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Opening Tip
Teams must certify player height and weight within 1st week of camp (Per Marc Stein/New York Times)

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First Half

Monologue: Is it finally going to come together for Philly?

Training Camp Day 1.JPG
NBA training camps finally start opening tomorrow and for some teams, it’s a chance to pick up where they left off
Training Camp Day 1 (Pixie Dust).JPG
Or to build on the momentum of whatever promise or pixie dust they had in the playoffs, try to make a stronger run at it this time around

For other teams…

Sixers coach and players.JPG
The exact point they left off last season was pretty crushing. None more so than the Sixers
Embiid on a treadmill.JPG
So how do you come back from that? Joel Embiid says he spent the summer getting in better shape. He says he lost 25 pounds
Ben Simmons love for bball.JPG
As for Ben Simmons, he told the Associated Press that this summer, ‘I fell in love with the game again’

It even sounds like he may be addressing one of his biggest issues last season:

Ben Simmons.JPG
Will have to see if that attitude actually translates into games
Tobias Harris and Al Hoford.JPG
Will also see how the Sixers integrate rival turned teammate, Al Horford, how they grow Tobias Harris, whether they’ll miss Jimmy Butler and JJ Redick


“On paper it looks good. I’ve always said that their maturity level and experience were the two things that I worried about. Experience, they’ve continued to gain. Maturity level is what I’m looking for this year. They have just as good a chance as anyone else in the NBA this year to win the Finals” – Barnes

“I’m scared about how weird this team is, but I think they’re going to the NBA Finals. I just think their talent and their size is overwhelming, I think they should have the best defense in the NBA, Joel Embiid should win Defensive Player of the Year and they’re just going to bludgeon people” – Lowe

Bonus: Which Sixer takes last shot:

Is Eastern Conference a two-horse race?



“Bucks/Sixers would be an incredible series and I do think it’s a two-horse race. Boston would be the next team, but they are one player away and if they could ever find a way to trade for an impact big man, they’d could come into this conversation” – Lowe

“I definitely think it’s a two-horse race until KD is back healthy being at least 80-85% of what KD is. I don’t see Brooklyn being a contender. For Boston, I don’t know if it’s one piece or just really understanding who they are from being away from being an Eastern Conference contender” – Barnes

Doc Rivers quote.JPG

Doc Rivers quote 2.JPG

Sam Presti on Doc saying Thunder were looking to rebuild prior to PG trade:

“I believe Sam Presti. He’s thrilled with the outcome they got trading Paul George and Russell Westbrook and Jerami Grant and the picks they got” – Lowe

“I don’t believe him. Without him admitting it, the writing was on the wall that they were ready to go a different direction” – Barnes



Sam Presti on KD’s recent comments on OKC:

Will KD ever forgive OKC?

Presti: “I think Chris Paul is going to have a really good year”

Realistic expectations for CP in OKC?

“I agree 100%. I’m excited for Chris. People kind of wrote him off last year because second year in Houston didn’t go as planned. What I hope for him is he goes out and has a great first half of the year and then gets traded to a contender hopefully at the deadline because unfortunately, OKC is in a rebuilding state and that’s not somewhere Chris wants to finish his career” – Barnes

“Chris Paul, when healthy, is still an elite player in the NBA. I would expect him to have a very good season” – Lowe

Make or Miss League Steve Kerr

Make (Recognition).JPG
Cooler Dirk tribute?

Street name:

A sign at Olive Street and North Houston Street gives notice of a proposed renaming of Olive Street in honor of Dirk Nowitzki.
Credit: The Dallas Morning News

Court design:

Mavs court.JPG

Nichols: Court design | Barnes: Both | Lowe: Court design (For one season)

Miss (Birdies).JPG
Where does this “3” rank for Steph?
Needed only 3 shots to eagle a par 5, in front of Phil Mickelson!




Make (Camaraderie).JPG
Bad omen that Clippers went fishing?

“Team bonding is good, I don’t care if it’s fishing” – Lowe

“If they don’t win the championship, they set themselves up. I’m all for getting together before the season starts” – Barnes

Miss (Two Hands).JPG
Should the rim be raised to 11 feet?

“No. It should stay at 10 feet” – Barnes

Make (Genetics).JPG
Where did Shaq’s daughters get their jumpers from?

Moving on…

Buy LeBron being 3rd in NBArank?

Again: These rankings are based on what kind of season the experts thinks players are going to have this coming season, not a rank of who are the best players for their whole careers. They are ranking who they expect to be best this coming season



“I still give him the edge over Giannis. There’s still a few question marks on Giannis’ offensive game. I put Kawhi as the No. 1 overall player in the game right now with KD hurt. People have to understand: the only reason why LeBron is even dropping is just years. He’s going into his 17th season and he has a lot of miles on him. I have him at No. 2 instead of three” – Barnes

“I buy it. He’s older now. I think we should expect a little decline, even if it’s just 2% or 5% this year” – Lowe

Second Half

Agree with David Griffin on all-in mentality?

Credit: Jim Eichenhofer/
Credit: Jim Eichenhofer/


“You have to be all the way in. I completely agree with him. They’re out to prove something this year” – Barnes

“They’ve gone all in the right way. They didn’t go with old guys. I was talking to a GM about the Pelicans and he said, ‘They are going to be a giant pain in the a** to play every single game'” – Lowe

Should Celtics offer Jaylen Brown rookie-scale extension?
Has until October 21 to agree to the extension


“I think the jury is still out on him. This is a big personal season for him. If I’m the Celtics, I’m waiting. He has to show it consistently because last year he was in and out with the toss up with that team” – Barnes

“I don’t think they’ll offer him a max now. If I were them, I’d offer 4 years/$80M or $90M. It would take a big year for him to get a max on the open market” – Lowe

Hornets GM (Mitch Kupchak): We were blindsided by Kemba making All-NBA
Per Rick Bonnell of The Charlotte Observer


76ers employee on welcoming culture in Philly after he came out by Lee Cary (Via OutSports/SB Nation)

Kareem on trade demands, per Mark Medina/USA Today Sports:

“It’s still possible out of the public eye. The fact that there is social media does not mean that you have to use it.”

Believe trade demands can remain in-house?


Thoughts on “One free throw only” rule in NBA G-League?

‘They’ve talked about this for 6-7 years, probably even longer” – Lowe

“I like it in the G League. The pressure of having to hit 1, 2 or 3 free throws in the NBA is what makes the NBA the NBA” – Barnes

Who should take top spot in NBArank: Giannis or Kawhi?


Barnes: Kawhi
“Best two-way player in the game hands down”

Lowe: Kawhi
“He limited Giannis for four games in a row”

Nichols: Kawhi

At the buzzer
A.I. and T-Mac left off Bleacher Report’s Top 50 all-time

“Fire whoever made the list. Those guys are definitely top 50 all-time” – Barnes

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