Show Recap: September 23, 2019

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Opening Tip
Liz Cambage (Las Vegas Aces): “Get in the weight room or get out of the post”
Scored 28 points on 12-15 shooting


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First Half

Monologue: Nets need to end KD speculation before it starts

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While it feels almost impossible now to remember, there really was once a time where every person on Earth did not seem to have an opinion on Kevin Durant
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There was a time fans didn’t dissect every IG post he made, didn’t debate whether or not he did or did not bear any resemblance to a certain baked good

But that time has passed and pretending otherwise seems foolish based on what’s developing now

Remember: Everything Kevin Durant does gets discussed and dissected. Everything.

This is no different and now that the horses so clearly out of the barn, it’s starting to feel like a slow play repeat version of the drama that went on during this past NBA Finals

Remember when:

Kobe injury.JPG
Fans saw what happened with Kobe when he came back just eight months after rupturing his Achilles. 9 days later, he suffered a knee injury that knocked him out for the rest of that season
Boogie Cousins.JPG
Boogie Cousins has had not one, but two significant leg injuries since he returned from his Achilles rehab

Expect KD to see the court this season?

“This shouldn’t even be a discussion. This is an injury that takes a minimum of a year and talk about it in year. Achilles is the trickiest injury. It’s the one you should never ever, ever mess with. If I’m the Nets, I’m not going there” – MacMullan

“Sometimes in the NBA you see, when guys are out for long-term, they won’t make a ruling partially because they want to keep the guy motivated in his rehab. But in this case with a high-profile player like that, I’m not so sure that’s a tactic you need to take. Kevin has to look no further than his own injury history” – Windhorst

What version of Klay do you expect this season?

Credit: Marcus Thompson/The Athletic
Credit: Marcus Thompson/The Athletic

“This season is a toss up season as far as we can see. Just stay in the game and see what happens. Because of the nature of this season, I refuse to believe that this is a write off year for the Warriors. Because of how good Klay was playing and because of the nature of this injury where we see guys come back on that time schedule, I don’t take anything off the table for the Warriors” – Windhorst

“We see people come back from ACL tears stronger. I do feel for him because he was at that magical point where everything was going right, but his role is going to change dramatically without a Kevin Durant on the team. Even when he’s out, you still have Steph Curry and Draymond Green” – MacMullan

Make or Miss League (Zion Williamson)

Make (Celebrations).JPG
Grade for Keenan Allen’s impersonation of JR Smith?

Miss (Competition).JPG
Team USA beats Paraguay, 110-31

Make (Old Times).JPG
Did Manu’s toupee make you nostalgic for long-haired Manu?

Manu's toupee.JPG

Manu's long hair.JPG

Miss (Boredom).JPG
Should Mike Scott bring some teammates next time?

Make (Reminiscing).JPG
What’s your favorite Ricky Davis video?


Moving on…

Fair to criticize D-Fish for sitting Candace Parker?
Didn’t play in the 4th quarter


“It’s an elimination game. Why are you not playing your best players? I don’t understand this. And I don’t understand why Derek Fisher got this job if I’m truthful either. There are a lot of other coaches that are more versed in the women’s’ game, that have been around the women’s game that deserved a shot before another ex-Laker player” – MacMullan

“She’s not in her prime, but she’s still a very important player. Very unusual situation” – Windhorst

BIG3 star Andre Emmett shot and killed at 37


Second Half

Clippers scaling back Kawhi’s load management?

“I don’t find this surprising. The parameters are completely different this year. He needs to play more than 60 games” – MacMullan

“I just want to make sure everything’s okay with that knee” – Windhorst

“If he’s going to play for Doc Rivers, he’s going to have to change his thinking. That’s not the way Doc approaches the regular season. Start to finish, he doesn’t like any slacking. He wants you to build to something and that’s going to require a regular season where you’re locked in” – MacMullan

Is PG-13 going to miss start of season?

“Paul George is probably not going to start the season. No one is talking about this. His injury is a major one” – Windhorst

Is there a gap between Clippers & Lakers?

Via Ethan Strauss/The Athletic:

“There is a big gap in likelihood of winning the title. Not sure about reg season wins.”


Should Lakers start JaVale or Dwight?

Credit: Mike Bresnahan/Spectrum Sportsnet


Best players this season from 100-51 on

Is Zion a top 50 player already?


“I feel that it’s very difficult to judge them (the rookies). He’s not going to be the centerpiece of that team. I just want to watch him play” – Windhorst

“You got to put him in the top 50 based on projections” – MacMullan

Iguodala on potential buyout: “You don’t leave money on the table”

Credit: Monte Poole/NBC Sports Bay Area
Credit: Monte Poole/NBC Sports Bay Area

Believe Iggy & Grizz will eventually reach a buyout?

“He may start with the Grizzlies. I do think at some point during the year that he changes teams. I don’t blame him. You can make the argument that he’s been a little underpaid for the value he’s had” – MacMullan


Do Raptors need to max out Pascal Siakam?
Anonymous executives around the league were split on whether Siakam should get the max (Per Hoopshype)




Dawg Pound
Windy, thoughts on Browns so far?

“Mostly concerned about the offensive line. The play calling was problematic” – Windhorst

Thabo Sefolosha reaches 1-year deal with Rockets

New-look Nets
Feeling Nets new court design?

Are new tampering measures enforceable?


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