Show Recap: July 29, 2019

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Note: Rachel’s last show for a while. Will return in September.

Opening Tip
Think other dads could get away with this?



Second Half Only:

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First Half

Best case scenario for LeBron in year 17?
Will turn 35 in December. Has played 46,235 minutes, which leads all active players


“Gets through training camp to late or mid-April completely healthy ready to go for a postseason run. It’s about him being able to build some sort of camaraderie and chemistry with a group, an understanding between the new coaching staff and the rest of that roster with so much roster turnover” – McMenamin

“It provides him with the energy he needs in that sabbatical” – Arnovitz

“A source close to LeBron last year when after he came back from the groin, he told me that LeBron’s ‘masking a lot’ out on the court and he still had the stature in the game, they were still in the playoff hunt, he’s trying to make sure that he can impact things in any way he possibly can, but he literally couldn’t do it the way he could before. You’ll see the LeBron of old, at least to start the year” – McMenamin

Jeremy Lin: NBA has “given up” on me

Via GoodTV:

Arnovitz and McMenamin:

Erica Wheeler: 1st undrafted WNBA All-Star Game MVP!

Make or Miss League (Zion Williamson)

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Happy to see Matt Barnes hasn’t lost his competitive edge?

Make (Air Canada).JPG
Hope to see Vinsanity back in Toronto?

“I am rooting for this. This would be a great place for Canada to send him off” – Arnovitz

Miss (Layups)
Has the bar been set for tribute tattoos

Make (Memories).JPG
Greatest Finals performance of all-time?
LeBron’s 51 points in Game 1 vs Warriors in 2018

Moving on…

Blake Griffin on recruiting: “I think I was 0-for-3 this year”



“Some of this is about the reality of being a small market in the NBA where you’re going to get your talent, maybe not through free agency, but through trades. It’s just the reality of what they’re going through” – McMenamin

“They have absolutely no money [to spend]. They’re capped out” – Arnovitz

Second Half

BS or Real Talk

“I had a dream about doing the Chicago dunk contest” – Aaron Gordon

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“He came so close…TWICE. I want to see him come back and get it in Chicago. He could very well be the biggest name in that competition. It’s time” – Andrews

“I’d love to see Aaron Gordon in it because he is special. But to really make the 2020 dunk contest something, Zion Williamson has to compete in it” – McMenamin

D’Antoni’s agent (Warren LeGarie) on extension: “It’s not even something we’re considering…we have a contract” (Via Sirius XM NBA Radio)

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“This is the most contentious I’ve seen a team in a franchise, in a coach in some time. This is very possible this could be his final season as Rockets coach. There’s no mutual ground here” – Arnovitz

“Something that they’re not considering, yeah. They’re definitely considering it” – Andrews

“I just look at it as posturing” – McMenamin


Frank Vogel on Jason Kidd: “I’ve gotten really comfortable with Jason”




“This is going to have to play out in a wash” – Andrews

“Let’s measure comfort in February and March when things get really sticky in Los Angeles” – Arnovitz

The Woj Pod with Nuggets GM, Arturas Karnisovas

Arturas on Nikola Jokic:

How important is playing for Team USA?


“It’s an honor in itself” – Smart

Looking forward to guarding Kyrie Irving this year?

Feel like Celtics are being underestimated?

“I hundred percent think they [other teams] will. To be honest: That’s exactly how we like it. It can be done. Having that chip on our shoulder is that extra motivation that we needed to get us over that hump and to keep going” – Smart

What’s “Weird Celtics Twitter” like?

“It’s exactly that: Weird. You see some of the darndest things on there and things that kind of make you raise your eyebrow and make you question yourself sometimes” – Smart

What were you thinking with Marcus Smart.JPG

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“I actually know him pretty well. He knows it’s actually funny. He was laughing and smiling about it” – Smart

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“That’s a flop. The only difference between me is: I flop on defense and your favorite player flops on offense” – Smart

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