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Final burger count: Kobayashi – 20, Bam – 1


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First Half

Rachel’s one-on-one conversation with Warriors superstar, Stephen Curry!

Highlights from the interview:

On being underdogs again:

“It’s weird. We’re still hungry, we’re still capable of winning a championship and it’s going to look different, but our culture and our DNA remains the same” – Curry

On his reaction to KD moving to Brooklyn:

“He made a decision for himself. You can’t argue that. We accomplished a lot together, but things have changed a little bit so we’re about to battle down the road so it should be a fun, new experience on that front too” – Curry

On his reaction to the KD article in the Wall Street Magazine:

“There’s so many narratives that go on, especially when you’re at the top of the league, but at the end of the day I think he knows what we were about as teammates, what we were about as friends on and off the court, whatever he needed to do to make that decision and how ever he wants to explain that, that’s what’s going to happen” – Curry

“I don’t even care what plays we ran, we won two championships” – Curry

On whether he’ll be on Team USA next summer for the Olympics:

“That is the plan for sure. I definitely want to go. I’ve never been on the Olympic team. Next year will hopefully be it” – Curry

On whether he’ll load manage himself during the season and possibly winning MVP:

“I want to be smart about what I’m doing. At the end of the day, winning an MVP would be special and it’s something that I’ve experienced before and would to experience again. I would love to push the envelope and push the limits a little bit” – Curry

Two words on what’s ahead for him:

“Exciting and fresh” – Curry

Steph Curry poised for an MVP-type season?

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“I don’t see there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be the frontrunner. Everything in Golden State will run through him this season” – Pippen

“I can’t say he’s not MVP favorite. I do think he’s in store for a reenergized season” – McMenamin

Make or Miss League (Zion Williamson)

Make (Lavishness).JPG
Remember when Gilbert Arenas hooped in Dolce & Gabbana sneakers?

Miss (Unpreparedness).JPG
Is China ready for Lance?

“They’re going to love him. When talking to some players who have played over there, as long as you embrace what they’re about, they’re going to embrace you right back. He’s going to give the fans a show and it’s going to be good for his career” – McMenamin

Make (Assists).JPG
Should Tacko open up his own daycare?

Miss (Dunks).JPG
Are 360 layups the best layups (or 360 dunks)?

Pippen: 360 dunks | McMenamin: 360 dunks

Moving on…

Think Gordon Hayward will be an All-Star this season?

Kanter on Hayward.JPG
Credit: Chris Forsberg/NBC Sports Boston

Hayward's career stats.JPG

“I think he can. He’ll come back this season with more confidence and really be back to who he really was” – Pippen

“Enes is being a great teammate. That’s a great way to engine yourself to the new locker room and really give a guy a show of support. But you look at the pecking order: Kemba [Walker] is No. 1, [Jayson] Tatum is No. 2, [Jaylen] Brown or Hayward is probably No. 3 and so I don’t think he’ll get enough touches to put the numbers to be an All-Star” – McMenamin

Second Half

What do Sixers need from Embiid to take the next step?

Embiid on losing weight.JPG
Credit: Joel Embiid/Facebook

Embiid injury history.JPG

“It’s really just consistency. He is, at times, the most dominant player in the league. If he’s going to be load managing in the playoffs, it doesn’t give his team the best chance to win” – McMenamin

“He has to really keep the weight off. I think him being overweight has been his biggest issue in his career thus far because he’s been injured here and there, they’ve had to sit him and it’s all falling because of his weight. If he can stay in shape and stay healthy, the sky’s the limit for him and the Sixers. He has to show some maturity as a player by keeping that weight off” – Pippen

Agree Rockets should load manage Harden this season?

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Credit: Howard Beck/Bleacher Report

Harden's workload.JPG

“Based on his postseason performance, I haven’t seen him be able to go to the next gear. Holding him back a little bit, taking some minutes away from him will allow him to re energize himself come playoff time” – Pippen

“The catch 22 here is the best laid plans usually go awry. He’s 30 years old in the absolute prime of his career and were going to talk about limiting him? You get one NBA career” – McMenamin

Are Pelicans legitimate playoff contenders this season?

Holiday on David Griffin.JPG
Credit: Andrew Lopez/ESPN

“No. The West is so tough. It’s not any criticism of the Pelicans organization” – McMenamin

“Other than Jrue Holiday, they don’t really have that veteran and it’s going to be tough for them throughout the regular season. They’re going to be an exciting team and they’re going to be fun, but just the lack of experience and the strength of the teams out in the West is going to be very difficult for them” – Pippen

The 3 superstars who defined this decade (


Run it Back

Best Games of the decade.JPG

Game 6 of 2016 WCF:

Game 7 of 2016 Finals:

“That series was tied in total points going into the 4th quarter of Game 7” – McMenamin

Game 6 of 2013 Finals:

Which superstar impacted this decade most: Curry, KD or LeBron?

Three of the greats (2010s).JPG


Which current star will impact next decade the most?

Leading scorers under age of 30.JPG

“Giannis Antetokounmpo and Zion Williamson” – Pippen

“Giannis Antetokounmpo and Anthony Davis” – McMenamin


No Call
Did Kelsey Plum get fouled in final moments of Aces-Mystics?


Top Pick
NY Liberty win 2020 WNBA Draft Lottery (First time in franchise history)

NBA approves sale of Nets, Barclays to Joe Tsai

Tears of Joy
Rudy Gobert says lack of stars in World Cup will continue

Curry: Olympics “Experience that I want”
Said afterward to Rachel, “That’s going straight to Jerry Colangelo’s inbox I’m sure”

Think Curry will influence other stars to join 2020 Olympic squad?

“For sure. All the top players will return [for the Olympics]” – Pippen

“You have Steph, you have Draymond [Green], why not get KD and have a Warriors reunion?” – McMenamin

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