Show Recap: September 25, 2019

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Opening Tip
Dwight Howard: Injuries and egos derailed first stint with Lakers

Via Shams Charania/Stadium:

“I just think there were two big problems, injuries and ego. At times, I think wanting to be selfish cost everybody on the team.” – Dwight Howard

“He has no one to blame. More of the problem was he rushed back from his injury. The lure of coming to LA and wanting to prove himself so bad, he rushed back from the injury and he hasn’t been the same player since. I think this is his last chance and he knows that” – Barnes


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First Half

Monologue: It will take a lot more than words to keep Giannis

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The Milwaukee Bucks were fined $50,000 for GM, Jon Horst saying out loud that the team will offer Giannis a super-max contract when he becomes eligible for it next summer

This confused a lot of people since it seemed all the Bucks have really done was the NBA equivalent of walking outside and shouting:

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The league’s reasoning is that Horst’s comments at a televised Town Hall came 10 months before the Bucks were actually allowed to officially make Giannis that offer and that became a negotiating advantage for the Bucks that isn’t fair to other teams who might also want to eventually compete for Giannis
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Adam Silver just stood up at the podium and said the NBA needs to return to ‘a culture of compliance’ where people feel they’re expected to follow the rules and there’s definitely a rule in the CBA designed to prevent teams from making backroom deals with its own players

More pressure to make season a success: Giannis or Bucks?


“It’s the Bucks. They have to continue to do the right thing as far as picking up pieces and adding pieces to make this a talented roster and continue to impress him anyway they possibly can” – Barnes

“The Bucks and it’s not close. Everyone: Ownership, Mike Budenholzer, the supporting cast have enormous pressure because he’s the franchise. If Giannis leaves, it’s a long, long painful road” – Lowe

“MVP is not enough for Giannis. They have feel they have a championship roster and team and a great coach. Contending for a title is their goal” – Barnes

Are Nuggets serious title contenders this season?


“The Nuggets are the single hardest team to classify in the entire league. I would lean a little bit no. They’re still a little too young. They are still tentatively in the ‘proof it’ range. I’m not sure that they’re a serious title contender” – Lowe

“They’re not title contenders, but they are a young, very talented team. You could see them at the top of the West, possibly the best record in the entire league” – Barnes

September 25, 2000 – Vince Carter on what he was thinking when he dunked on Frederic Weis!

Make or Miss League (Zion Williamson)

Make (Nightmare Fuel).JPG
Which glitch is more jarring?

Rodman glitch.JPG

Lillard glitch.JPG

“The Rodman thing is going to be in my dreams. That’s terrible” – Lowe

Miss (Humans).JPG
Are you fearful that robots will take over the league?

Make (The sorting hat).JPG
Agree with Bosh’s hogwarts housing picks for Heatles? (Per Pardon My Take)

Harry Potter NBA Players.JPG

“LeBron is a perfect Slytherin. Wade has a whiff of hufflepuff. He’s always smiling” – Lowe

Miss (Foresight).JPG
Think Cambage regrets all her trash talk?

Liz Cambage.JPG

Liz Cambage emotional.JPG

“It’s a learning experience. She’s been playing well and doing her thing but when you talk, you have to back it up, especially on the biggest stage and she didn’t come through in the final game so she has to expect that she’s definitely going to be mocked” – Barnes

“That was awesome trash talk” – Lowe

Moving on…

Kyrie Irving Day-to-Day with facial fracture (Injury isn’t serious)

Excited to see “Masked Kyrie” again?
NBA doesn’t allow the black mask anymore. They have to do the clear mask


“You probably should stay out of fights because your face is not really built for that” – Barnes

Rather have Kyrie or Russ this season?


Barnes: Kyrie
“He’s going home and he’s going to have 1 year play without KD so the majority of the shots are going to be coming from him. He has some redemption so to speak”

Lowe: Russ
“I at least know that he’s going to be a positive presence in that locker room everyday, he’s going to play hard all the time, teammates are going to like him”

The Lowe Post: 5 most confusing teams with Zach Lowe and Kevin Arnovitz

Second Half


What confuses you most about Celtics?

What confuses you most about the Spurs? (Kevin Arnovitz’s pick not Zach’s)


What confuses you most about the Heat?

What confuses you “least” about the Knicks?


Via The Lowe Post podcast:


Kerr on Steph: We can’t run him into the ground this year

Via The Full 48 Podcast Podcast (Howard Beck):

Can Warriors afford to load manage Steph this season?


“He can win the MVP, the scoring title. Can they load manage him? Not like the Raptors did with Kawhi. They don’t have that kind of margin for error” – Lowe

“I definitely think they can load manage because they have nothing to prove. Warriors would be the scariest 8th seed in history if they get into the playoffs” – Barnes


On this date in 2001, MJ came out of retirement to join Wizards

Markelle Fultz signs with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports

Party Time!!!
Happy Birthday Scottie Pippen & Chauncey Billups!

Doncic No. 16 overall on NBArank: Too high or too low?


“He’s good where he’s at. He’s one of my favorite players to watch. He could possibly have a better season. I really like his game. The sky’s the limit for him to be one of the  best players in the world” – Barnes

“It’s a little too high. I think Karl Towns and Jimmy Butler are better than him. He’s going to be a coldstone superstar for a long time” – Lowe

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