Show Recap: October 29, 2019 (Girl Power…again!)

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Opening Tip (New)
Embiid’s “No trash talk” promise ended by shimmy?


“This is not trash talking, this is just the flex” – Ogwumike


Panel (10-29)

First Half

Monologue: A tale of two revenge games

Knicks providing reasons for hope?

“It is providing hope. I’m hopeful that they’re able to play hard and at least build a foundation for the future” – Ogwumike

“It was the way they won. Knicks were feeling it” – Shelburne

Russ: 21 points, 12 rebounds, 9 assists in win vs OKC

“When I hoop, I have no friends” – Westbrook

Rockets integrating Russ perfectly?


“They’re doing great. This is what they envisioned: He pushes the pace and plays at this style. This is actually more of a Mike D’Antoni type style than James Harden was playing over the last couple years. It’s a promising start” – Shelburne

“Rockets have more balance at the PG position now. Last year, Rockets were 4th worse in pace. Now, they’re the 4th best [in pace], that’s the Russell Westbrook effect” – Ogwumike

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 2003 – A young LeBron James stealing the ball and throwing down a monster jam on the other end!


Make or Miss League (Jusuf Nurkic)

Make (Highlights)
Would you rather cross or dunk on someone?



“I’d rather cross someone up. Those are iconic” – Ogwumike

“The dunk” – Shelburne

Miss (Explanations)
Did this really deserve a flagrant 2?


“It’s a little harsh. But you have to sell that it wasn’t that bad. Maybe it was his reaction to it” – Shelburne

Make (Spooky Szn)
Best halloween costume so far?

Isaiah Thomas

KAT and Covington


Ogwumike: Game of Thrones

Miss (Careers)
Is Jordan Poole excited for October to end?

Make (Skrt Skrt)
So, Fred VanVleet has this in his bag?



Run it Back

Ankle breakers

5) Nate Rob on Reggie Jackson in 20123etpq8

4) Isaiah Rider on Willie Anderson in 19943etpur

3) Kemba on Mirotic in 2014

2) Wade on O.J. Mayo in 2008

1) Harden on Wesley Johnson in 20183etq9j

Moving on…

Who will get last laugh: Warriors or critics?


“The critics. Warriors have been so good for so long that they’ve been immune to a lot of criticism. Their defense has been the issue” – Ogwumike

“My thought is Charles [Barkley]. He was, on opening night, pretty cold” – Shelburne

Jump Recommends.JPGJackie MacMullan on KD, Kyrie and what comes next for Nets

Second Half

Buy KD’s hands-off approach to Kyrie’s temperament?




Surprised by Kawhi’s passing this year?
Has 30 assists thru 4 games


“I love it. He’s getting that MVP treatment. This is the best version of Kawhi just because of his ability to create for others” – Ogwumike

“He’s doing this because he’s taking what the game is giving him. He’s taking what opponents are forcing him to do” – Shelburne

Bucks supporting cast underrated?


“I guess they’re underrated in that Giannis gets a lot of the attention. This is reminding me of Mike’s [Budenholzer] team in Atlanta. It’s always how Mike’s teams like to play” – Shelburne

“They can’t be underrated when they just won 60 games a season ago. They’ve surrounded Giannis with people that he could be confident in distributing the ball to” – Ogwumike

“To me, they should always have gotten more credit than they did coming into this season. I’m not a huge fan of supporting cast. The question remains though: Is this a team that can win in the playoffs?” – Nichols

NCAA votes to allow athletes to profit off likeness




Distant Replay 2 OTD in 2003 – Baron Davis gets fancy on the fastbreak!


Expectations for Jimmy Butler’s first game?

“They’ve already surprised us without Jimmy. This is where the identity is going to come through” – Ogwumike

“He is the type of player that not only does he appreciate it, it makes him feel validated in Miami” – Shelburne

League PassMavs at Nuggets
Better duo: Jokic-Murray or Doncic-Porzingis?

“Doncic-Porzingis just because their ceiling is so high” – Shelburne

“I see the Doncic-Porzingis duo working” – Nichols

At the Buzzer (New)
Was Rachel’s timing on spill accidental?


“It was an accident” – Nichols

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