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Zion signs with Jordan Brand

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“It’s a young face for Jordan Brand. If you look at that roster, there’s not a lot of young guys” – Sedano

“He took a sacrifice [of $10M plus] to be with Jordan” – McMenamin


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First Half

Popovich on the beach.JPG
So why doesn’t anyone want to hang out with Gregg Popovich?
Popovich Wine.JPG
The man is witty, well read, he can break down an opposing defense and a restaurant wine list with a single withering glare
Gregg Popovich Team USA.JPG
Everyday, you hear of yet another star or two or three who does not want to join Pop, the head coach of Team USA for this year’s world cup
Lillard and DeRozan.JPG
Yahoo! and The Athletic reported that both Damian Lillard and DeMar DeRozan dropped out of the trip to China
All Star players.JPG
They followed in the footsteps of these guys who will not be playing in China for the world cup

But just when you might be getting truly worried for Pop:

Coach Duncan.JPG
It’s unclear exactly what Duncan’s duties will be with the Spurs or whether this is just something for Duncan to do to remain connected to the organization or if he wants this to be the first step on the path to becoming a head coach himself someday
Duncan and Pop.JPG
Regardless, this is definitely going to make Gregg Popovich’s season more fun. And after all the Team USA defections over the past couple weeks, that is nice to see indeed

Tim Duncan joining Spurs as an assistant coach. Is that…

Something Nothing Or Everything

McMenamin: Everything
“One of the words that’s thrown around the NBA with the multitude of a four-letter curse word is culture. And the Spurs are actually a program and a franchise that embodies it”

Sedano: Something
“For Duncan’s sake, I think it’s pretty cool that he connected again to the organization. But I do like the fact that he’s starting off as an assistant. We’ve seen a lot of these superstar players who have gone into coaching, who kind of skipped the line and go right to head coaching basically and that hasn’t always worked out very well really outside”

Expectations for Tim Duncan’s coaching drip?

“He’s gonna go to the Stan Van Gundy school of coaching attire (Turtlenecks, V-Necks)” – Sedano

“Whatever the opposite of European cut is what he’ll be wearing” – McMenamin

Confident SpursΒ will extend playoff streak next season?


“I’m fairly confident. They’re either be a 7 or 8 seed” – Sedano

“They’re going to keep this thing going. Of course they are. Gregg Popovich coaches teams in the playoffs. It’s what he does” – McMenamin



“I don’t want to count the Warriors out. They’re going to have to have some things go their way to make the playoffs” – McMenamin

“The truth is: Just making the playoffs this year is going to be even harder” – Nichols

“Warriors will be in the playoffs and if Klay comes back healthy around the all-star break, I wouldn’t rule them out getting to the Finals again” – Sedano

Make or Miss League Harden

Make (Flattery).JPG
Is this the next great NBA impersonator?


Miss (Layups).JPG
Ben Simmons’ jumper looking better?

Simmons FGA by distance last season.JPG
0-6 on 3-pt FG (0-17 in career)

Make (Rotations).JPG
Think Aaron Gordon is his inspiration?

Miss (Mechanics).JPG
Whose jumper does this remind you of?

MKG shot form.JPG



Run it Back

Funkiest shooting forms.JPG

Kevin Martin:


Shawn Marion:


Bill Cartwright:


Moving on…

NBA investigating potential tampering violations ahead of free agency (Per Zach Lowe and Brian Windhorst)
Click here to read the full story


Full discussion:

Second Half

Wolves president of basketball operations, Gersson Rosas on keeping up in the West (Via Outside the Lines):

KAT: “I’m tremendously happy” (Per The Athletic)


“When he says he’s going to stick aroundΒ  for a long time, I look at it like he’s going to stick around like 3 more years and be an unrestricted free agent after 7 years and then will see” – McMenamin

Expect Wolves to make playoffs next season?

“I don’t expect them to make the playoffs this season. Their roster is not that great. It’s going to be on him. And he can’t be alone. It’s going to take Andrew Wiggins to come along with him on both ends of the floor. I think both guys need to really assert themselves defensively and that gives them a shot” – Sedano

“They’re not going to make the playoffs” – McMenamin

Make or break season for Andrew Wiggins?


McMenamin and Sedano:

What if Wiggins remained a Cavalier:

RecommendsWhy Kawhi’s power move was a watershed moment by Zach Lowe

100% confident in Team USA basketball’s world cup roster?
World Cup begins August 31

Jazz guard, Donovan Mitchell, reaffirmed his commitment (Per Yahoo! Sports)

Per Brian Windhorst and Ohm Youngmisuk, these guys are in position to fill the vacancies:

-Marcus Smart
-Jaylen Brown
-D’Angelo Russell
-Julius Randle




McMenamin & Sedano:

“Olympic Melo” to the rescue?

“That’s a good way, if he doesn’t end up playing in the NBA. to go out” – Sedano

Did leaks cost Lakers Kawhi?

“My pushback here is that Danny Green, who may know Kawhi Leonard as well as any other player does in the league, said he thought it was Clippers all the way” – McMenamin

“This is kind of a pushback from Kawhi’s camp” – Sedano

“I don’t think this is Kawhi’s camp planting anything” – Nichols


Rocket fuel?
Rockets sign Ben McLemore

Herro Ball
Tyler Herro the steal of the draft?

Should Wizards plan to move on from John Wall?

Wizards owner Ted Leonsis:

“[John Wall] probably won’t play at all next year”

Tobias Harris: “I was definitely underutilized” last season


What’s Tobias Harris’ ceiling?


“He’s going to have to prove to be a shot creator” – McMenamin

“He’s just being practical about this. Now he’s going to be highlighted. He’s going to be their everything” – Sedano

“He is going to have to step up at the end of games” – Nichols

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