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Opening Tip
Nets GM Sean Marks: Expectation is that KD does not play next season

“It’s best that he takes his time and focus on recovering from this injury and not thinking about basketball right now” – Pippen

“Where he is in his career and the investment this organization has made in him, the plan was never for him to play this season” – Wojnarowski


First Half:

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Second Half:

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First Half

Monologue: Deal or No Deal?

Superstars moving to new teams.JPG
Training camps open in just a few days which means it is finally close to wrapping up one of the wildest offseasons in league history. But there is one more little mini drama that needs to be squeezed in because this is the NBA
Iggy Domino.JPG
This one is about Andre Iguodala and it involves some dominoes
KD Domino.JPG
Starting back when Kevin Durant decided to leave the Warriors for the Nets in July
D'Angelo Russell Domino.JPG
Golden State didn’t want to lose him for nothing so they pitched the Nets on a sign-and-trade for D’Angelo Russell, but to execute it, they not only had to incentivize it with the first round draft pick to Brooklyn, they had to clear salary space which ended up coming in the form of…
Iggy domino 2.JPG
Andre Iguodala, who they traded to Memphis with yet another first round pick
Iggy and money.JPG
Iguodala has made it clear he’s not interested in losing money. He’s also made it clear exactly what he thinks of the Grizzlies

In an interview with NBC Sports, Monte Poole, Iggy told this story about being traded


Iggy falling off a chair.JPG
In case you were wondering the story of Iguodala ‘falling out laughing’ did not go over great in Memphis. The city’s lead sports newspaper columnist, Geoff Calkins suggested that the Grizzlies send Iggy their own text which he felt should say…
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Credit: Geoff Calkins/Daily Memphian
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The Grizzlies have made it clear they would in fact rather wait for someone to want to trade for Iguodala even if it cost them a roster spot in the meantime
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There’s a whole bunch of lingering drama from this summer that’s going to spill over into the season. It’s the NBA. You wouldn’t have it any other way

What teams can make a move for Andre Iguodala?



Any motivation for Iggy to take less money?


“I think he realizes that he’s at a stage in his career that he’s probably not going to get this kind of money ever again. He’s not willing to walk away from it. He definitely wants to still play with a team that’s a contender, but the best thing that can happen for him is to continue to rest his body” – Pippen

“His deal was that he felt like Memphis got what they wanted out of this deal, that he was going to get bought out and be able to go play for a contender. He ultimately wants to play for a team like the Lakers or Clippers. He still believes that he’s got playoff type of basketball left in his body. He’s not really thinking about going with a team that is trying to compete for a playoff spot because he doesn’t feel like his body can carry through those 82 games of hard work” – Pippen

How are NBA GMs reacting to new anti-tampering rules?


“It’s going to be hard to really document all this stuff. It gives the smaller market teams a little bit of a chance because the big market teams are the ones that’s doing all the tampering and to be honest: It’s the players and the agents” – Pippen

Bucks fined $50K for tampering with Giannis


“That is a tough one there because who’s not going to think to offer this kid the supermax? He’s the MVP” – Pippen


September 24, 2018:

Make or Miss League (Zion Williamson)

Miss (Hurdles).JPG
Vernon Davis is a big fan of The Jump!


Who did it better?



JaVale McGee:


Make (Ingenuity).JPG
Is this how all gatorade is mixed in the pros?

Miss (Sadness).JPG
Ever seen Rick Fox this happy?

“I know when I’ve seen Rick Fox that happy is when he married Vanessa Williams” – MacMullan

Make (Imagination).JPG
Scottie, think you could defend this guy in the post?

Miss (Anticipation).JPG
Do you like the LeBron 17s?

Moving on…

Would CP3 to Heat make sense?

“Chris Paul is going to be making $38.5M this year. Maybe this would make sense. You’d have to give up Goran Dragic (expiring contract) and Justise Winslow, but then if you’re OKC, you got to still take James Johnson, Dion Waiters or Kelly Olynyk, contracts you don’t really want to take on” – MacMullan

“There’s a lot of reasons that he wants to be in Miami: Jimmy Butler, it’s a great market and its a team that has a chance to be able to compete in terms of the East. He wants to be in position where he can compete night in and night out” – Pippen

Kuz in jeopardy of missing start of training camp? (Per Marc Stein/New York Times)
Foot is still healing from his time with Team USA

“You’ve got to sit him and give him time to rest. He’s probably ahead of where they thought he would be as a development player because of being able to play with FIBA. He’s definitely going to be an important piece for them come midseason because he’s one of their youth players that they’re going to need to put a lot of minutes and a lot of time into if they want to be fresh come playoff time” – Pippen

“If you want to be fresh come playoff time, you give him all the time he needs to get where he wants” – MacMullan

NBARank – Best players this season from 50-31 on

Second Half

Zion No. 42 in NBARank: Too high or too low?

Note: These rankings are based on what kind of season the experts thinks players are going to have this coming season, not a rank of who are the best players for their whole careers. They are ranking who they expect to be best this coming season


“Way too high. How did he get up over Klay? I’m not agreeing with this before we even see this kid play a professional game” – Pippen

“Little too high. It’s going to take him some time. I think they’re going to take a lot of pressure off him and not feature him all that much to start. Little too much pressure” – MacMullan

Porzingis No. 34 overall on NBA Rank: Too high or too low?


“Too high. He didn’t play all year, he switched teams and he’s going to be on a team that’s going to feature Doncic” – MacMullan

“The list sucks. This is just wrong. I think you’re putting pressure on him to have to play to that level. He’s got a lot of making up to do and build the confidence back up to get over this injury” – Pippen

Oladipo No. 33 overall on NBA Rank: Too high or too low?

“Too high. It’s going to take him some time to get back on the court and to start feeling good about himself. He also has to find his way back within the team chemistry again because other guys have moved up since he stepped away” – Pippen

“Too low. He will be the focal point of the Pacers. They’re going to be cautious. I think he’ll be back soon enough that he deserves a better ranking than that” – MacMullan

Shaq is still upset about missing unanimous MVP by 1 vote in 2000?
Had 121 of 122 possible votes; The other that didn’t vote for him: Fred Hickman, who voted for AI

Via Fair Game with Kristine Leahy (FS1):



“I don’t blame Shaq. This was Shaq at his best. This is one of the greatest NBA seasons of any player…EVER! He was unstoppable that year” – MacMullan

“I have to agree with him. They blew it because Shaq was a special player” – Pippen

Pippen on playing against Shaq:

Shocked MJ never won a unanimous MVP?

“It’s pretty shocking but you have to give credit to the other players that played in that era. Michael was the most unstoppable” – Pippen

MacMullan to Pippen:

“Part of it was because he played with you because you were such a high caliber hall of fame player”


Big Baller?
LaMelo Ball projected 3rd overall pick in ESPN 2020 Mock draft


Stretch Ayton?
Deandre Ayton: “My born & raised position is PF”

Ex’s & O’s
Kerr “Wasn’t at all offended” by KD’s critique of Warriors offense

Credit: Anthony Slater/The Athletic

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