Show Recap: July 22, 2019

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Opening Tip
Zion withdraws from USA Basketball’s select team (Via The Athletic)

“It’s a smart move. He needs to get his body right for the NBA regular season” – Sedano

“He should be a part of USA basketball’s future” – McMenamin




Wizards GM, Tommy Sheppard

First Half

Wizards logo.JPG

What did it take to convince owner Ted Leonsis to promote you?


How will Wizards new front office structure make a difference?


Reason for hiring former Browns Exec. Sashi Brown?

Sashi Brown.JPG


Worried Bradley Beal won’t want to sign contract extension?


On whether he’ll offer Beal the full max on July 26

“That might be one of the safest bets in the house” – Sheppard

Reaction to Wizards front office moves?



“I do like the Sashi Brown hiring. He is kind of the Sam Hinkie of the NFL which leads me to believe a real rebuild is coming whether that includes Bradley Beal, John Wall or not. If I’m the guys on this roster, I’m like, ‘Do I really want to hitch my wagon to these guys?'” – Sedano

“One current NBA GM told me Sashi Brown is ‘brillant.’ Another current NBA GM said he was ‘super intelligent.’ If he has that reputation for maybe making the moves that fans might not necessarily appreciate but people in that role in the front office in professional sports have seen and respected that there’s something to it” – McMenamin

“Ted Leonsis wants to be a little bit more front and center” – Nichols

Make or Miss League (Zion Williamson)

Miss (Floppers).JPG
Stefanie Dolson calls out Natalie Achonwa for flopping at halftime


“If she felt that way, go get it. Keep it one hundred every single time” – Sedano

Make (Area 51).JPG
Reaction to Brandon Rush breaking Ricky Davis’ ankles?

Ricky Davis.JPG

Miss (Blending In).JPG
Would you mosh with Shaq?

“I would because he understands that he’s Shaq” – Sedano

Make (Cheat Days).JPG
Should Celtics be happy about Kanter taking Tacko under his wing?

“Teach him how to troll” – McMenamin

“Every kid I know loves Tacko Fall” – Nichols

Moving on…

Lakers adding Giannis’ brother (Kostas) a sign of future plans?



“They always do business this way. This is absolutely a sign” – Sedano

Second Half

BS or Real Talk

AD on playing for Bulls one day: “I’d definitely consider it”


BS or Real Talk (Topic 1).JPG

“He wanted to play with LeBron James. The actual Chicago part, I’m not buying.” – Sedano

Harden on CP3: “We’re good”

BS or Real Talk (Topic 2).JPG

“At a certain point, you become adults and you realize that you tried it for 2 years, it didn’t work, it doesn’t mean that guys don’t fight in the locker room or in public. We do see that all the time. They’re good personally. On the court, I don’t think they’re good” – Sedano

“They’re not good. If they were good, you’d run it back” – McMenamin

Harden on new move: “Gonna look like a travel but it’s not”


BS or Real Talk (Topic 3).JPG

“He believes it. It’s real talk for him. He knows what types of calls he gets from the NBA referees. He will fully expect to get the benefit of the calls and operate how he does” – McMenamin

“If they’re not willing to call it, then that’s on the refs it’s not on him. Of course it’s going to be a travel” – Sedano


Bobby Portis on Knicks making playoffs: “For sure”

Credit: Alex Kennedy/Hoopshype


BS or Real Talk (Topic 4).JPG


“Maybe in the G-League. They’re not making it in the NBA” – Sedano

Ranking the 15 best remaining free agents by Kevin Pelton (E+)

Wizards FO.JPG

What should Bradley Beal do now?




“He should turn down the deal. It makes sense just because he’s going to be free agent in 2 years anyway If he says no, I would look to start the process right away” – Sedano



Should Team USA be concerned about number of NBA players dropping out?


“Mildly. It’s great for your offcourt endorsements. USA basketball is huge in China. The good thing is that USA basketball still has reams and reams of talent to have in their place” – McMenamin

“I’m curious to see how quickly these guys jump back into the fold for the Olympics in 2020” – Sedano


The Drew
Trae Young (31 points) & Trez Harrell (46 points) dominate at the Drew League

Bonus: Which NBA player would you most like to play in the Drew this summer?

Sedano: LeBron James | McMenamin: Nick Young | Nichols: Kawhi Leonard

Cam’s kicks
Hawks. No. 10 draft pick Cam Reddish inks sneaker deal with Nike (Per Nick DePaula/ESPN)

The Buck stops here?
Kyle Korver agrees to one-year deal $2.6M) with Bucks (Per Woj)
His final two teams were the Bucks and the Sixers, but his history and relationship with coach Mike Budenholzer played a significant role in his ultimate choice

Too much pressure on Kuz to be part of Lakers “Big 3”?


McMenamin & Sedano:

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