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Did you know about Coach Pop’s handles?

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First Half


Boogie’s ACL injury put career in jeopardy?

“I don’t think that Boogie’s ever going to get back to being at that perennial all-star level. There’s also a huge concern: How is he going to handle this mentally?” – MacMahon

“Having to go back into the rehabilitation process all over again, that’s a tough to really kind of motivate yourself, especially as you go into your 30s” – Young

How big of a loss is Boogie for Lakers?


“It’s a significant loss. There’s going be a lot put on LeBron and AD. It’s probably going to require somewhat of a positional change for Davis. In terms of the 82 game schedule, load management, time management however they want to handle this, it’s a pretty big loss. To not have that anymore makes them look a lot thinner than they were” – Young

“I don’t think this is something that’s going to really impact the Lakers in terms of wins and losses” – MacMahon

“This changes the moves they have to make because the Lakers don’t have a lot of ammunition, they don’t have things to trade” – Windhorst

Better fit for Lakers: Dwight or Joakim?

MacMahon: Joakim Noah
“You don’t have to worry about, ‘Will he embrace his role.’ He’s a role player and he understands that. With Dwight, it’s the ‘Eighth annual Dwight Howard I figured it out’ summer”

Young: Joakim Noah
“There’s going to be baggage with Dwight. Noah is a much better fit both on the floor and off the floor”

“The Lakers would be insane to bring in Dwight Howard. They need a live body who can give them energy” – Windhorst

Should Lakers keep a roster spot open for Iguodala?

“It feels very predetermined that the Lakers are going to get Iguodala. If you want to get him, you have to kind of seize that opportunity when it’s there” – Young

“There might be a better chance he’s across the hallway at Staples Center” – MacMahon

“Iguodala would be great for them, but I just don’t know if that’s where he’s going to go. They may have to cut Boogie to get the roster spot” – Windhorst

Make or Miss League Harden

Miss (Mechanics).JPG
Is this the next signature move in the NBA?

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Summer Work! #OneLegChallenge 🤷🏾‍♂️

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Make (Surprises).JPG
Bird man gets paid?


Miss (Jumpshots).JPG
Are trick shots still impressive?

Make (Aggression).JPG
Fair for Greece to expect even more from Giannis?
Scored 20 points in an exhibition game vs Serbia; they lost the game

“They’re going to have to. There’s not a whole lot of talent on that roster” – Young

“Greece will be an issue for the US” – Windhorst

Moving on…

Bigger threat to Team USA: Giannis & Greece or Jokic & Serbia?

“Serbia. They have a lot more legitimate NBA talent on that Serbian roster, whereas with Greece it’s the Giannis show” – MacMahon

“Serbia. They may have the best team overall” – Young

“I don’t know if Serbia has the best team, but they have the most chemistry” – Windhorst

Second Half

How are Thunder fans handling loss of Russ & PG-13?



“This is the first real test for the kind of passion and enthusiasm of that fanbase” – MacMahon

Expectations for CP3 in OKC this season?

“He’ll be motivated to play well because what he wants is to play somewhere else. And in order for him to get to that somewhere else, he’s got to restore his reputation both on and off the floor and stay healthy” – Young

“He understands that he has to play well and stay healthy to be considered a guy that contenders would want to target in the trade market” – MacMahon

“Thunder are more likely to hold onto Chris Paul than they are to give up a [first round] pick to get rid of him. The Thunder are not rebuilding yet” – Young

“Here is what executives expect to happen: They expect the Thunder to put out a message that they’re not looking to trade CP3 and that they want him there and part of their unit and work with the young guys because they don’t want anybody to think they’re panicked trying to trade him. They want to hope that somebody has something happen where they need Chris Paul” – Windhorst

Melbourne’s growing NBA love affair by Jake Michaels of ESPN Australia

AD need to play Center now?


“He needs to play a lot of Center anyway. I really don’t understand the hesitation” – MacMahon

“Their best lineup all along was going to be Anthony Davis at Center and LeBron at PF” – Young

“It’s hard to play Center in the NBA. It’s bruising. There’s a reason why he doesn’t want to play it. I do think when the playoffs come around, he will play it. A replacement level Center is what they need to look at” – Windhorst

Surprised Steph Curry didn’t make top 5?
Click here to read more about the rookie survey (Via

Credit: John Schuhmann/

“The list itself is not all that shocking” – Young

“This is sort of supposed to be the generation that Steph energized” – Windhorst

“I am surprised” – MacMahon

“This is an ongoing trend that we see in current NBA players when you talk about the disrespect of Steph Curry is that it seems it’s just kind of uncool for his peers to like and respect him as a basketball player” – Young

Who’s your bet for Rookie of the Year?

Credit: John Schuhmann/

“Zion Williamson. The best prospect since LeBron. He’ll put up 18 (points) and 10 (rebounds)” – MacMahon

“Zion will not be the focal point of their team, whereas RJ Barrett will be the focal point of the Knicks, same with JA Morant of the Grizzlies” – Windhorst

“Zion Williamson. He will be battling against the beast of our expectations. We are going to be expecting something from him every single night, whether it’s a highlight or a double-double” – Young

“Best career” results more about Zion or Cam?
Reddish was drafted 10th overall in the 2019 NBA Draft

Credit: John Schuhmann/

“This reeks of jealousy to me. There’s been so much conversation and hype about Zion. He’s one of the most likeable rookies” – Young

“Maybe they feel like there’s not a lot of room for growth in Zion’s game. To get 5 percent of the vote, that’s pretty shocking” – MacMahon


Splash Sisters
Mystics break WNBA record with 18 3s vs the Fever

Mystics coach/GM Mike Thibault after the game:

“When you shoot 39 threes, make 18 of them and you have 30 assists for the game, Coach has to be pretty happy”

Steph gives golf
Steph Curry helps start golf program at Howard University
Making a six-year financial commitment. The school hasn’t played golf competitively in 40 years

“This is one of the coolest stories of the summer” – Young

Captain Jack
Shout-out to Stak [Killer 3s] 
for BIG 3 semi-finals berth

Fox goes home
Buy De’Aaron Fox’s reason for leaving Team USA?
Fox wants to focus on getting the Kings into the playoffs, per Chris Haynes (Yahoo! Sports)

Who will be last player cut on Team USA?


At the buzzer

“He is so valuable for the locker room and the culture. He is the one vet that Luka Doncic has the best relationship with” – MacMahon

“He’s a good addition for the in-state rival with the Rockets because Russell Westbrook does not like him very much” – Young

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