Show Recap: October 23, 2019

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Like Raptors championship rings?

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First Half Only:

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Making his first EVER appearance on The Jump is First Take’s:

Stephen A Smith

First Half


SNE (New)

Clippers bench outscoring Lakers, 60-19

T-Mac: Everything
“To be a championship team, you got to have a championship bench

Windhorst: Everything
“This is the fundamental difference between these two teams: the Lakers had to clear the decks to get their two superstars, the Clippers were able to get their two superstars without losing all the depth”

Kawhi’s 16-point 2nd quarter
Most points in a second quarter in Leonard’s career

Windhorst: Something
“Kawhi embraced this game and the Clippers embraced this rivalry”

T-Mac: Something
“His offense has caught up to his defense. I’m not surprised by this. This is who he is now”

“We’re seeing him at the height of his power” – Nichols

LeBron & AD scoring 2 fourth quarter points

“I don’t think this is anything. LeBron was trying to figure things out. He was deferring a lot and very passive. He’s done that in the past with some of his newer teams” – T-Mac

Windhorst: Everything
“They have probably had the least amount of practice time of anybody in the NBA. It felt like they were practicing in this game”

Bonus SNE:

Make or Miss League (Dame New Graphic)

Miss (Execution)
Norman Powell’s shot at end of regulation was ____


“Surprising” – T-Mac

Make (Three Stripe Life)
T-Mac millenniums reason for Ingram’s strong game?
Had 22-5-5 vs Raptors

BI's T-Mac shoes

“I got a new pair coming in December. MZ 2s” – T-Mac

Make (Mathematics)
Is Jared Dudley built like a math teacher?

“You better not leave him open” – T-Mac

Distant Replay 2OTD in 2004: Jalen Rose with the lob pass to Vince Carter who finishes it hard at the basket!


Rachel’s one-on-one conversation with Sixers superstar, Joel “The Process” Embiid!

Embiid’s goals for this season realistic?

“2 of the 3 is reachable: MVP and DPOY. They will be top 2 in the East. He’ll be the leader of this team, but I don’t think they’ll win the championship” – T-Mac

“The most important thing for the Sixers is Joel’s health” – Windhorst

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Draymond & Bob Myers on “The Woj Pod”

Second Half

Draymond on fallout from altercation with KD:

Via The Woj Pod:

Could Draymond-KD altercation have been handled differently?


“That’s maturity from Draymond. I got nothing but respect for Draymond manning up and going to KD and apologize” – T-Mac

“If there was no apology, it w probably would have been physical” – T-Mac

“I’ve been with Bob Myers my whole career. He’s someone I admire and respect. I’m not surprised on the relationship Draymond Green has with because Bob is just that type of guy” – T-Mac on his former agent

Can Warriors win title with current core?


Panic time for Lakers already?

“The offense was a little clunky. You can tell that they’re trying to figure out how to use Anthony Davis” – Lowe

“Everything went wrong” – T-Mac

Zach's Wild NBA Predictions
Click here to read more on Zach’s wild NBA predictions

If Bucks don’t make Finals, Giannis won’t sign supermax

“It’s ticking, but it’s less dire for Milwaukee if he doesn’t sign it. There’s more of a chance he might actually stay another year and then re-sign a regular contract” – Lowe

“Giannis would be leaving 5 years, $253M on the table. There’s no way in hell he is turning that down on a team that’s been competitive in the Eastern Conference for the last few years” – T-Mac

Heat will finish 3rd in East

“I just like this weird, big, strange Heat team. Jimmy Butler is the best player on that team. I like their mix of size and defense” – Lowe

“My three teams are Philly, Milwaukee and Boston. But not Miami” – T-Mac

“I think the Celtics will be a good regular season team. I do have concerns in the playoffs” – Nichols

T-Mac's Wild NBA Prediction
Harden might average 40 PPG


“I am standing by that. He has that ability because of where the game is at today. The system is tailored made for  this guy to put up numbers night in and night out” – T-Mac

“Westbrook is going to demand more of the ball, more of the offense. I don’t see how he could average 40 playing with Russ” – Lowe

Distant Replay 2OTD in 2013: LeBron bouncing the ball to D-Wade, then bouncing it back to LeBron who slams it home!


Crunchtime (New)

Spicy appetizer
Spicy P’s big game a good sign for Raptors?

Banged up Blake
Can Pistons hold the fort with Blake out?
Out until November

BS or Real Talk (New)

LeBron on Clippers: “It’s not a rivalry”

BS or Real Talk (LeBron on Clippers).JPG

“I’m disgusted by that comment from LeBron. You respond with a passive performance on the offensive side of the floor. I don’t want to hear that” – Smith

“It’s definitely a rivalry. You got to accept that challenge and in this game, he didn’t accept it” – T-Mac

“BS. It is a rivalry” – Nichols

Kyrie on Nets: “It was an easy decision I was coming here regardless”

BS or Real Talk (Kyrie on Nets).JPG

“Kyrie would have went to New York if KD had gone to the Knicks” – Smith

“Wherever KD was going to go, he was going to follow suit” – T-Mac

League Pass
Knicks at Spurs

Stephen A. after the Knicks were brought up:

Stephen A.JPG

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