

Doc changing tune about the coach’s challenge?


“Is it good for the league? I don’t know. I’m shocked that there this many calls that the refs are getting wrong” – Elhassan

“I don’t like it. There’s going to be some inconsistency just like the refs are on their calls” – T-Mac

“Maybe they should change it so that coaches can only use it in the 4th quarter because one thing I have watched is a coach getting pressure from their own players” – Nichols

“I would like to see the coach’s challenged used in the last 5 minutes of the game because that’s really where games are really deciding and it matters the most, not in the first three quarters” – T-Mac

Should Clippers be concerned about Kawhi’s health?


“He needs the rest” – Elhassan

“Kawhi didn’t look like himself [vs Houston]. He’s probably dealing with an issue we don’t know about” – T-Mac

“I don’t know of any surgery he had or needs. I think that it’s more of just something that requires to be managed” – Nichols

KAT sinks 7 3-PT FG as Wolves move to 8-6


Buying Wolves as playoff contender in West?

“I love what I’m seeing from KAT, but this is the Andrew Wiggins that I’ve been wanting to see. I’m buying it. I see a different and more assertive player. It’s going to stay and they are going to make the playoffs because of Towns and Wiggins” – T-Mac

“If Wiggins continues to play like this, they’ll make the playoffs. But I’ve seen this before. I’ve seen stretches where he looks engaged and he’s on to it, and then he comes back and it goes away” – Elhassan

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 1999 – Jason Williams aka “White Chocolate” with the nifty no-look behind the back pass to Corliss Williamson!


Crunchtime (New)

Raptors: 40 assists vs Hornets (franchise record) still force to be reckoned with in East?

Fair to fine Buddy Hield $25k for celebratory kick vs Celtics on Sunday night?


CP3 proving worth in LA showcase?


“I don’t know if it’s a showcase. The issue is: The salary and the age. There’s nothing that he can do on the court now that is going to erase it” – Elhassan

“I don’t think it’s a showcase. Chris can still play at a high level. I would like to see him with a contender” – T-Mac

At the Buzzer (New)
AD on his style options:

Better style: AD or Russ?

“AD” – T-Mac

“Russ” – Elhassan

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