Show Recap: October 4, 2019

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Opening Tip
Will pressure to shoot help or hurt Ben Simmons?

“I don’t think it’s going to impact him at all. He’s going to keep doing what he’s doing” – Jefferson

“For him, it’s about the playoffs. At some point, he’ll have to make a jump shot” – Elhassan



Guest (Second Half Only):

Byron Spruwell.JPG
President of NBA operations, Byron Spruell

First Half

Monologue: CP3 starting fresh in Oklahoma City

CP3 (Eye Exam).JPG
Chris Paul has great vision. His ability to see plays as they’re developing, judge the inches here or there that make all the difference, it’s a big part of what’s made him one of the NBA’s most elite point guards
So it should not be a surprise that now, as CP prepares to start his season in Oklahoma City…
CP eyes
He sees some angles of being with the Thunder that others might not
He knows the narrative that this summer, the NBA played one of the most wild games of musical chairs ever that when the music stopped, he was the star left without a playoff team
CP raft
That he must be miserable, that he’s desperate to get out on the first life raft that comes by no matter where it’s headed

Except for this, Chris himself keeps insisting all of that is not true:

Young and older CP
At 34 years old, CP is definitely not the same player he was at 24
Harden and CP3
He’s also not 84. It’s just that playing next to the guy who’s had the highest usage rate in the league the past two seasons can really do a number on your stat line
Numbers wise, this is a significant difference and one that apparently did not go unnoticed by the Rockets themselves

Expectations for CP3 in OKC?

“For him, this is opportunity to prove to other teams to show that he can still do quite a bit so that he can maybe make himself tempting for another team to bring in. He’s going to out there and play a great brand of basketball” – Jefferson

“It’s not the stats, it’s the involvement. Oklahoma City isn’t a bad team. This is a team that could make the playoffs in the East” – Elhassan

Lakers experimenting with LeBron at point, AD at center

What’s the Lakers closing lineup?

Lakers rotation.JPG


Sparks fire GM Penny Toler

Sparks GM.jpg
Credit: Leon Bennett/Getty Images


Make or Miss League (Damian Lillard).JPG

Make (Tenacity).JPG
Is Pat Bev aware it’s preseason?


Miss (Makes).JPG
Think Harden will keep attempting more one-legged three pointers in regular season?



“Harden doing this won’t help them win games” – Jefferson

Make (Displays).JPG
Is this move more Kyrie or more Jamal Crawford?



Jefferson: Kyrie | Elhassan: Kyrie

Miss (Laziness).JPG
Would you wake up at 3:30 to hoop?

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Make (Flexibility).JPG
Think Myles Turner is a successful Twister player?

Miss (Apathy).JPG
Pacers beat Kings 132-131 in OT at 2019 India games!

Moving on…

Porzingis on RJ Barrett’s dunk wish: “I respect that”

Will Knicks regret trading Porzingis?


“I don’t think so. Once you have a process, if you’re a process-oriented team, you have to trust in it. The results may not be guaranteed in your favor. They’re in a place now with flexibility and assets where they can go after other types of players. Also, it’s not just Porzingis, it’s his medical issues and off the court issues” – Elhassan

“You want people that want to be there. They’re going to have to develop through the draft and collect assets” – Jefferson

“I don’t think we know yet. We don’t know what Kristaps is going to be” – Nichols

Will Iso Joe have trouble transitioning from BIG3 back to NBA
Signed with Detroit Pistons


“I don’t think it’s a matter of him transitioning, it’s a matter of what Detroit wants. He doesn’t need to prove himself right now. They have two All-Stars on their team” – Jefferson

“He’s a situational player [for the Pistons]” – Elhassan

The Undefeated convo with Marvin Bagley III (Marc J. Spears)

Second Half

Nets over/under 43 wins this season?
Per Caesars Sportsbook

“Over. Even if Kyrie misses some games, I still think that they have talent that can help them win” – Jefferson

“Over” – Elhassan

T-Mac visits Magic training camp. Says Fultz looks “Damn good”

Believe change of scenery will help Fultz this season?

“Personally, I’m tired of hearing about change of scenery. I just want him to go out there and play basketball, whether the shot falls or not, whether he’s got a hitch in it or not, that shouldn’t preclude him from doing other things on the basketball court” – Elhassan

“The change of scenery is going to let us know if he can play basketball” – Jefferson

Expectations for coaches challenges in year 1?

“It’s a 1 year trial and test. We’re not sure how much the coaches will use it. We hope that it’ll be a tool that they can use to get a call right. They get one [challenge]. We want to monitor how it goes all season and then see where we end up. We think there’s a fan element to it. We want to see calls being right” – Spruell

How will “focus on traveling” impact NBA ball handlers?

Reasoning for changes to starting lineup & injury reporting?

“It’s all about transparency. It’s a window of time we wanted to increase [from 10 minutes to 30 minutes]” – Spruell


Elena Delle Donne diagnosed with herniated disk in back

Mount Zion
Zion Williamson officially measures at 6-foot-6 (Per Shams Charania/The Athletic)

At the buzzer
Embiid’s trash talk hiatus already over?

Credit: Kyle Neubeck/Philly Voice

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