Show Recap: July 25, 2019

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Opening Tip
Lakers coach Frank Vogel embraces the spotlight:


Smart for Frank Vogel to embrace spotlight on Lakers?

“Absolutely” – McMenamin


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Guest (Second Half Only):

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Head of sports partnerships at Twitter, TJ Adeshola

First Half

Rachel Nichols’ one one one conversation with new Clippers stars, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard


On having their own mural and being Clippers:

“It feels great. I think see [the mural] that solidified it, opened that chapter of this new journey were going on” – George

“It’s still surreal” – Leonard

George on what his reaction was when the Pacers drafted Leonard:

“I was a little nervous just because we play the same position. Immediately, I was like, ‘I need to work on something.’ It would have been amazing to see what we could have did in Indiana and what we could have accomplished”

On how the idea of playing together got started:

“The idea started me playing in San Antonio and him being on the Pacers [and wanting to get out of there] and I was trying to get San Antonio to get him over with us” – Leonard

“We talked. Just wanted to see what the possibility will be to play together. It seemed like an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up” – George

George on his trade demand from OKC and wanting to come to LA a year later:

“This was nothing that came out of the blue. We were all on the same page. The initial plan was to give it another year, see what we could do, I did that. We played another year and it felt like we were just stagnant. Next thing was, let’s go forward with other plans. Again, it was mutual amongst everybody. I think it was just a win-win across the board when we all looked at it, and thought this was the best moment to pull the plug”

George on talking to Russ about wanting to move on from OKC:

“It was easy, same conversation me and Russ always have. He was happy, he understood. He was all for it”

Kawhi on having helicopters following him around in Toronto during his free agency and his time there:

“I didn’t know what to really think about it. I didn’t know why they were following me. The experience there, it was great, win or lose a championship, I had a lot of fun there and I said that to Kyle [Lowry] probably before playoffs even started that it’s been a fun year whatever happens”

Kawhi on how he was smart using his leverage in his free agency meetings:

“It was just about where I wanted to be and where my family was going to be happy at. I wanted to be with people that has some pedigree in the front office as far as a coaching staff”

Kawhi on how close he was to choosing the Lakers or Raptors:

“I was very close. Real close. But when [the Clippers] presented the opportunity of playing with Paul, it was easy, it was a yes. I said let’s get it going”

Kawhi on when he really knew the Clippers wanted him:

“Just talking to me about the games that they came to and watched me played and little things like that and seeing what I thought at these certain moments when I thought that nobody was watching just made me realize like, ‘wow they really were watching me, they wanted me to come and play for the organization.’ That kind of made me just feel like it was the right decision to make”

George on playing in front of his parents on a full-time basis in LA:

“It just means a lot. They’ve been just super supportive. At this point in my career, that’s me giving back to them”

On what kind of team they can be:

“Playing hard on both ends of the floor, unselfish, doing what it takes to win. You’re going to see us compete on the defensive end for sure” – Leonard

“Toughness and grit” – George

Any reason to doubt Kawhi & PG-13 pairing?



“I can’t find a reason to. They’re excellent players in the prime of their careers, they play both ways. This is a blueprint of how you like to start with your two best players” – McMenamin

Kawhi: “I was real close” to choosing either Raptors or Lakers


Make or Miss League (Zion Williamson)

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How do you remember 3-1 comeback in 2016 Finals?

Miss (Greed).JPG
Surprised Zion took less money to join Jordan Brand? (per Adrian Wojnarowski)
Click here to read more about this topic

Jordan Brand (Zion).JPG

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Let’s Dance. @zionwilliamson ✖️ @jumpman23

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“Because it’s Jordan. That is a brand that you want to be associated with” – Andrews

“They haven’t had a signature guy to carry it on so maybe he’ll be the guy” – McMenamin

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Best 5’9″ dunker since Nate Robinson?

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More impressive:

Gucci Mane’s dunk?

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I’m dunking now ! 💪🏿🏀👀 #AirWop

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Bronny’s near dunk?

Andrews: Bronny | McMenamin: Bronny

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Would you want Steve Ballmer as your hype man?



Run it Back

Steve Ballmer's most lit moments.JPG

Clippers fan fest (2014)

31-point comeback vs Warriors (2019)

CEO of Microsoft from 2000-14

Moving on…

Giannis works on jumper with new teammate Kyle Korver


If Giannis develops a jumper, then _____

“He becomes an NBA champion. I was told by a scout that when Giannis is able to add that jumper consistently, he will be unguardable” – Andrews

“If he can develop a jumper, he could be the most talented player we’ve ever seen play basketball” – McMenamin

Second Half

How realistic are Jayson Tatum’s 2019-2020 predictions?

Via NBA 2K’s, Ronnie2k:


“The last point on winning an NBA championship: calm down. The Celtics are in a position to improve their young talent this year. The only two teams I have for a lock in the top 4 are the Bucks and the Sixers in the East. The Celtics might be somewhere up there but I don’t see this as being their year” – Andrews

“I don’t completely doubt the confidence. That’s the way he should be talking going into a season. Don’t accept a worst reality” – McMenamin

Lakers leaving a roster spot open for Iguodala? (Per Dave McMenamin)

McMenamin & Andrews:

NBA offseason survey by Tim Bontemps

Did this free agency raise bar for #NBATwitter?

“NBA Twitter has been this active vibrant community forever. This offseason was unusual. It was different. One of the reasons is because all the amazing activity that occurred. When free agency kicked off (June 30), the most mentioned person was Woj” – Adeshola

“It’s such a valuable resource. It keeps you informed” – McMenamin

“Some of the times, you’re hear that information first on Twitter before it’s reported on our platforms” – Andrews

Woj was the 2nd-most mentioned person on all of Twitter on June 30

There was also…


“He’s probably on the most improved Twitter player list” – Adeshola

Favorite #NBATwitter moment of season?

“Jimmy Butler, Minnesota Timberwolves practice” – Adeshola

“The start of the NBA season last year. Kawhi’s laugh. Everyone had a take on it” – McMenamin

“End of the season. Nick Nurse shoulder rubs from Drake, the mouth wide open” – Andrews

“The Secret Tunnels!” – Nichols

Secret Tunnel.JPG

“A GM in this league got fired because of his use of Twitter” – Nichols
Referring to former Sixers GM, Bryan Colangelo


Forbes: Knicks most valuable NBA franchise at $4B

“Dolan will never sell the team” – McMenamin

The Spurs Way
Report: Spurs approached Manu Ginobili with assistant coach idea (Per Marc Stein/New York Times)

“They should get everyone back” – Andrews

How can Pau Gasol help the Blazers? (Per Adrian Wojnarowski)

Boston anchoring USA
Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown highlight Team USA overhaul

Players skipping Team USA.JPG

PG-13 on trade to Clippers: “It was mutual amongst everybody”
Sam Presti: PG-13 trade not a “mutual” decision

PG-13 & Sam Presti (Via Rachel Nichols & KOKH):

“It’s just semantics and vocabulary. That was the same sentiment that Paul George was trying to express” – Andrews

“There’s still the shocking nature of what happened. Unless, when he signed that 4-year deal, there was a conversation that, ‘You know what, if this doesn’t work after a year, let’s be able to move my contract’ and they know that going into it, then obviously this was not mutual” – McMenamin

Sam Presti Op-ed in the Oklahoman: “Reload and Replenish”

“He’s got plenty of draft picks. But guess what? Danny Ainge had all those draft picks, no rings to show for it yet. Be careful of what you wish for” – McMenamin

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