Show Recap: October 7, 2019 (Jorge Sedano hosts)

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Still concerned that Zion is 6-foot-6?

“None at all. You know what they say, ‘you can’t teach height'” – Ogwumike


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Note: Ramona joins the panel in the second half, appearing during the BS or Real Talk segment and stays on the rest of the show

First Half

AD posts 22 pts, 10 reb in 18 mins vs Warriors

AD on the preseason:

How much stock should we put in AD’s (preseason) Lakers debut?

“This is like Apple in the 80s, like that type of stock. You want to get in on it now before the bandwagon comes through. This was a dominant performance. This is going to be scary if they play to that potential and they just have that synergy from the jump” – Ogwumike

“I, at least, expect LeBron to ride Anthony Davis putting the onus on him and passing the torch a little bit. This may up being the best fit for LeBron as far as the talent is concerned, at the time of his career and the time of AD’s career when they’re uniting forces. It’s basically a much more athletic version of Chris Bosh” – Sedano

Do Warriors have major issues at center?

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Credit: Ryan Gorcey/San Francisco Examiner

“Outside of Draymond [playing the center position and carrying so much of that load for years], there’s not necessarily been a standout big. They’ve wanted to get production from bigs, but they’ve really just bet on their backcourt. At this point, when health is an issue, having the lack of the center rim protector is going to hurt them, especially at the start of the season” – Ogwumike

“I am a believer in Willie Cauley-Stein, defensively. He is the prototypical center. I do think that that’s an area they’re going to be to improve their roster on, at least as we get closer to the season and especially if Klay is healthy” – Sedano

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Make or Miss League (Kawhi Clippers) 2

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Will fans ever not be excited about Tacko Fall?

“He’s absolutely a fan favorite across the NBA” – Sedano

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Credit decals for LaMelo’s ankle breakers?


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Surprised we don’t see more in-game FT line dunks?

“The best way to do it is probably with the adrenaline in game” – Ogwumike

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Did Caris LeVert forget which team he’s on?


“In this fact, you’re not playing against another NBA team so you can support other hoopers like real recognize real. It was a nice pass” – Ogwumike


Run it Back

Best opposing bench reactions ever.JPG

2001: Vince windmill

1991: MJ reverse

2012: Gerald Green alley-oop3co4tq

2012: Gerald Henderson on Dwight3co4nb

1985: Larry Legend 60 burger

Moving on…

Woj: Kyle Lowry, Raptors agree to 1-yr/$31M extension | How does Lowry extension reflect Raptors direction?

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“He’s been the true stabilizer from game 1 to game 82 and even through the playoffs for them. He is worth his money. Overtime, we’ve really questioned him and he really proved himself to be a great organizational leader and that’s the direction you want. You want a guy that’s a floor general, someone that has championship pedigree and can also galvanize the young guys” – Ogwumike

“He is a legit NBA All-Star and deserves what he’s getting. From a team perspective this is smart for another reason: It does take him out of July 2020 free agency, but it allows for another team who wants to be in for the summer of 2021 that trades for him to have that salary come off the books at the proverbial right time. If he gets dealt, I think it’s going to be to a contender” – Sedano

Lowry on Raptors: “Pascal will probably be our go-to-guy”

Via SiriusXM NBA Radio:

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“I agree [with Kyle]. It’s the one-on-one reads that I expect the jump from. After Giannis made that type of jump we’ve seen year and year, I expect the same for Pascal. I think the Raptors think he’s the franchise player and the future. I expect him to be an All-Star this year” – Ogwumike


Second Half

Are Pelicans attempts to temper expectations for Zion working?

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Credit: Malika Andrews/ESPN


First impressions of JA Morant?
Stat line: 10 points, 7 assists in 19 minutes

“It’s going to be a slow climb, especially for a team that’s rebuilding themselves. Between him and Jaren [Jackson Jr.], it’s going to be different. Everyone is going to be talking about him. He could be the future, not only for his team, but the NBA just because of how he approaches the game and how different he is ” – Ogwumike

“I think he looks like a combo of De’Aaron Fox (his build, motor and speed) and the aggressiveness of Russell Westbrook” – Sedano

BS or Real Talk

D-Lo on AD & LeBron: “It looks like a fantasy team”

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CJ McCollum on load management: “I don’t know if we can afford to Kawhi it”

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Credit: Joe Freeman/The Oregonian

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Remove ‘Let’s look at this’

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Shaq’s diss bar on Dame: “You shoot too much, dudes on your team hate it”


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Michael Porter Jr.: “I probably won’t get the huge role I wanted off the bat”

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Credit: Mike Singer/The Denver Post

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Life without Russ begins in OKC by Royce Young

Buy that Wolves are changing their culture?


“Yes. I absolutely do. Defense is all about trust and last year and the year before, the dynamics of that locker room with the Wolves was not really trustworthy, but now they have it. But it has to start with Towns” – Ogwumike

“It’s never too late to try to reset. For these young guys, they’re running out of time. This has to happen now” – Shelburne

“Towns is the most talented player on that roster and he could be arguably a top 5 player in this league if he committed to himself on defense” – Sedano

At the buzzer

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