Show Recap: August 21, 2019 (Brian Windhorst hosts)

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Grade for AD’s 1st pitch at Dodger stadium?


First Half Only:

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First Half

Do you share Kemba’s faith in Team USA?



“We always have the best talent, regardless. But can they get that chemistry down because the other teams definitely have it” – Barnes

“My concern would be as far as the depth and who that’s final cut going to be” – Marks

“I don’t think it’s ever really fair to call Team USA an underdog” – Young

“They’re worried about playing together as a group for the first time” – Windhorst

Expect a bounce-back season from Gordon Hayward?





“I definitely think he’s going to have a big season and the Celtics are going to need it” – Barnes

“His role is going to probably going to be defined a little bit more this year. I think he’s a starter” – Marks

Is Ty Lue the Clippers’ secret weapon vs LeBron?
Dave McMenamin confirms

“It certainly helps the Clippers, there’s a familiarity with Doc Rivers and strengthens that staff but I don’t think it’s a secret weapon” – Marks

“It’s no secret weapon. It’s a great move” – Barnes

Make or Miss League (Zion Williamson)

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Poses; #KuzChallenge

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Miss (Thighs).JPG
Do you miss the baggy shorts era?

Make (Trolling).JPG
Is this how NBA guys feel when they get left hanging?

Miss (Dribbling).JPG
Would this have been called traveling in the NBA?

Via @Cbrickley603/Twitter:

Make (Percussion).JPG
Have you ever seen Brandon Ingram this happy?

Via Mike Putnam:

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Moving on…

Time for Rockets to extend P.J. Tucker?

Via The Athletic:

“It’s time for my extension right now” – P.J. Tucker

“I don’t know that it’s necessarily smart. In a lot of ways, he’s earned it with the Rockets, he’s one of their most important players. You can understand it from his perspective but from the Rockets perspective, especially with an uncertain future roster situation for them and the way that they’ve felt about luxury tax implications, they’ve got two extremely high paid players at the top of that roster, I can see it from Daryl Morey and Tilman Frietta’s side” – Young

“First thing I would do is guarantee his contract for 2020-2021. He’s owed $7.9M, $2.6M is guaranteed” – Marks

“He’s definitely earned it without a doubt. But only superstars can make those demands. He’s a very solid role player but they can’t make those kind of calls” – Barnes

What should Grizzlies do with Iggy?

“Right now, I wouldn’t do anything. When we get to training camp, it’s going to have to be the buyout route. I don’t see a trade materializing (owed $17.2M this upcoming season). It’s based on whether he wants to take a haircut [from his paycheck]” – Marks

“If he gets bought out, he might go to the Lakers because his veteran leadership and his mentality and the way he carries himself is going to rub off on everybody” – Barnes

“In terms of a trade, there’s only 3-4 teams in the conversation for him” – Young

Second Half

What was initial response to Donald Sterling tape in Clippers locker room?


How long did Sterling’s presence loom over Clippers?


Rise of player empowerment in aftermath of Sterling tapes?


ESPN 2019-20 preseason forecast

Jump Ball Regular


Trust more (Bucks or Sixers).JPG

Shelburne: Bucks
“Even though they had some changes in the offseason, they know what they’re doing and know how they like to play”

Windhorst: Bucks
“I like the team that has the MVP on it”

Barnes: Bucks

Kyrie or Kemba.JPG

Barnes: Kyrie
“He’s one of the most talented players we’ve seen. He tried to bite off more than he can chew last year”

Shelburne: Kyrie
“He has the higher ceiling. But Kemba is going to be better fit than Kyrie was in that spot”


More likely to disappoint (Clippers or Nuggets).JPG

Shelburne: Nuggets
“They don’t have the same star power that the Clippers have. They didn’t necessarily add as much”

Barnes: Nuggets
“They’re just young. They’re going to be in the talks in the upper echelon of the West for the next 2-4 years possibly”

Better roster (Rockets or Lakers).JPG


Barnes: Lakers
“Anthony Davis is going to be more impactful and there’s a lot of solid players”

Shelburne: Lakers
“Only because the Rockets remain somewhat top-heavy”

Windhorst: Lakers
“From a star power standpoint”


Doubling Down
Devin Booker’s dad made him practice passing out of double teams after viral video

Bird’s request
Understand why Bird wants tattoos removed from mural [in Indiana]?


Coach Pop on Australia in FIBA World Cup: “Huge threat”

Buy Australia as a “huge threat” to Team USA?

“I actually do because they’re in Australia. Pop is taking this seriously” – Shelburne

“He’s doing Pop talk. It’s refreshing to hear he’s more hands on. He’s trying to develop that [chemistry] as fast as he possibly can. But all these teams are threats. Every game is going to be a battle” – Barnes

“Appropriate fear is one of the biggest challenges for Team USA” – Windhorst

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