Show Recap: September 20, 2019

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Opening Tip
NBA will require teams to submit starting lineups 30 mins prior to game

Who is the biggest winner from this change?

“I don’t think absolutely anyone. I don’t think anything changes. The owners want gamblers to know this information. They own a lot of the gambling websites. Gametime decision is a really big thing in the NBA” – Jefferson

“I think you’re going to see more people sit out” – Shelburne


Starting from the left: Rachel Nichols, Ramona Shelburne and Richard Jefferson

First Half

Magic on KD: “I just want him to find happiness”

First Take:


Kevin Durant claps back at Magic Johnson (Then deletes it):


Reaction to KD’s tweet & delete about Magic?

“Kevin Durant is telling the truth. He always felt a disconnect [with the Warriors]. He can find happiness in a place where he built something similar to what he had an opportunity to do in Oklahoma City. What Magic Johnson is saying isn’t correct. There are places for him to find happiness in a place where he builds something himself” – Jefferson

“This is always going to follow him. He needs to stop caring about what anybody else thinks and just be happy. The only way you’re going to be happy is if you’re happy yourself. He needs to find it within himself” – Shelburne


Anti-tampering rules passed:

To read more about this topic, click here

Realistic to think all NBA owners can work together?


Make or Miss League Harden

Make (Pensions).JPG
Should we all try to be friends with Klay Thompson?

Klay Thompson IG.JPG

“What people don’t know is that: Klay and Zaza actually hung out quite a bit when they played together. They would go fishing and play golf together” – Shelburne

“Honestly, after Christmas Day [in 2016], what I did to Klay, I don’t think were going to be friends” – Jefferson


RJ dunks on Klay.JPG

Miss (Relaxing).JPG
Russ & Harden have a future in combat sports?

“Alternative workouts are huge in the NBA. You got to do stuff other than just being in the gym. I respect that” – Jefferson

Make (Preparation).JPG
Should we expect more Steph dunks this season?

Miss (Layups).JPG
Favorite rookie dunk ever?

“Vince’s dunk on Pacers” – Jefferson


“Blake on Mozgov” – Shelburne


Moving on…

Expectations for Michael Porter Jr. this season?
Hasn’t played an organized game since March 16, 2018


“In talking to people in Denver, they believe that he could be the best shooter on their team. If he can play the stretch four and be the elite shooter, that could really, really help their team” – Jefferson

“This is a good situation for him because he doesn’t have to step in and lead a team. As much as there were questions about him physically and how he was going to come back from those injuries, there were also questions about his leadership and maturity” – Shelburne


Second Half

NBA Board of Governors passes stricter package of measures to prevent tampering

Adam Silver:


New game on The Jump:


27.4 – LBJ’s PPG last season: Buy or Sell?


Jefferson: Sell
“They’re going to go down. He’s going to average 25ppg like he has the last 15 years in a row and I think for him to keep that streak going is probably something that’s important to him. The 27s, the 28s doesn’t really matter”

Shelburne: Sell
“His points go down and his assists go up”

10.7 – Westbrook’s APG last season: Buy or Sell?


Shelburne: Sell
“His scoring goes up and his assists go down. I think he’s going to be more of a shooter/scorer. James has the ball in his hands more and he gets the assists”

Jefferson: Buy
“James should be the one shooting the ball, not Russell”

Nichols: Buy
“His assists are going to go up because they should go up. He’s really good at that”

11.9 – % of double teams Devin Booker faced last season: Buy or Sell?



“Dunc’d On” Podcast with Jump researcher, Michael Schwartz!

JJ Redick on Lob City: “How did that team not win one championship?”

Via The Lowe Post Podcast:

Think Lob City Clippers should have accomplished more?




Don’t walk?
Traveling will be a point of emphasis this season

Help on the way?
Lakers granted $1.75M disabled player exception

Via Marcus Thompson (The Athletic):

“I would love to be on the Olympic team” – Thompson

Worth the risk for (healthy) Klay to play in Olympics?

Tokyo Klay in 2020?

“I think it’s okay. He will still get a break because the Warriors will probably lose in the 1st or 2nd round” – Jefferson

“He comes back as fast as humanly possible because that’s Klay and plays in the Olympics because that’s Klay. One thing I know from talking to Klay and his dad, Mychal Thompson about this is he loves playing for Team USA” – Shelburne

Adam Silver: NBA seeking “Culture of compliance” in passage of anti-tampering rules


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