Show Recap: October 28, 2019 (Girl Power!)

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Opening Tip (New)
More memorable: Harden’s hit or Josh Hart’s reaction?


“James Harden’s reaction because we have all done that” – Shelburne


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First Half

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the…

Bays of Our Lives

Warriors crushed by Thunder, 120-92
Trailed by 33 points at halftime; Warriors have allowed 261 points in 1st 2 games

Draymond & Steve Kerr we’re not happy about it:

Warriors problems bigger than injuries?



“I do think so. Defense has always been an issue, especially when it comes to the paint. Their paint is extremely vulnerable. For the Warriors, I’d be extremely concerned. Their efficiency is not what were used it” – Ogwumike

“They might actually be this bad. The players in Warriors jerseys right now are not the Warriors” – Shelburne

“The Warriors don’t have the personnel and they can’t do what they used to do” – Nichols

You have to go back to square one and say, ‘This is how were going to play basketball'” – Ogwumike

“The systems and the way they used to play don’t exist anymore. They have to find a new system. They don’t have enough players who actually know how they play” – Shelburne

Expectations for Thunder-Rockets?

“I don’t know if I’m feeling the whole Chris Paul revenge game. It will be a big deal for Chris Paul, but I don’t know if it’s big deal for the two teams” – Shelburne

“The Rockets might be the team that actually is built to sustain poor shooting nights just because of their tenacity. They might have an underrated bench” – Ogwumike

“It could feel like a revenge game for CP” – Nichols

Time to wake up on Timberwolves?
KAT was named Western Conference player of the week

Perk two weeks ago:

“This season, it will go as far as Karl-Anthony Towns goes. Is he not the MVP favorite?” – Ogwumike

“There’s no excuses for them anymore. Do KAT’s stats translate into winning?” – Shelburne

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 2009 – Carmelo Anthony steals the ball and throws down a monster poster dunk on Paul Millsap!


Make or Miss League (Beverley new graphic)

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 10.13.38 PM.png
Best “half-baked” treatment since Joakim Noah?




“Spo is better because he uses both hands” – Shelburne

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 10.14.12 PM.png
Chiney, what was going through your mind here?


Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 10.14.29 PM.png
Is Pat Bev top villain in NBA right now?

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 10.14.46 PM.png
Who took the worse shot?



Ogwumike: Mitchell | Shelburne: Mitchell

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 10.15.27 PM.png
How nice was this play drawn up for Jae Crowder?


“Perfect time, perfect awareness” – Ogwumike

Moving on…

Surprised by Dwight’s 16-10-4 vs Hornets?
Was 8-8 from the field off the bench in 23 minutes

“If you asked me in 2012, I would have said yes. If he would have just done this in 2012, this would have been everything the Lakers wanted from him. Just do your job. Play defense, rebound and block shots” – Shelburne

“If you get production like that, it is a luxury to have that” – Ogwumike

Vogel: “We’ve not closed the door” on Boogie return

“I can’t really see him playing this year for the Lakers” – Shelburne

“I wouldn’t even try to put this narrative out there. They have tremendous depth at the Center position already. Boogie needs to just take care of himself” – Ogwumike

Second Half

SNE (New)Suns beating Clippers Saturday


Ogwumike: Something
“I actually really like this squad as a sneaky pick to upset your team”

Shelburne: Something
“I thought it was a statement win for them after the Deandre Ayton suspension”

Sources: John Wall, Adidas negotiating buyout (Per Nick DePaula)
Hasn’t played a game since December 26


Shelburne: Everything
“Isn’t that what’s supposed to happen? You sign a contract and it’s for better or worse?”

Ogwumike: Nothing

James Harden: 3-26 3-pt FG this season
His worse stretch of shooting the three since he shot 3-31 in a 3-game run last February


Ogwumike: Everything (With a positive spin)
“If this is a team that can sustain James Harden shooting the ball well, this is the best that contend for a championship”

Markelle Fultz: 2 3-pt FG Saturday


Shelburne: Everything (It’s something with Fultz)
“He’s taking them and he’s making them”

Ogwumike: Everything
“No one was near him. He’s playing with confidence. This is a new version of Markelle Fultz we’ve been waiting for”

Jump Recommends.JPGDoes Chase Center house Warriors’ future or past by Ramona Shelburne

How long can Kyrie keep up this pace?

“Is this reminding you a little like of peak Kobe?” – Shelburne

“I don’t think he’s going to be averaging 37 points per game the whole season, but that ‘Killer Kyrie’ is back. It’s so much fun seeing him operate in space. This is the first team where he knows he’s alpha. He’s the No. 1 option and no one else questions it” – Ogwumike

More impressive debut week: JA Morant or Kendrick Nunn?

“I usually root for the better story and Nunn is that guy. But JA Morant has been unbelievable. I’m feeling pretty good about that Rookie of the Year pick” – Shelburne

“JA Morant. We didn’t expect this from Memphis. He seems like he plays with experience and poise” – Ogwumike

Distant Replay 2 OTD in 2005 – Kobe Bryant throwing down the one-handed jam in a preseason game in Vegas!


Crunchtime (New)

Tacko Time!
Tacko makes debut at MSG
Entered the game with 4 minutes left and was 2-4 from the field

Mr. Triple-Double
Russ passes Magic on triple-double list (2nd all-time)

Mark Cuban go too far tweeting at officials after game?

“I’m not mad at this. I like this engagement because the NBA has been the best professional league at being transparent with their calls” – Ogwumike

“I’m fine with Mark’s first point that they can show it and explain things to fans in the arena” – Shelburne

League Pass76ers at Hawks
Buy Trae Young as an All-Star this year?
Named Eastern Conference Player of the week


“In the East, yes” – Shelburne

“I buy him as an All-Star because all he has to do is get them past 29 wins” – Ogwumike

“It would be a great story if he’s able to make the All-Star game” – Nichols

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 10.24.52 PM.png
When will Perk stop sleeping on Wolves?

“Not until the playoffs” – Ogwumike

“Midseason” – Shelburne

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