Show Recap: October 2, 2019

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Spike Lee spends $100K on 1970 Knicks memorabilia!


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First Half

Monologue: Zion is already giving Pelicans their swag

Zion turning 19.JPG
Zion Williamson turned 19 just a few months ago
Baby Zion and Freshmen Redick.JPG
Or to put it another way, when his new teammate and fellow Blue Devil, JJ Redick was a freshmen at Duke, Zion was 2 years old
Zion blood pressure.JPG
It’s not a surprise that the Pelicans keep trying to lower expectations to take the pressure off of him
Gentry and Griffin (Twister).JPG
The Pelicans are only three days into training camp, yet both GM David Griffin and Coach Alvin Gentry have already bent over backward with their messaging so often that no one has recruited them for the national Twister team
That's all folks.JPG
Then AD wore the ‘That’s All Folks’ t-shirt and the rest is history! Attendance was bad, the front office was in ruins, there was renewed talk about whether New Orleans should even have an NBA team
Seattle Sonics moving van.JPG
Some fans in Seattle were probably already measuring the relocation moving vans

Contrast all of that to now:

What should we expect from Zion in Year 1?


“They’re pretty high. It’s going to be exciting to see him compete against guys at the same level that we feel like he’s been at. He’s been playing at a professional level for a year now and when we see him against that same kind of competition, it’s going to be great to see. He has a lot of edge. Being ROY is not far fetched. The sky’s the limit for him” – Pippen

“I’m concerned about two things: His shot and you’ve got to keep your body and your mind right. For a guy with these supersized expectations, it’s going to be extremely difficult” – Friedell

“He’s already dealt with pressure” – Nichols

“It’s just about staying healthy. The offense has to run through Zion. It’s going to help him develop fast. We may see him on the All-Star team this year” – Pippen

Does Lonzo’s shot look better?

“It does. He’s taking the ball more up. It will help him in the long run” – Pippen

“It’s cleaner. There’s not a hitch anymore. Lonzo seems to be listening to himself” – Friedell

Make or Miss League (Kawhi Clippers) 2.JPG

Make (Lavishness).JPG
Scottie, how does this compare to travel in your era?

Via leafsquad/IG:

Scottie Pippen and his teammates.JPG

“Working on it” – Pippen

Miss (Traffic).JPG
Does this mean Klay’s jumper will be even wetter?

Via klaythompson/IG:

Klay Thompson (Fishing).JPG

Klay Thompson (Fishing) 2.JPG

Make (Reunions).JPG
Expect CP3 to put up similar numbers to last stint in OKC?

Miss (Aging).JPG
Impressed by these vets?

Vince Carter.JPG

Tyson Chandler.JPG

Kyle Korver.JPG

Udonis Haslam.JPG

Pau Gasol.JPG

Scottie Pippen.JPG

Make (Fitness).JPG
Spurs asst coach Tim Duncan runs wind sprints with players

Moving on…

Beal on potential extension: “It’s not the money factor here”
It’s extension worth $111M!

Credit: Fred Katz/The Athletic

See Beal with Wizards long-term?

“He hasn’t achieved any success there from a team’s standpoint so I think he wants to keep his options open. The road doesn’t look too promising going forward. If it was me, I’d go ahead and sign [the extension]” – Pippen

“Take the money that’s in front of you and play for the future” – Friedell

Nichols and Friedell:

Second Half

Will expectations meet reality for Clippers defensively?

Via The LA Times (Andrew Greif):

“It’s going to be scary. I think, for the first time, people are going to be excited to watch the defensive side as opposed to the offensive team.” – Paul George



“It’ll be lived up to. They created a culture last year of playing hard on both ends of the court and mostly on the defensive end with a guy like Patrick Beverley. Now you add two of the top defenders in the league. They’re going to be a team that’s going to get off to a good start. I see them taking teams out of games early based on their defense” – Pippen

“You have Doc Rivers who has won a title and knows exactly how he wants to structure his team to play defensively” – Friedell

Wiggins: “I feel like I was on the rise my first 3 years and then some changes were made”


Wiggins going to silence critics this season?


“You can’t allow a new player to come in and stop your development. He has to continue to develop. If you’re trying to be a star in this league, you can’t say stuff like, ‘Jimmy Butler slowed me down.'” – Pippen

James Johnson fails Heat training camp conditioning test
Ira Winderman (South Florida Sun Sentinel) reports that Johnson has been in touch with Heat trainers and is working out on his own at this point

Statement from the team:

“Because he fell short of our conditioning requirements. Once he fulfills and maintains those requirements, he will rejoin the team”


NBA power rankings & breakout candidates for all 30 teams

Kerr on D-Lo: “He’ll be able to play with and without the ball for us”

Who’s the primary ball handler for Warriors? | Is pressure off Warriors this season?



Jonquel Jones: First player with 30 pts, 15 reb in WNBA Finals game
Stat line: 32 pts and 18 rebs in Game 2 (Only the 3rd player to do it in a WNBA playoff game)

Coach Pop takes shots at Marcus Morris for reneging on Spurs contract

Bigger Giannis story: Refusing to talk free agency or working on shot with Korver?

Ayton: “I’m definitely shooting the three this year”


Smart for Ayton to attempt more threes this season?

“Yes it’s smart. You want to see some growth in a player year in, year out. But don’t forget who you are, stick with what you know: The dunk” – Pippen

“He can be dominant down low” – Friedell

At the buzzer
Sneak peek of what we’ll see from Zion this season?

“I thought I’d never say this but: I can’t wait to watch the Pelicans play” – Pippen

“I just can’t wait for Zion vs Zach LaVine at the dunk contest in Chicago. That is going to be awesome” – Friedell

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