Show Recap: July 24, 2019 (Paul George and Kawhi Leonard introduced as LA Clippers)

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Are Kawhi & PG-13 best duo in the NBA?

“They’re fantastic, but there’s another pairing right down the hallway at Staples Center in LeBron James and Anthony Davis. That’s the best combo in the league. There’s one thing that LeBron and AD will compliment each other on the court with is running the pick and roll. That one thing they can do better with each other’s skillset combined than anything Paul George and Kawhi Leonard can do. They have the health in that duo coming into the year” – McMenamin

“This season, the Clippers duo is the best duo in the league, but going forward, I think it’s going to be really interesting to see if we’re talking just overall who the best duo is” – Andrews

“LeBron and AD compliment each other better at this particular moment” – Sedano

“Were going to potentially see more of load management this season. If that pays off in the playoffs, I think a lot of teams would argue that that’s going to be worth it” – Andrews

“Clippers are a deeper roster and this group as currently constructed is a more accomplished group going into the year” – McMenamin

“Depth, especially when we get to the playoffs, really matters. The Clippers are very solid in the roles that they have” – Andrews

Clippers dynamic duo set a new precedent this summer?

Kerr: AD trade request “Bad for the league” (Via Warriors Insider Podcast/



Clippers formally introduce Kawhi & PG-13


Clippers working with LA parks & rec to renovate nearly 350 basketball courts





Highlights from the press conference:

Lawrence Frank (Clippers President of Basketball Operations):

“This is a landmark moment for the Clippers franchise and our fans”

“He wins everywhere he goes”
Referring to Kawhi Leonard

“They’re the 2 best 2-way players in the NBA”

“As much as we loved our team last year, we knew we needed elite talent to compete at the highest level”

“They expect to win championships. So do we”

Doc Rivers (Head Coach):

“This is a great moment. It’s not our finest moment. That’s coming”

“We’ve done some winning, we want to be the winners. That’s our goal”

Steve Ballmer (Governor of the LA Clippers):

“We’re only here for one reason. We want to win it all”

“It’s all about the Larry OB”

Paul George & Kawhi Leonard:

“I’m extremely happy to be back home. It’s pretty dope and pretty awesome” – George

George on he and Kawhi almost being teammates in Indy:

“I want to thank the Toronto Raptors fans. I don’t have social media so I’m not able to put out a paragraph or whatever. It was a great, amazing season. Best parade ever. But now, I’m on my next journey” – Leonard

“We can make history here and we got the right team to do it” – Leonard

“The Clippers are probably one of the first NBA games I came to” – Leonard on playing basketball in LA in front of friends and family

“I’ve always wanted to play back home and see what that was like and do something for my hometown. Now I can do that on a full-time level” – George

“I grew up a Clippers fan. I loved the Clippers as a kid. As much as a Clippers fan I was, I was a Kobe fan. He was my idol growing up. I want to be part of something special” – George

“It’s a good pair” – Leonard on teaming up with PG-13

“You can just see their connection on the court. Everybody’s on the same page” – George on the Clippers team as a whole

“It’s going to be a team effort to making this work” – Leonard

“A lot of things are made up now in today’s world of the NBA. It’s always important to me to have a mutual understanding between everyone or just be transparent if its good or bad and I feel like that builds a great relationship. They were true to their word. Nothing got out” – Leonard on keeping business dealings quiet

“As far as the last few years, from the basketball standpoint, the Clippers have been better. If we go to the championship and win and we don’t get no coverage, that’s fine with me” – Leonard

“Lakers is Lakers. We got our own identity. We chasing something else. Were not looking at the battle of LA. Will build our legacy and will build our Clipper Nation up along the way” – George

This year coming up, I’m gonna be at full strength. It’s just one of those day-to-day things. The goal right now is to play the season” – Leonard on how important is it to approach his load management the same way

There’s no set date. I’ve been progressing really well. I’m a great point in my rehab. We’ll take our time and look forward to returning whenever that day is.” – George on when he’ll play basketball again

Panel’s takeaways from the press conference:

Hotter ticket in LA now: Lakers or Clippers?

Andrews: Lakers | McMenamin: Lakers | Sedano: Lakers

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