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Opening Tip
Harden on Rockets: “We might have the best-dressed team in the history of sports” (Per Alex Shultz/GQ Magazine)

“I’ll allow it just because he’s talking to GQ. I don’t know if that’s what they’re going for, their ultimate team goal” – Jefferson

“If we’re talking about P.J. Tucker’s sneakers, I agree” – McMenamin


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Guest (Second Half Only):


First Half

Monologue: Did Melo miss his window?

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When news got out that the Pistons were bringing back Joe Johnson after he’d spent a year out of the NBA, the first thing you heard from a lot of players was, ‘Wow. Good for him.’

But other players wondered…

What about Melo.JPG

Melo's career.JPG
One of the top 20 scorers of all time, he is a 10 time all star, three-time Olympic champion and NCAA champion. He’s also the guy who was chased out of Madison Square Garden by a Knicks organization that seemed inexplicitly hell-bent on diminishing his trade value before they traded him
Melo scratching his head.JPG
Then Oklahoma City, where he fit like a sweater that was two sizes too small

There was also the ‘Hey P? They want me to come off the bench’ moment right at the start of that season

Melo sitting at home.JPG
What followed was an entire season of Melo just sitting at home, dangling his reputation taking a beating. This summer, all Melo wanted was to find a team to finish his career with. Except no one has wanted him
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Even USA basketball didn’t want him for its FIBA World Cup team despite that nearly every other big-name player on the roster had dropped out, despite that this was an organization he had given his heart and soul to
Melo KD and Kyrie.JPG
The Athletic’s, Frank Isola reports that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have been pushing for the Nets to sign Melo and considering the Nets also reportedly had their eye on Joe Johnson, but is now off the board, does that mean Melo is in fact a risk that Brooklyn should take? That of course depends in part on Melo
What about Melo.JPG
There are plenty of NBA markets who could use a little more spotlight. And they could get it with a basketball player who does still have some hoop in him. The bottom line is that someone’s answer to, ‘Okay. Now what about Melo?’

Should probably be…

Why Not Melo.JPG

Why isn’t Melo playing in the NBA?


Rockets owner on title window: “This is the time”

Tilman Fertitta.JPG
Credit: Chris Haynes/Yahoo! Sports
Tilman Fertitta 2.JPG
Credit: Chris Haynes/Yahoo! Sports

Now or never for Rockets?

“This is their window. They are in a win now mode” – Jefferson

“Sometimes, I don’t like these declarations. The owner is really diciating what the expectations are for the group because he’s the person paying the checks and employing people in the front office. I really like it. It sets the tone for everything. It’s just being realistic. If this is how he feels, why hide it? Make your intentions be known and go after it” – McMenamin

Make or Miss League (Zion Williamson)

Miss (Understanding).JPG
What is happening?


Make (Swole Patrol).JPG
Is Kuz still working out with The Rock?

Caruso and Kuz.JPG

Miss (Age).JPG
Gasol drops 33 & 6 in win over Australia

Make (Drama).JPG
Is Ricky Rubio an underrated flopper?


Moving on…

Andrew Bogut go too far in criticism of FIBA officials?

Bogut gave the money symbol to the FIBA Refs

Fact: FIBA headquarters are in Switzerland

“The answer is yes, but I still stand by that amount of emotion, what he’s trying to accomplish, how he’s competing. You can’t let your emotions get the best of you. He’s played on a bigger stage than this, but I think some of those calls [vs Spain] were probably frustrating. As a player, we always think the referees are cheating us” – Jefferson

“You’re questioning the integrity of the career of three gentlemen working the game? Incompetence, I can understand that. But incompetence is far different than intentional calling plays wrong because you were getting something in the back pocket” – McMenamin

Second Half

Initial reaction to Kawhi & PG news?


On his scouting report of LBJ/AD in Laker Land:

“You’re going to have to see it opening night” – Harrell

Expectations for Clippers next season?

Note: That’s who Vegas thinks will bet on what. That’s how they set those odds, not necessarily on who they predict will win

“It’s more so the expectations for the outside world. For everybody in that locker room, we’re going to come with that same type of mindset that we had last year to be that team that’s built off of grit, fight, competition, going in and competing. That’s what Steve Ballmer’s kind of built our team around and everybody’s took that mindset and just ran with it” – Harrell

RJ to Harrell:

“You realize this: If you guys are healthy and you don’t win the championship, the season is a failure and I mean that in a respectful way”

RJ’s question to Harrell: If the Clippers don’t win a championship in the next 2 years (Both Kawhi and PG’s contracts expire in 2021), would you expect that to be a disappointment?

“Yeah. I can agree with that” – Harrell

What led to decision to skip World Cup?




Thoughts on league banning TMNT-style headbands?
“Ninjas wear hoods” – Pablo Torre (High Noon)


“I’m going to be perfectly fine. That’s one thing that’s not going to stop me. It has nothing to do with my game” – Harrell

“That’s the dumbest lie” – Jefferson on whether the ninja-style headbands worried some teams’ players were tugging on them in the back

On whether anyone has tugged his hair:

“Yeah but it was DeAndre [Jordan]. He did it on purpose” – Harrell

What were you thinking with Montrezl Harrell.JPG

When you told the ref to place ball at FT line.JPG


When you dunked on McAdoo.JPG


When you attempted windmill dunk on the break.JPG



FIBA Final
Who ya got in the FIBA final: Argentina or Spain?

Jefferson and McMenamin: Spain

Secure investment?
Are you buying stock in Spencer Dinwiddie (literally)?
Per Shams Charania (The Athletic)


Dinwiddie 2.JPG

Dinwiddie 3.JPG

S Dot
Shaun Livingston retires after 15 seasons

Did Dwight Howard take the right lesson away from “Avengers: Endgame”?


Dwight (Avengers).JPG

Kobe: “Titles no longer automatic for Team USA”

Credit: Brian Windhorst/ESPN

“He’s speaking 100 percent the truth. There will be a time where we send our best and don’t win. It hasn’t happened yet, but it will happen” – Jefferson

Believe Team USA ever dominates international hoops again?

“If we get those types of collection of talent (Steph, Harden, LeBron, AD, Kawhi Leonard), moving forward, the US will continue to rack up points”

“If we send an ‘A’ group, there is still a chance. It only takes one game for someone to get hot and win a game” – Jefferson

Draymond on 2020 Olympics: “I hope to be one of those 12 guys”



Think more players want to participate in 2020 Olympics?



At the buzzer
Charles Barkley Statue unveiled outside Sixers practice facility!


“I’ve seen some ugly statues and that’s not one of them” – Jefferson

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