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First Half



How disappointed are you in Team USA’s world cup performance?



So who’s to blame for Team USA’s struggles in the World Cup? Amin had to hand out some of his delicious:

Blame Pie (2)

Talent (20%)

“This was not our best team. We went into games where we didn’t have the best player on the floor” – Elhassan

Lack of continuity (10%)

“If these guys were our Team USA for the last 2 years, it would have helped. That makes a difference. A lot of these other teams have been playing together for years and years and our guys are like an All-Star team. They just got together” – Elhassan

Poor shooting (20%)

“I call this the small ball fallacy” – Elhassan

Lack of urgency (10%)

“Not just from the players, but from the media” – Elhassan

The Dream Team (40%)

“Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson inspiring all these guys” – Elhassan

“They created all the problems. It’s the growth of the global game. Eventually, the US is going to put their very best players out there and they will still lose. That’s when it’ll be a challenge. It almost happened in Sydney [2000]” – Jefferson


Make or Miss League (Zion Williamson)

Make (Breakfast).JPG
Is Boban a bully?


Miss (Experience).JPG
Can you shammgod like this youngster?

Make (Michaelangelo).JPG
Would you mess with nunchucks Klay?

Nunchuck Klay.JPG

Nunchuck Klay 2.JPG

Miss (Reality).JPG
28 fake championship rings seized at LAX

Fake Rings 2.JPG

Fake Rings.JPG

Make (Footwork).JPG
Harden’s one-legged jumper remind you of Nash?

“The guy he reminds me of: Juan Carlos Navarro. He would do that all the time” – Elhassan

Moving on…

KD: No one will ever get “GOAT” title outright


“He’s absolutely right.  You can’t definitively say anything because the different eras and different positions. The only reason it exists is because we trying to argue and have a debate. It’s fun to debate it, but just understand will never have an answer” – Elhassan

“I think this is one of the smarter things that I’ve seen a guy say in a very honest way. You’ll never get an outright GOAT” – Jefferson

Second Half

Something Nothing Or Everything

Backlash to Kobe bryant’s Instagram post


After some backlash following that caption, Kobe posted this:

Jefferson: Something
“Kobe got a little heat, he backtracked and he kind of saw that this was definitely taken the wrong way”

“This thing here, he could have just left it at that” – Elhassan

Blake Griffin saying Clippers won’t take LA from Lakers

Credit: Arash Markazi/Los Angeles Times

Elhassan: Nothing
“He’s not lying. It’s still a Lakers town. What’s going to help is when they move to their own building”

Jefferson: Nothing
“He’s right. You can’t change it”

“I would like Blake Griffin to be less nice. I want him to own the petty” – Nichols

Pistons landing Joe Johnson (Per multiple reports)

Pistons starters.JPG
“That team could beat the USA team” – Jefferson

Jefferson: Everything
“The BIG3 was used as a tool for him. He showed that he was still one of the best players in the world, could still hit clutch shots”

Elhassan: Everything
“Just because of the BIG3. It’s great marketing for them”

“It would be a magnet to guys who are just out of the league and not ready to retire to come join the BIG3, which then has more fans turnout” – Nichols

Doc Rivers and Erik Spoelstra on “The Woj Pod”

Are NBA coaches expected to be recruiters now? (Via The Woj Pod)


Are players more distracted nowadays? (Via The Woj Pod)

“Don’t bring a cell phone on a bench” – Jefferson



More jealous of: Jordin Canada’s hesi or Sue Bird’s closet?


Sue Bird's outfit.JPG

Jefferson & Elhassan: Sue Bird

Clippers arena deal to include $100M for Inglewood

Bogdan Bogdanovic goes off vs USA
28 points, 7-14 3PM; Leading the World Cup in total threes

How different will Team USA’s 2020 Olympic roster look?



Elhassan & Jefferson:

“Harden, AD, CJ, Dame and Kyle”

“If you told me Anthony Davis and Damian Lillard were on the team right now, they would have won” – Elhassan

Chances USA doesn’t win gold in 2020 Olympics?

“30-40 percent chance” – Jefferson

“10 percent chance, assuming that the guys that should be there are going to be there” – Elhassan

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